NB CD number 4

Sherman College of Chiropractic has always had a special place in the hearts of those that attend and speak at New Beginnings.  And so when the Outlaw approached me with the idea of producing our next CD with a Sherman theme, I was delighted.  We’ve combed our New Beginnings Interview Vault and have extracted out clips from some great speakers that have some sort of tie or connection with Sherman…. (and a few that don’t).   While  each attendee of the Fall 2011 New Beginnings Chiropractic Weekend received an actual compact disc of our 4th New Beginnings Spinal Column Radio CD with a Twist of Sherman, I’m pleased to offer the mp3 download for you here.


Track 1: Introduction

Track 2: Jon Schwartzbauer

Track 3: Reggie Gold

Track 4: Keith Wassung

Track 5: Arno Burnier

Track 6: Patti Giuliano

Track 7: Vicki Fox Prescott

Track 8: Nylsa Correa

Track 9: Eddy Diaz

Track 10: Brad Glowaki

Track 11: Liam Schubel

Track 12: James Dubel

Track 13: Outro

Download the entire CD by right clicking (control-click for MAC) the link below:

Tracks 1-13

Downloading is easy!  Simply hover your mouse over one of links above. Then right click your mouse if you are on a PC (or hold the ctrl key down and click your mouse if you are on a MAC).  From there, choose the option of downloading the file and your computer will automatically begin the process of transferring a copy of the file onto your computer’s harddrive.  Once it is on your harddrive you are free listen to it without being tied to an Internet connection and you can burn it onto a CD or transfer it to your iPod or other portable digital media player.

Links to our other CD’s:  CD#1 , CD#2, and CD#3

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