In August 2012 while podcasting from Dr. Paul Reed’s ChiroFest in the Pacific Northwest, we connected with Calvin Smith of Balimo Chairs USA — owner of the best balance chair on the market!  Balimo stands for:

BALance In MOtion

…and not only does it work with your spine and pelvis to provide a superior sitting experience, but it’s an attractive piece of furniture as well. Since our initial meeting, Calvin has teamed with Spinal Column Radio as a regular sponsor — allowing him to “time-shift-target” his marketing efforts to our niche audience of chiropracTORS and chiropracTIC enthusiasts word-wide. [We still have room for additional sponsors!  If you have a product or service that would be a good fit with SCR, contact us and see how we can help get YOUR message out in an exciting and fresh way].

Balimo Chairs image

And now, through the POWER OF THE PODCAST…

We’re getting the World to Sit on a Balimo!

We're getting the World to sit on a Balimo!

Below is our collection of All-Things-Balimo
on Spinal Column Radio……

The links below will take you to the episodes in their entirety.  The players below give a montage of how Balimo was incorporated into each episode as well as our Post Show interviews with Calvin.

Calvin’s first show with us (episode 137) at ChiroFest 2012:

Balimo first interview

Dr Lamar introduces his audience to BalimoChairs.com (episode 138):

Dr Lamar talks Balimo

Calvin joins us at the Fall 2012 New Beginnings and sponsors the LCW Live2HardDrive (episode 143):

LCW SCR Interview

Calvin shows up at the New Beginnings PJ Party (episode 144):

Balimo Calvin and Dr Lamar at NB PJ Party

The Balimo is so versatile.  You can even sit on it to milk a goat! (episode 148):

Balimo Goat Milking

I never knew just how enjoyable chopping down the Christmas Tree could be until I sat on my Balimo and watched Logan do it! (episode 150):Balimo at the Tree Farm with logo

The Balimo makes a great Christmas present!  … although the pyramidal-hexagon-shaped box tends to give it away. (episode 152):

Balimo X-mas Montage b

Table for two + candlelight + violin music + HIS and HERS Balimo Chairs= ROMANCE! (episode 154):

Balimo Romance

Keep Your CA Moving on a Balimo! (episode 156):

Balimo CA Show 2

Look up in the Sky…. it’s BALIMO Man! (episode 159):

Balimo Superman


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