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Anchor Chiropractic, Kingston, WA, Dr. Thomas Lamar

This is our practice’s website, where  you’ll find well over 300 pages (and counting) of information-rich articles on health and chiropractic.  This is the place to learn all about us and chiropractic in general.  Visitors and patients can subscribe to our twice monthly eNewsletter, can request appointments online, and can email the doctor with questions.  Plus, you’ll find lots of fun features like the “Chiropractic Film Festival,”  “Dr. Lamar’s Top Book Picks,” the “Backscratcher,” “Hands on Community,” and more.  Our patients find that it’s the perfect place to refer their family and friends to learn more about chiropractic, find out about our office, and challenge their toughest skeptics.

Since 1997, Dr. Lamar has been writing a regular newspaper column in the Kingston Community News — entitled, appropriately, the Spinal Column.  Sometimes thought of as the “Health Care Minority Report,” the Spinal Column has been a “Voice” that often is not given a chance to speak above the onslaught of Pharmaceutical Driven Media.  This blog serves as a “home” for all of his past articles and future ones to come.  It also serves as the inspiration for the content delivered here on Spinal Column Radio.

While in Chiropractic College (1992 — 1995), Dr. Lamar created a spinal cartoon character named Vert.  With a Far Side flair and a touch of chiropractic humor, Vert looks at the world through the eyes of a spine.  With over 200 pages of content, there’s plenty of laughs and interesting tidbits to boot.  Vert has something to offer chiropractors and non-chiropractors alike on this fun website.  Visit SpinalToons.com today!

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