Episode 171 — FINALE SHOW — Closing the Safety Pin “ter to TOR” — Graduation, Celebration, and Connection — featuring Esteb, Dubel, Kelly, Flannery, Jones, Waters, BJ, EPOC Underground, and Gold

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Title: FINALE SHOW — Closing the Safety Pin “ter to TOR” — Graduation, Celebration, and Connection — featuring Esteb, Dubel, Kelly, Flannery, Jones, Waters, BJ, EPOC Underground, and Gold

Episode Number: 171

Host: Dr. Thomas Lamar

Show Date: 12/31/2013

Run Time: 461:52

Description:   While some may remember it as the episode that holds the World’s Record for the LONGEST Chiropractic Podcast EVER Recorded (7 hours, 41 minutes, and 52 seconds), for others the Finale Episode of Spinal Column Radio memorializes a TRANSFORMATION — a transformation they have witnessed in themselves when it comes to chiropracTIC.  Because of the content shared on SCR, they — like the host, Dr. Thomas Lamar — have experienced a “shift.” For in their regular listening, they have witnessed in themselves a CHANGE — a change in how they now THINK, TEACH, and PREACH chiropractic. The “safety pin” between their ears has clicked into position and a “CONNECTION” has been made. They now GET the Big Idea. They now GET chiropracTIC and see themselves as chiropracTORs. They have undergone “The ter to TOR Evolution.” Have YOU?

Join Dr. Thomas Lamar (and Logan) for a final episode that not only recognizes this “shift” with Graduation and Celebration, but CONNECTS it all together with the SAFETY PIN.

First Dr. Lamar and Listeners symbolically GRADUATE “ter to TOR” — marking this moment in history — as they join Life Chiropractic College West’s Graduation Ceremony LIVE via a mic’ed-up Big TOR on Campus, Brett Jones, to vicariously walk across the platform with him. Not only will listeners “graduate” with Lamar, but he, through the POWER OF THE PODCAST, addresses the actual student graduates at Life West from his SCR Studio on their Big Screen. Afterwards, Life West President, Dr. Brian Kelly, joins the program to share some words with the newly “graduated” SCR-ter-to-TOR-Listeners. Then, if all that weren’t enough, Life West Dean of Enrollment, Dr. Mary Flannery joins Lamar in-studio to talk about an exciting new program that allows “ter to TOR”graduate-listeners to CONNECT with Life West through their Safety Pin Project — grafting them in the family as “alumni” of their philosophical, vitalistic, subluxation-based institution. Plus participating SCR Listeners will receive a Spinal Column Radio Safety Pin Certificate, acting as a “diploma” that will remind and tell of this transformation graduation.

Then the Finale Show kicks into party mode, as Dr. Lamar and Logan CELEBRATE four years of Spinal Column Radio. They break out STATS and share MEMORIES. Lamar goes Underground at the Tacoma EPOC to CONNECT with some of the Best SCR Backyard Listeners and Chiro Bros on the Planet (Aaron Toler, Seth Anderson, Nathan Wall, and Walt Scott) and then is back in studio to continue the celebration with some special people… people who share a special place in Lamar’s 18-year “ter to TOR journey.” On the guest list: Bill Esteb, Jim Dubel, Todd Waters, and Reggie Gold.

Plus, for some Chiro-Comedy, Todd Water’s “BJ” character has some final interactions with the SCR team, and Lamar shares some very fitting words from the real BJ written out of his previously unpublished work, The Great Undertow. And CONNECTING it all together in the spirit of the Safety Pin… is a history segment that was patiently waiting for Lamar to discover. On this episode Lamar pays tribute to Washington State ChiropracTIC Pioneer, Dr. HT Hughes and his Chiropractic Diamond Jubilee Commemorative Medal.

His entire family of 9 drops in for a short stay, and then of course, Lamar wraps the whole thing with some CHARGING FINAL WORDS that are not to be missed.

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– Recognizing the Transformation –

SCR 171 Cap and Gown - framedSCR 171 Dr Lamar Graduation Address to Life Chiropractic College West

SCR 171 Brett Jones GraduatingSCR Safety Pin Certificate

My Address to the Graduating Students at Life West
— direct from our SCR Studio to their Big Screen.


