NB CD number 2

Once again, SpinalColumnRadio has teamed up with NewBeginnings to produce this limited edition CD from their Fall 2010 20th Anniversary Weekend! (If you didn’t receive one, don’t worry because it’s all right here). Additional CD’s are in the works. Stay tuned!

Track 1: Introduction

Track 2: Arno Burnier

Track 3: Robert Tarantino

Track 4: Skip George

Track 5: Jay Handt

Track 6: Kevin Donka

Track 7: Jon Schwartzbauer

Track 8: Billy DeMoss

Track 9: Liam Schubel

Track 10: Chuck Ribley

Track 11: James Dubel

Track 12: Outro

Download the CD by right clicking (control-click for MAC) the links below:

Tracks 1-6

Tracks 7-12

Downloading is easy!  Simply hover your mouse over one of links above. Then right click your mouse if you are on a PC (or hold the ctrl key down and click your mouse if you are on a MAC).  From there, choose the option of downloading the file and your computer will automatically begin the process of transferring a copy of the file onto your computer’s harddrive.  Once it is on your harddrive you are free listen to it without being tied to an Internet connection and you can burn it onto a CD or transfer it to your iPod or other portable digital media player.

Links to our other CD’s:  CD#1CD#3, and CD#4

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I was able to download tracks 7-12 but not 1-6. I LOVE your program! I hope that each of the short clips from the nb cd’s will be released full length in the future!

Comment by Dr. Matt Shifflett

Dr. Shifflett –

I’m so glad you like the program! It’s comments like yours that make all the hard work worth it! …. And thank you for bringing the faulty link to my attention. (It is now fixed). Also… yes, look for the full length interviews from the doctors on this CD to be available soon… most are already available though. As a matter of fact (don’t hold be to this) here is the release schedule [note: Currently we are at episode 038]: Burnier (Episode 042), Tarantino (Episode 027), George (Episode 048), Handt (Episode 035), Schwartzbauer (Episode 033), DeMoss (Episode 037), Schubel (Episode 039 and 040), Ribley (Episode 049), and Dubel (Episode 026).

Keep Listening,

Dr Lamar

Comment by drlamar

Just downloaded tracks 1-6!!! Can hardly wait to get started on them tonight while cooking dinner! Keep up the AWESOME job! I’ve been searching for a copy of BJ Palmer’s Radio Advertising. Any clues to where a copy could be found?

Comment by Dr. Matt Shifflett

Glad it worked this time. 😉 As far a “copy of BJ Palmer’s Radio Advertising.” Are you talking about audio or print?

Dr. Lamar

Comment by drlamar

What you are doing is so needed in this profession as well as to the public to reach a better understanding of truth

Comment by Dr Skip George


I appreciate your affirming words. I agree that this word needs to get out. Thanks for helping me to do it!


(Dr. Skip George was featured on Track 4 of CD #2 and is scheduled to be Episode 048 of the SpinalColumnRadio podcast).

Comment by drlamar

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