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Chiro Pickers Book Shoppe


Our Chiro-Picker, Todd Waters, has been busy picking for the chiropractic profession for some time now.  In addition to finding chiropractic antiques and relics, he’s found a good deal of rare, early writings — to which he has reprinted for all to discover and enjoy; and, in deed, has written some of his own historical accounting of the early days. Below are some his offerings. Click on the links to be taken directly to his store so these treasures can become a part of your library.


TELL THE CHIROPRACTIC STORY! is a children’s book on the first Chiropractic adjustment as told by the founder of Chiropractic, D.D. Palmer. The 34-page book is beautifully illustrated, showing how Chiropractic was born September 18th, 1895. This book is an excellent patient educational tool for every Chiropractic office. Both parent and child will learn how Chiropractic removes interference in nerve channels so the body is able to function its best. Story by Todd Waters. Art by Paul Waters. Foreword by yours truly, Dr. Thomas Lamar.  (also available in Spanish and Japanese) ORDER.


chips from sweet home

CHIPS FROM SWEET HOME is a compilation of newly found writings from D.D. Palmer, the founder of Chiropractic. Writings span from years 1869 to 1881 during his time as a bee farmer and raspberry grower. Other articles are penned from those who knew him and visited his Sweet Home apiary farm. This book will be a treat for chiropractic historians and students who like to trace the steps of Old Dad Chiro’s colorful life. The reader will learn of important biographical facts, business trips, friendships and rivalry with bee-keepers from Palmer’s own words. New artwork was drawn specially for this book and makes the book all the much sweeter. (…more infoORDER


FISHING FOR PALMER —  in What Cheer 1882-1886 is the story of Old Dad Chiro in What Cheer, Iowa. DD Palmer, or “Fish Palmer” as they called him, owned a grocery store and sold fifty varieties of fresh fish. Of interest to Chiropractic historians are new details of the birth of B.J. Palmer the developer of Chiropractic. Also new discoveries are revealed about B.J.’s mother Louvenia Palmer and Palmer’s third wife Martha Henning. ORDER


Chasing DD final bCHASING D.D. — D.D. Palmer in the News 1886-1913. Chasing D.D. picks up where Chips from Sweet Home leaves off. Follow the founder of Chiropractic, D.D. Palmer, as he traverses his way through the news from 1886 to 1913.

Chasing D. D. follows Palmer’s fascinating life as a Magnetic Healer to his death as the Founder of Chiropractic. This book of compiled newspaper stories, along with Palmer’s letters and articles, attempts to chronicle Old Dad Chiro’s activities and treks across America.

It is true that Palmer discovered Chiropractic and was instrumental in developing its philosophy; however, the Big Idea he ignited took on a life of its own that could not be controlled. This is the story of Chiropractic’s beginning and the rise and fall of its founder, Daniel David Palmer — a man who believed he was right. ORDER


FINDING MABEL:  Mabel Palmer, First Lady of Chiropractic. Finding Mabel explores the life of the very public, yet private, First Lady of Chiropractic, Mabel Heath Palmer. Although her husband B.J., the developer of Chiropractic, called her his “Better 7/8’s,” we know relatively little about her or her contributions to Chiropractic.

This book attempts to shine some light on the remarkable life of Mabel Palmer who was once described as “one who never tires.” Unlike B.J., always the showman, Mabel did not run to the limelight. Even so, she never ran from service.

Mabel Palmer was the foremost woman Chiropractor. Her story inspires us to be all that we can be and give all that we can give. By her works you will know her. By her works you will find Mabel. ORDER


Atkinson Bone Setter bookIN THE SPIRIT OF ATKINSON – BONE-SETTER. Explore the life and work of an unsung healer who’s influence on the health sciences was far reaching. His healing of the cripples in Chicago threatened the Illinois Medical Board so greatly that new legislation was drafted to prohibit the practice of medicine without a license. Atkinson’s story should be found admirable to all in the chiropractic and manipulative professions. A review of the pioneers of bonesetting is included. ORDER


introductory introductionsINTRODUCTORY INSTRUCTIONS and General Information About. Intended for and Directed to Patients Entering The B. J. Palmer Chiropractic Clinic, Davenport, Iowa. ORDER


