Dr. Thomas Lamar, your podcast chiropractor

As he enthusiastically announces at the opening of each show with theme music blaring…

“My name is Dr. Thomas Lamar, ChiropracTOR and Dad of Seven!”

On January 1st, 2010, this chiropracTOR — along with his then 9 year-old audio engineer son, Logan — launched Spinal Column Radio, an Internet radio program about “all-things-chiropractic.”  Modeled after his longstanding community newspaper column, Lamar’s target audience initially was the lay public.

Eight months later though, through a string of amazing events, a “shift” happened and Spinal Column Radio found itself in its present format:  serving the chiropracTIC profession by delivering content that motivates, supports, and encourages chiropractors world-wide (along with their assistants, students, advocates, and students-to-be), to uphold and revere the principles in which chiropractic has thrived since 1895.

“Ironically, while my audience has seemingly shifted from the lay public, I’m finding that by delivering content that spurns the average chiropractor in the trenches to be the best chiropractor he or she can be, I have not left my post of educating the lay public about chiropractic… about, as I say, ‘to think about their health in a whole new way’ — instead,” Lamar shares,  “I have found a way to leverage my message through hundreds and hundreds of chiropractors all over the planet, which in turn influence their communities.  In this sense, the message is being disseminated in a much grander way.”

Logan Lamar, your audio engineer

The show has literally taken the father-son team — with their studio in tow — coast to coast for on location interviews with some of the greatest names and minds in the profession at events such as New Beginnings Chiropractic WeekendsThe California Jam, and ChiroFest.  With well over 300 interviews “in the can,” Lamar is quickly living up to the description someone once gave him as being “The Larry King of Chiropractic.”

“Who knew…”

– as he spouts off in his introduction –

“…spinal education could be THIS much fun!”

Lamar lives with his wife and growing family in the rural town of Kingston, Washington where he practices chiropractic and podcasts to the world.

Tour the SCR Studio

Addendum: On December 31, 2013, Dr. Lamar wrapped up the four year adventure of Spinal Column Radio with a nearly 8 hour Finale Podcast. Until he gets behind the mic again, he invites you to enjoy the 150 hours+ of content in the archives.  To find out what he’s up to and to “stay in the loop” as to what’s next, sign up on their Mailing List.

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