California Jam

Cal Jam 4

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It’s tagged as the “Biggest Chiropractic Event of 2011″… an event in which Rock n’ Roll meets high-energy, high-power, chiropracTIC.

Birthed from Wild Billy DeMoss’ Dead Chiropractic Society, the California Jam looks to create rock n’ roll wellness festivals that will one day fill stadiums with the masses to hear the Big Idea of the Chiropractic Story. Spinal Column Radio was pleased to be a part of the 4th Annual Cal Jam — 1300 chiropractors at California’s Orange County Performing Arts Center… interviewing their chiro-rock star line up.  Use this page to quickly locate Cal Jam podcasts!

Dr. Troy Dukowitz — EPOC founder

SpinalColumnRadio — 045

California Jam, “Man on the Street” Interviews

SpinalColumnRadio — 046

Dr. Dean DePice — founder of TLC4Superteams

SpinalColumnRadio — 047

Dr. Mike Ried — founder of Chiropractic Masters

SpinalColumnRadio — 048

Dr. CJ Mertz — founder of Full Potential Leadership

SpinalColumnRadio — 049

Michael Murphy — journalist and film producer

“What in the World are They Spraying?”

SpinalColumnRadio — 050

Dr. Patrick Gentempo — cofounder of Chiropractic Leadership Alliance

SpinalColumnRadio — 051

Dr. Brad Glowaki — founder of The New Patient Maven

SpinalColumnRadio — 054

Dr. Brian Kelly — president of Life College of Chiropractic West

SpinalColumnRadio — 060

Dr. Joe Borio — founder of ChiroPassionConsulting

SpinalColumnRadio — 066

Dr. Erich Breitenmoser — founder of Dr. Erich’s Practice Wealth

SpinalColumnRadio — 071

Dr. Gilles Lamarche — director of Parker Seminars

SpinalColumnRadio — 072

Dr. Elizabeth Anderson-Peacock — cofounder of Girls, Gals, and Gurus

SpinalColumnRadio — 073

Dr. Tim O’Shea — founder of The Doctor Within

SpinalColumnRadio — 074

Dr. Fabrizio Mancini — president of Parker University

SpinalColumnRadio — 078

Dr. Angel Tribuno — a walking ChiropracTIC Miracle

SpinalColumnRadio — 079

Dr. Dennis Perman — cofounder of The Masters Circle

SpinalColumnRadio — 082

Dr. Deed Harrison — president of Chiropractic BioPhysics Seminars

SpinalColumnRadio — 085

Dr. Ian Gainor — remembers evidence of BJ on the Palmer Campus

SpinalColumnRadio — 088

Dr. Fred Schofield — founder of Mo Chih Chu Chiropractic Training

SpinalColumnRadio — 089

In the Cal Jam cue: All Twenty 2011 Cal Jam interviews are now podcasting to the word!!!


(for Cal Jam 4 click HERE)

SCR Road Crew - Cal Jam 2012The Spinal Column Radio Road Crew was pleased to join up with DeMoss and his cronies for the 5th Annual California Jam – “Crazy Train Tour.”  For nearly a year leading up to this event, Billy D has been telling the world that they were going to “Turn it to 12 for 2012″…. and that is exactly what they did!  And as our way of “turning it to 12,” SCR added more microphones to the mix — allowing us to create some fascinating interviews.  Use this page to get dialed into Cal Jam 5 in a hurry!

The Triple Powerhouse

Drs. Troy Dukowitz, Matt Hubbard, and Brad Glowaki

SpinalColumnRadio — 114

The Chiro President Panel Interview

Drs. Brian Kelly, Fabrizio Mancini, and Guy Riekeman

SpinalColumnRadio — 115

“TOR on the Street”


an interview with Talk the Tic Student Champ: Derrell Pratt-Blackburn

SpinalColumnRadio — 116

“Cast to be ChiropracTORS”

Drs. Liam Schubel and Judd Nogrady

SpinalColumnRadio — 125

Dr. Tim Young — founder of Focus Oklahoma City

SpinalColumnRadio — 130

Dr. Frank Sovinsky — coauthor of Emyth Chiropractor

SpinalColumnRadio — 135

Dr. Fred Schofield — founder of Schofield Chiropractic Training

SpinalColumnRadio — 136

Martha Nessler DC 2

Dr. Martha Nessler — Innate Girl

SpinalColumnRadio — 154

ChiroUnited CalJam5 Interview2

Drs. Harrison, DiDomenico, and Ferantelli — Chiropractic United Podcast

SpinalColumnRadio — 155

Dunphy 5 Cal Jam 2012

Patrick Dunphy — pre-chiropracTIC student

SpinalColumnRadio — 155

Phyllis Frase CA 1a

Phyllis Frase — Professional Chiropractic Assistant Extraordinaire

SpinalColumnRadio — 156

Gentempo CalJam2012

Dr. Patrick Gentempo — Action Potential Holdings

SpinalColumnRadio — 159

Carol Ann Malizia DC

Dr. Carol Ann Malizia — cofounder Girls, Gals, and Gurus

SpinalColumnRadio — 164

James Chestnut DC

Dr. James Chestnut — Eat Well, Move Well, Think Well chiropracTOR

SpinalColumnRadio — 166

Sottile Gorman Cal Jam 2012 -3b

Drs. Dean Sottile and Sharon Gorman — Principled Funnybones

SpinalColumnRadio — 170

In the Cal Jam 5 cue: All Sixteen 2012 Cal Jam interviews are now podcasting to the word!!!

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