Episode 155 — Branding the ChiropracTOR for the Bigger Message of ChiropracTIC: Interviews with Chiropractic United Podcast, pre-ChiropracTIC Student Patrick Dunphy, DC-2B Brett Jones, and more! [Plus Special Report: Inside the DE Scene — Paying Homage to Dr. Sid Williams]


Title: Branding the ChiropracTOR for the Bigger Message of ChiropracTIC: Interviews with Chiropractic United Podcast, pre-ChiropracTIC Student Patrick Dunphy, DC-2B Brett Jones, and more!

[Plus SPECIAL REPORT: Inside the DE Scene — Paying Homage to Dr. Sid Williams]

Episode Number: 155

Host: Dr. Thomas Lamar

Show Date: 02/15/13

Run Time: 150:58

Description:  “Early to bed. Early to rise. Work like hell and ADVERTISE!” These words from our profession’s developer still echo throughout chiropractic. From the beginning, we chiropractors have been avid marketers — we’ve had to for our very survival.  It’s always been a sink or swim situation.  And it will continue to be this way until our individual advertising and marketing efforts rise above the level of promotion-for-self.  The message that we promote must be BIGGER than ourselves; it needs to go beyond that of self-promotion. Never in history have we had the opportunity like we do now to tell our story in a way that allows us to not only touch our community, but the whole world at the same time.  The Internet gives us this ability.  And so through mediums such as blogs, videos, podcasts, graphics, and social media, we can now begin to brand ourselves as chiropracTORs — not for ourselves — but for chiropracTIC.  Because it is through this type of “bigger than self” promotion that we can truly begin affect change in the way our society does health care.

Today on Spinal Column Radio, Dr. Thomas Lamar mines the depths of this topic by first answering a listener email on how chiropractic students can begin branding themselves as “TORS for the TIC” while still in school. His “nuts and bolts” explanation is then further fleshed out with inspiring interviews with the crew of the Chiropractic United Podcast (Drs. Deed Harrison, Fred DiDomenico, and Joe Ferantelli); chiropracTIC student, Brett Jones; and pre chiropracTIC student and long-time SCR listener, Patrick Dunphy.  In addition, Dr. Lamar pulls out some examples of what this can look like.  Plus, he even shares what can happen when you put a message out that is bigger than yourself. And if all that weren’t enough, he’s joined by a special in-studio “audience-of-one.” (Chiropractic United and Patrick Dunphy interviews recorded at the 2012 California Jam in Costa Mesa, California).

[Plus, Pre Show SPECIAL REPORT:  Dr. Austin Davis take YOU the listener, on our behalf, Inside the DE Scene to Pay Homage to the one that DARED TO DEFEND THE PRINCIPLE — Dr. Sid Williams].

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Nothing is Bigger than LIFE

Sid Williams - colorful champion of chiropracic Austin Davis DC

 Dr. Austin Davis

— takes us inside the DE Scene to pay homage to the one that

connect with Austin on Facebook
• listen to our mini-tribute to Sid on SCR 152
• read Clum’s Tribute to Sid Williams



ON LOCATION with the

Dead Chiropractic Society’s

The Chiropractic United Podcast

Drs. Harrison, DiDomenico, and Ferantelli

DCS California Jam


ChiroUnited CalJam5 Interview2

Dr. Lamar interviews the crew of the number one chiropractic podcast in the United States iTunes directory, The Chiropractic United Podcast at the 2012 California Jam. (DiDomenico – left, Harrison – middle, and Ferantelli- right)

Chiropractic United Logo• Learn more about Chiropractic United

– Chiropractic United

– Learn more about the guys behind the mics


pre ChiropracTIC Student

Patrick Dunphy

DCS California Jam


Dunphy 5 Cal Jam 2012

Dr. Thomas Lamar interviews pre-DC-2B Patrick Dunphy at the 2012 California Jam.

• Learn more about Patrick Dunphy

Patrick’s Facebook page

Pat’s TOP 5 SCR Episodes for the pre-Chiropractic Student

    1. Angel Tribuno (SCR 079)
    2. Reggie Gold (SCR 030)
    3. Billy DeMoss (SCR 037)
    4. Liam Schubel (SCR 039)
    5. Dr. Lamar on Dallas Radio (SCR 058)

– Catch Patrick’s Man On The Street interview (SCR 138)

– Catch Patrick’s contribution to the Reggie Gold Tribute Podcast (SCR 109)


Now on Spinal Column Radio!

“The Big TOR on Campus”

Brett Jones 1Brett Jones

DC2B Life West

Troy Dukowitz BTOC an interview with

Troy Dukowitz, DC

• Catch Dr. Troy’s past episode with us (SCR 128)

• Learn more about Brett Jones:

Brett’s Facebook page

Brett’s YouTube Channel

• Other Stuff Talked About on the Show:

Drs Tom and Troy in studio

Dr. Troy Eldridge joins us in studio.

KCN making shift

• Learn more about the California Jam

– Website: CaliforniaJam.org

– Website: DeadChiropracticSociety.com

– Facebook California Jam – Dead Chiropractic Society

Check out the Cal Jam Interview Archives! (plus see who’s still the cue for release)

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Okay…. let me get the ball rolling. Here are two great examples of chiropracTORS that are dedicated to promoting a message BIGGER than themselves… for the TIC.

Rob Shaw DC over at the Weekly Sticky. He’s using graphics to get his point across in a way that is fun and easy to understand. http://theweeklysticky.com/

Jason Ulsrud DC over at the Rock Star Chiropractic Project. He tapped into the power of web video to inspire and encourage the chiropracTOR. And while he’s currently in hiatus, the amazing time-shifiting capacity of the Internet allows his message to Rock On! http://www.therscproject.com/

Comment by drlamar

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