NB CD number 1

SpinalColumnRadio was pleased to team up with NewBeginnings to produce this limited edition CD from their Fall 2010 20th Anniversary Weekend!  (If you didn’t receive one, don’t worry because it’s all right here).  Additional CD’s are in the works. Stay tuned!

Track 1: Opening Theme Music

Track 2: Introduction with Drs. Lamar and Dubel

Track 3: Reggie Gold (part 1)

Track 4: Tony DeMarco

Track 5: Reggie Gold (part 2)

Track 6: Chiropractic Radio History (including Ronald Reagan connection)

Track 7: Chiropractic History with Dr. Gary Street (including BJ Palmer on the Radio)

Track 8: SpinalColumnRadio Episode 029 — “Off Label Chiropractic”

Track 9: NB Bonfire and Outro

Download the CD by right clicking (control-click for MAC) the links below:

Tracks 1-5

Tracks 6-9

Downloading is easy!  Simply hover your mouse over one of links above.  Then right click your mouse if you are on a PC (or hold the ctrl key down and click your mouse if you are on a MAC).  From there, choose the option of downloading the file and your computer will automatically begin the process of transferring a copy of the file onto your computer’s harddrive.  Once it is on your harddrive you are free listen to it without being tied to an Internet connection and you can burn it onto a CD or transfer it to your iPod or other portable digital media player.

Links to our other CD’s:  CD#2 , CD#3, and CD#4

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Amazing – Dr. Thomas Lamar,
Great service!!!

Ronen Mendi, Chiropractor, ISRAEL

Comment by Ronen Mendi DC

Well HELLO Israel!!!! Thanks for listening and I appreciate your comment.

Comment by drlamar

Hello Dr Lamar from Veracruz, Mexico.
Thank you so much for this amazing job you are putting together. It is really bringing fresh life to all of us in the outskirts of the galaxy.
God bless you and Keep it UP!

Comment by Victor Sañudo

¡Hola Dr. Sañudo! Thank you so much for your encouraging remarks. It’s remarks like yours that make doing what I do very meaningful. Thanks for listening from the “outskirts of the galaxy.” Isn’t the Internet incredible!!

Dr. Lamar

Comment by drlamar

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