Chiro Pictograms

Todd Waters

Subluxation is Getting Desperate

“A humorous way to get the word out”

Get checked,

Get adjusted,


My name is Todd Waters.  I’m a ChiroPicker and I play BJ on TV… BUT I am NOT a chiropractor, nor do I claim to be an expert in chiropractic philosophy. But I certainly do think about it often… the philosophy that is. And just when I think I have handle on it, the next day I will feel I know nothing of it.

When I do think I’ve come to some realization, though, I make it a practice to make a little note for myself so I will remember this new pebble of insight. As these little notes of insight on my observations and learnings of pure, principled, straight chiropractic began to pile up, I started turning them into “chiropractic pictograms” and sharing them on Facebook. The positive feedback and sharing that they received inspired me to keep producing them — and now I have quite the collection.

Below are some of my favorites I’m sharing with the Spinal Column Radio audience (see whole collection). Enjoy and feel free to use and share if they speak to you.

– Todd Waters

“Most people who don’t understand Subluxation are walking around with one.” — TW

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