Welcome to BJ TV!

Todd Waters’ BJ character is certainly rising to new heights, and by tuning into BJ TV — right here at SpinalColumnRadio.com —you can keep up with his latest antics, as well as take in some of the classics.

1) The video that started it all…

2) BJ learns about New Beginnings

3) BJ packs for New Beginnings

4) BJ barges in on Spinal Column Radio broadcast at New Beginnings

As the BJ Palmer – Spinal Column Radio confrontation was underway, Reggie Gold was peeking through the studio door and enjoyed seeing it live.

5) BJ confronts the Outlaw!

6) BJ learns about Talk the Tic

7) Did New Beginnings change BJ’s life?

8) BJ has a sit down with Matthew Alvord


9) BJ and Rule Number 9

10) BJ congratulates Spinal Column Radio for 100 episodes

11) BJ’s message to Rock Star Chiropractic Project

12) Happy Thanksgiving from BJ

13) BJ’s Christmas List

14) A Palmer Christmas with Station WOC

15) Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from BJ and DD

16) BJ’s initial Thots on Cast to be Chiropractors

17) Happy Birthday from BJ

18) Get out of your box and get to New Beginnings

19) This Day in Chiropractic:  Forest Park Chiropractic Sanitarium

20) A Call for Prayers for Reggie

21) Reggie Get Well – from BJ and Mabel

22) BJ and Just for Men

23) BJ gets Spizzed!

24) BJ and New Renaissance

25) New Renaissance:  Billy Mays… Stop Selling and Start Telling

26) The BJ – Billy D Showdown

27) Happy Birthday Lamar 2012

28) BJ versus the Medipractor

29) BJ and Simmons on Adjusting Children

30) New Renaissance Promo:  Practice Rescue

31) BJ Private Investigator tracks down Brad Glowaki

32) BJ’s “Dr. Phil” Song for the Chiropractic Connect Conference

33) Wish You Were  Here at the CCC

34) BJ confronts “‘The Power the Made the Body’ Chiropractor,” Ron Oberstein

35) CCC is Staying Alive

36) A Walk with BJ for New Beginnings

37) Have You Been Spizzed?

38) CCC Will See You in the Big City LA

39) My Baby Loves the Spinal Column Radio

40) BJ Palmer Bits on Spinal Column Radio (part 1)

41) BJ’s Speech Interrupted

42) The Story of BJ and PT Barnum with The Tattooed Lady

43) BJ makes an appearance on TJ Neveau’s Change and Charge program.

44) Happy Birthday Lamar 2013

45) More BJ Palmer Bits on Spinal Column Radio (part 2)

46) BJ addresses the prospective Sherman College of Chiropractic student

47) BJ appears on Liam Schubel’s CWD report from Sherman Lyceum

48) BJ shares concerns with Schiffman Brothers regarding the Schubelnator

49) BJ talks “Round the World” for an NZCC student video project

50) Cast to be Chiropractors — Will BJ approve?

51) BJ Comedy Reel (part 3)

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