Shall the PSC SurviveSHALL THE PSC SURVIVE? is a republishing of very rare and intimate writings of Chiropractic’s developer B.J. Palmer. Written at a time of great turmoil in Palmer’s life, Palmer solemnly contemplated closing the Palmer School of Chiropractic. Palmer wrote that if the next semester did not see an enrollment of three hundred students his school would not break even in finances and could not continue. The Fountainhead of Chiropractic sited various controversial actions that he had taken and defended for the principles of Chiropractic: The introduction of Spinographs, the introduction of the Neurocalometer and the NCM leasing program, the trip Round the World and the plan to purchase the world’s largest organ. B.J. reviews these points of antagonism to reveal the bigger idea behind his actions. This booklet was a desperate attempt to mend misunderstandings and win back support to the endangered Palmer School of Chiropractic. ORDER


electroenchephaloneurometimpograph thinTHE ELECTROENCEPHALONEUROMENTIMPOGRAPH (Timpograph). One of the valuable instruments in use in The B. J. Palmer Chiropractic Clinic, for purpose of ascertaining and proving a correct spinal analysis and its correction, is the Electroencephaloneuromentimpograph. The instrument measures, evaluates, and calibrates THE QUANTITY flow of mental impulse from brain to body, both BEFORE AND AFTER adjustment, thus PROVING correct place, correct time, correct manner. ORDER


cause and cureTHE LAW OF CAUSE AND CURE OF DIS-EASE, or THE LAW OF PRODUCTIONS AND REDUCTION OF VERTEBRAL SUBLUXATION. Of late there has been a decided tendency of some of our best students to link a creed religion philosophy into the Chiropractic practice. The two are as inconsistent today as they were in the days of D. D. Palmer. Another of our adherents strongly endorses and supports a “scientific prayer” philosophy and supports his position with deep logic. Somewhere there IS a demonstrable and practical application of all truths that uderlie any and all religions. Somewhere there is a stability of fact weaving itself in and through this earnest desire of men. If any fact IS, then there is a practical explanation. It is that this talk aims to seek, solve, and explain. – B. J. Palmer ORDER


tumors and two moreTUMORS. TWO-MORE. THE FIRST AND ONLY EXPLANATION OF HOW TUMORS ARE FORMED AND HOW REDUCED. Originally published in 1911, this rare booklet is now available once again. ORDER


the hour has arrivedIn 1924 THE HOUR HAD STRUCK. In 1931 THE HOUR HAS ARRIVED when the NCM is established and no one has successfully challenged its scientific service; whereas thousands have successfully proven it IS a Chiropractic necessity in Chiropractic service by a chiropractor. Verily, I say again unto ye: THE HOUR DID STRIKE in 1924; and THE HOUR HAS ARRIVED in 1931 for a complete vindication of the NCM and the man who invented it, as well as the man who endorsed it and stood hard by during those stormy and troublesome years to see that it come into its own. – B. J. Palmer ORDER


a hole in oneThe purpose of this talk on A HOLE IN ONE (HIO) is to educate the patient about what Chiropractic is, what it is not; what it does, what it does not do and how it does it, so that patients may intelligently ascertain a competent chiropractor by what equipment he may have in his office and how he talks and with what he ascertains the subluxation and adjusts it. It is the patient’s right to insist upon Chiropractic and nothing more-if he desires to get well. -B.J. PALMER. ORDER


When is a SubluxationAs a collector of Chiropractic relics I often come across old items that are unidentified, never categorized, nor placed into the cannon of our Chiropractic history. Such is the case when six leafs of very old hand-typed, newsprint came into my possession entitled “WHEN IS A SUBLUXATION?” by —“B.J.” This lecture from 1932 explores the question that had troubled B.J.’s mind: “The Periodicity of Disease and Subluxation.” Herein B.J. attempts to scientifically solve the problem “When is a Subluxation?” As such, I am pleased to present this rescued piece of Chiropractic history and preserve it for posterity. – Chiro-Picker  ORDER


HEMATOLOGICAL CHANGES UNDER SPECIFIC CHIROPRACTIC ADJUSTMENT. Research on 1,054 Cases in the B.J. Palmer Chiropractic Clinic. Foreword by Lyle Sherman. ORDER



REASONS FOR MY FAITH is a study in objectives and motives.  ORDER


As a teen, B.J. Palmer worked the vaudeville circuit with Professor Flint (ca 1898).  HERBERT L. FLINT — HYPNOTIST is a collection of three rare works from this well-known performer – one of the greatest hypnotists of all time.  ORDER


MY MESSAGE ANALYZED. God is law, law is god; God and law are one. God lives in man, man should express the God-law. Innate is law and God. If the God-law is Innate and Innate flows thru man why wouldn’t man be a God-law functionating man? He would.

God is in the man – no need for the physician, lawyer or minister. God is not in medicine, statute or a book. The physician, lawyer or minister are not needed more than are medicines, statutes or books. To listen to the physician teach medicines, the lawyer statutes of the minister the book does not assist the God within to reach ourselves. The Chiropractor does not preach the God within ourselves – he preaches what others say in a Book the doing which offers and obstruction – to adjust a cause is to let the God within become the God without, without advice or being asked to do so. The principle is the same in all – no difference and all are wrong. God is the source of health, law, divinity (if there is such) then to Thon must we go for it. ORDER

BJ with green books

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