NB CD number 3

They say the third time is a charm…. and that certainly is the case with the third installment of the NewBeginnings – SpinalColumnRadio compact disc collection!  If you were lucky enough to snatch one from the limited run… congratulations — if not, no worries, because the whole enchilada is available for you to download right here.  Additional CD’s are in the works. Stay tuned!


Track 1: Introduction

Track 2: Troy Dukowitz

Track 3: Ernie Landi

Track 4: Jason Deitch

Track 5: Leona DiAmore

Track 6: Armand Rossi

Track 7: Sam Selimo

Track 8: Patti Giuliano and Pam Jarboe

Track 9: Dean Sottile

Track 10: Jeannie Ohm

Track 11: Fred Schofield

Track 12: John Hofmann

Track 13: Guy Riekeman

Track 14: James Dubel

Track 15: Outro

Download the entire CD by right clicking (control-click for MAC) the link below:

Tracks 1-15

Downloading is easy!  Simply hover your mouse over one of links above. Then right click your mouse if you are on a PC (or hold the ctrl key down and click your mouse if you are on a MAC).  From there, choose the option of downloading the file and your computer will automatically begin the process of transferring a copy of the file onto your computer’s harddrive.  Once it is on your harddrive you are free listen to it without being tied to an Internet connection and you can burn it onto a CD or transfer it to your iPod or other portable digital media player.

Links to our other CD’s:  CD#1CD#2, and CD#4

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