Promotional Bin

We’ve been finding all sorts of ways to let people know about our podcast. Here are some examples:

Messaging On Hold

In December of 2009, and into the first part of 2010, callers to Anchor Chiropractic that were put on hold might have heard this….

Rack Cards

Brochure-sized, double-sided cards were passed out to our patients and around the community in the month prior to our launch.

Newspaper Ad

A newspaper advertisement ran in the Kingston Community News (the newspaper that publishes the “Spinal Column” articles) prior to January 1, 2010 launch.

Getting Ready Promo

Then there was the 2 minute promotional spot that talked of what was to come before we launched.

Website Banner

We use this banner-link on all of our other websites.  Of course, we’d be flattered (and you have our permission) to use this banner on your website.  Just have the image link to http://spinalcolumnradio.com

Press Release

Read/use our press release.

Promotional CD

Over 150 of these promotional CD’s were passed out to our patients and community to introduce them to the podcast by simply listening in on their home or car’s compact disc player — no computer or Internet connection necessary. 😉  The promotional CD featured episode 001 in its entirety as well as a brief introduction to podcasting.

Want to share our podcast with someone who may not take the time to find it on the Internet?  Go ahead and burn this MP3 download on some of your own CD’s.  [Note: While many newer compact disc players support MP3 formatting, before you burn you may want to convert to a larger AIFF, or similar, format for greater compact disc player compatibility].

Listen Now!

Download this promotional CD by right clicking.

Spinal Column Article

In the January 2010 edition of the Kingston Community News, we authored a fascinating article about chiropractic’s history with radio entitled “From Broadcasting to Podcasting — Chiropractic Delivers its Message.” Not only did the article take readers back in time to the beginnings of the chiropractic radio broadcasting era, but it pointed them forward to chiropractic’s exciting Internet podcasting era and our involvement with it.  The article can now be found at SpinalColumnBlog.com.

Then in February 2010, we produced a two-part podcast on this topic:

Episode 005 — From Broadcasting to Podcasting Chiropractic is On the Air! (part 1)

Episode 006 — From Broadcasting to Podcasting Chiropractic is On the Air! (part 2)

The Podcast Answerman talks about us

We were featured on the well-known and popular Podcast Answerman show.  Read more.


Dr. Lamar "adjusts" the Spinal Column Radio "Coming Soon" sign.

Dr. Lamar and son, Logan, (with Mr. Bones in the middle) hold up the Spinal Column Radio website header.

To celebrate our podcast launch, our chiropractic office had a weeklong “PodParty” (January 11 – 15, 2010) complete with crackers and cheese and plenty of Promotional CD’s.

Business of the Month

In April of 2010, our neighborhood Columbia Bank, showcased us with our SpinalColumnRadio as their “Business of the Month.”  This is what we posted on our Practice Chalkboard:

Bookmark Business Cards

In August of 2010, we had a slew of SpinalColumnRadio “bookmarks” made up to help promote the show.


Interviewed by the Podcast Answerman

In November of 2010, we were invited on professional podcaster Cliff Ravenscraft’s Podcast Answerman show to talk about our podcast, Spinal Column Radio. Read more.

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[…] Check out the ways in which Dr. Lamar is promoting his podcast to his patient base and local community: (Link Here) […]

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[…] Check out the ways in which Dr. Lamar is promoting his podcast to his patient base and local community: (Link Here) […]

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