Become a Life West Safety Pinner

Safety Pin Project

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– 4 years of Spinal Column Radio –

Enjoy our 4 Year Look Back Slide show:

“Who knew that spinal education could be THIS Much Fun!”

SCR Podcast Master Card Commercial:

“Creating Life Changing Content by Interviewing some of the greatest minds in the chiropractic profession… AMAZING. Doing it with your son…. Priceless.”


Catch our Extended Todd Waters Jingle Singer Interview

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– Revering the Shoulders You Stand Upon –

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Links talked about on the show:

Episode 170 — ChiropracTIC History Saga Episode; Mission Possible ChiroFEST 2013; and Sottile and Gorman Interviewed Together


Title: ChiropracTIC History Saga Episode; Mission Possible ChiroFEST 2013; and Sottile and Gorman Interviewed Together

Episode Number: 170

Host: Dr. Thomas Lamar

Show Date: 12/06/13

Run Time: 249:26

Description:   It’s the Spinal Column Radio “Saga Episode.” Join Dr. Lamar and Logan for their last “regular” show as they “clear the countertop” to make way for the upcoming Finale Show.  On this episode they step you back into chiropracTIC’s past with a boatload of exciting chiropractic history, and then step you forward into its future with ChiroFEST 2013’s Mission Possible. Plus they sit down with ChiropracTIC’s Principled Funnyman and Funnywoman, Dean Sottile and Sharon Gorman, for an unforgettable duo-interview that will have you laughing and taking notes at the same time.

History topics covered: DD Palmer’s Portland Chiropractic College with Nathan Cashion reporting on location; “A Journey for the TIC Like None Other” — The Searby Saga (the story of Mack and Dorothy Searby’s quest to study at the PSC); Gary Street and BJ’s Chiropractic Scrapbook; DD’s other son (BJ’s older brother) Frank Palmer’s gravesite rediscovered; BJ’s Parrot; Fred Barge’s Rats in a Dump; DD’s Mammoth Tusk; DD visits Seattle; BJ Palmer Mansion (featuring Todd Waters and Joe Ierano); BJ’s fascination with elephants; and more.

ChiroFest 2013 mini-interviews asking the question of all the event speakers, based on what they shared from the platform, “What is POSSIBLE with chiropracTIC?”: James Chestnut, Jeanne Ohm, Fred Schofield, Joe Borio, Liam Schubel, Deed Harrison, Brad Glowaki, Troy Dukowitz, Garret Gunderson, Heidi Farrell, Wendy Dick, Billy DeMoss, Matthew Loop, Dan Yachter, Cathy Colby, and Paul Reed.

Plus BTOC (Big TOR on Campus) Brett Jones with Jen Wilhelm, Two Spinal Column Reblogs featuring Drs. Fred Barge and David Jackson, Power of the Podcast, and listener feedback.

(Chestnut, Ohm, Schofield, Borio, Schubel, Harrison, Glowaki, Dukowitz, Farrell, Reed, Gunderson, Dick, DeMoss, Loop, Yachter, and Colby interviews recorded at the 2013 ChiroFest in Redmond, Washington. Interview with Drs. Dean Sottile and Sharon Gorman recorded at the 2012 California Jam in Costa Mesa, California).

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Journey for the TIC like none other


Searby transcontinental trek to PSCPeters and Chance. The Searby saga: a story of hardships and determinations: chiropractic in Australia 1905-1945. Chiropractic Journal of Australia, v.31, no.1, Mar 2001, p.17-32

Take Our Survey__________________________________________________________

Telling the SCR Story

for Life Chiropractic College West’s Storyteller Project


DD’s Portland Chiro College

– On Location –

— Nathan Cashion, UWS chiro student and host of Exploring Chiropractic

– more history on DD Palmer’s Portland Chiropractic School: (1) (2) (3)



ON LOCATION with the

Dead Chiropractic Society’s


Principled Funnybones

Dean Sottile, DC and Sharon Gorman, DC

DCS California Jam


Sottile Gorman Cal Jam 2012 -3b

Dr. Thomas Lamar interviews Drs. Dean Sottile and Sharon Gorman
at the 2012 California Jam.


