My Other Voice Gigs

Since beginning my Spinal Column Radio Podcast in January 2010, it wasn’t long before our studio (and my voice) was being put to other noble uses. Check out a 2 1/2 minute montage of some of my other work in the sample player below or click on the logos below to explore each area further.

[Have a project in mind that could use my voice? Drop me an email.]

Service Above Self Radio

On a regular basis I host a podcast for the Kingston North Kitsap Rotary Club in which we highlight not only what our local Rotary Club is doing in the community and internationally to make a difference — but what other organizations, groups, clubs, and individuals are doing in the community to do the same.

Greater Kingston Chamber of Commerce

Once per week, the executive director of the Greater Kingston Chamber of Commerce, Linda Fyfe, and I sit down and record a 2 minute news spot that covers events in and around the North Kitsap Peninsula.  The segment airs every weekday on KITZ 1400AM at 10:30 am and is also found on KingstonChamber.com.

Scandia Bible Church

I host our weekly church sermon podcast every Sunday.

Port of Kingston Sound Runner

Together with Kingston Chamber’s Linda Fyfe, I voice the Coast Guard-Mandated Safety Announcements that are played onboard the Sound Runner’s Passenger Only Ferry service to and from Seattle.

Kingston-North Kitsap Rotary Club

I put together a marketing/entertainment piece that was played at our 4th Annual Rotary Golf Challenge.

A Happy Home Podcast

I produce my wife’s biweekly podcast and often find myself bantering with her at the end… weighing in with my two cents.


In Chiropractic College I created a cartoon of a spine named Vert (short for VERTebrae).  The cartoon ran in the school paper, and Vert eventually became the school mascot.  Upon my graduation, Vert joined me in private practice and has found his way into various things that I’m doing.  In 2008 I created a website all about Vert. Two of the cartoons lent themselves to some audio embelishment:  “Disc Jockey Vert” and “Spinal Shopping Network.”

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this is awesome…a blessing for me….fun, exciting and informational!!!
I cant wait to hear more!!
information leads to transformation!!!
loved it…

Comment by dr. anna maria martusciello

Thanks Dr. Martusciello! I appreciate you blessing me with your comment.

Dr. Lamar

Comment by drlamar

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