• Learn more about Dean and Sharon:

Dean Sottile on Facebook

– Dean’s other SCR interviews: (059 and 142)

Sharon Gorman on Facebook

– Sharon’s other SCR interviews: (097, 138, and 144)


ChiroFEST 2013 - Mission Possible 1

ChiroFEST 2013

— Redmond, Washington —

What is possible with ChiropracTIC?

James Chestnut, Jeanne Ohm, Fred Schofield, Joe Borio, Liam Schubel, Deed Harrison, Brad Glowaki, Troy Dukowitz, Garret Gunderson, Wendy Dick, Billy DeMoss, Matthew Loop, Dan Yachter, Cathy Colby, and Paul Reed.


• Pics talked about on the show:

Dr. Gary Steet shares scrapbook story with Dr. Lamar and Logan off-mic after interviewing him at the Fall 2010 New Beginnings Chiropractic Weekend.

Street shares scrapbook story – 2010


Links talked about on the show:

“The Big TOR on Campus”

Brett Jones 1Brett Jones, DC

DC2B Life West

Jen Wilhelm DC an interview with

Jen Wilhelm, DC

Alive Chiropractic


• Learn more about Brett Jones:

Brett’s Facebook page

Brett’s YouTube Channel

• Learn more about the California Jam:

Cal Jam 2014

– Website: CaliforniaJam.org

– Website: DeadChiropracticSociety.com

– Facebook California Jam – Dead Chiropractic Society

Check out the Cal Jam Interview Archives! (plus see who’s still the cue for release)

• Learn More about ChiroFEST

ChiroFest 2013b– Website: ChiroFest.org

– Facebook: ChiroFest Page

– Pics: Check out our 2012 ChiroFest photos

Check out the ChiroFEST Archives!

Episode 138 — “TOR on the Street” at ChiroFEST, the Careers 100 Podcast, and the Passion and Inspiration of Dr. Leona Di Amore


Title: TOR on the Street at ChiroFEST, the Careers 100 Podcast, and  the Passion and Inspiration of Dr. Leona DiAmore

Episode Number: 138

Host: Dr. Thomas Lamar

Show Date: 08/25/12

Run Time: 47:27

Description:  Join Dr. Thomas Lamar as he takes you “TOR on the Street” from the 2012 ChiroFEST — the premier chiropracTIC event in the Northwest.  Also on the show, Lamar shares a clip from his recent interview on the Careers 100 Podcast: Find out why he thinks being a chiropractor made it as one of the top 100 careers for the next decade.  Plus, he pulls from the New Beginnings Spring 2011 vault to share an interview he did with a female chiropracTOR that is not only passionate about the TIC but very inspirational, Dr. Leona Di Amore.  (“TOR on the Street” recorded On Location in Vancouver, Washington at the 2012 ChiroFEST.  Interview with Dr. Di Amore recorded On Location at the Spring 2011 New Beginnings Chiropractic Weekend in Long Branch, New Jersey).

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ON LOCATION in New Jersey

-20th Anniversary-

Passionate about the TIC

Leona Di Amore, DC

New Beginnings Chiropractic Weekends

Spring 2011

Dr. Thomas Lamar interviews Dr. Leona DiAmore at the 2011 New Beginnings Chiropractic Weekend.

• Learn more about Dr. Leona Di Amore:

Dr. Leona’s Facebook Page

• Other Links Talked About On The Show:


Career 100 Podcast

League of Chiropractic Women

Chiropractic President Panel Interview (SCR 115)

LIVE2HardDrive Panel Interview (SCR 137) from ChiroFEST

• TOR on the Street at the 2012 ChiroFEST


– Check out our ChiroFEST page to catch the archives and see who is in the cue!

More ChiroFEST Pics!

• Learn more about New Beginnings Chiropractic Weekends

– Website: NBChiro.com

– Facebook Chiropractic Philosophy Fan Page

– Facebook Chiropractic Group page  

– Facebook Chiropractic History Fan Page

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