Episode 037 — The Unmatchable, Dr. Billy DeMoss


Title: The Unmatchable Chiropractor, Dr. Billy DeMoss

Episode Number: 037

Host: Dr. Thomas Lamar

Show Date: 12/31/2010

Run Time: 43:47

Description:  Join Dr. Lamar as he sits down for a conversation with the passionate and unmatchable chiropractor, Dr. Billy DeMoss.  Recorded On Location at the Fall 2010 New Beginnings Chiropractic Weekend in Long Branch, New Jersey.

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ON LOCATION in New Jersey

-20th Anniversary-

An Interview with the Unmatchable and Wild, Billy DeMoss, DC

New Beginnings Chiropractic Weekends

Fall 2010

Dr. Thomas Lamar and audio engineer-son Logan interview Dr. Billy DeMoss

• Learn more about Dr. Billy DeMoss

Dead Chiropractic Society

California Jam

Dr. Bill’s Weekly Buzz 

Listen to our second interview with Billy D (episode 076)

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Spinal Column Radio, episode number 37

Coming up next on Spinal Column Radio… An interview with the unmatchable chiropractor, Dr. Billy DeMoss!

Billy DeMoss, DC

[Dr. Billy DeMoss: Why hasn’t chiropractic addressed the world that there’s a better way and if our way doesn’t work then, yeah go drill holes in kid’s heads, put them on poison, and all the things that, you know, are so accepted in society today. So, I think chiropractic’s got a big mission. I mean, we’ve been at this 115 years now and I still think we haven’t really scratched the surface on what needs to be done.]


[intro theme music]

And welcome back to another exciting and information packed episode of Spinal Column Radio. My name is Dr. Thomas Lamar, chiropractor and Dad of 6. And this is the podcast that gets you to think. To think about your health in a whole new way. We’re the podcast for your backbone… the podcast with backbone. Who knew that spinal education could be this much fun?

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Well, if you’re catching this podcast on its release date, today is New Year’s Eve, 2010!

[Lamar Family Noise Makers].

And this officially marks our first year of Spinal Column Radio!


Thank you to our live in studio Lamar Foley Artists! No canned sound effects tonight!

Before we launch into the program… I want to encourage you to hang out until the end, as Logan and I will be reflecting on our first year in the world of podcasting.

Well today, this last day of 2010, I thought I’d pull out of my New Beginnings Interview Collection… a Chiropractic Wild Card! His name is Dr. Billy DeMoss…. and it won’t take long for you to realize that not only does this doctor love chiropractic, but he is passionate… and one of a kind!


Dr. Thomas Lamar: Well today on Spinal Column Radio, as we continue our series talking with some of the most influential chiropractors in our profession at the New Beginnings Chiropractic Weekends here in New Jersey, we have the pleasure of welcoming to our microphones a chiropractor who also traveled from the opposite coast to be here. All the way from Newport Beach, California, we are joined by a chiropractor like none other, Dr. Billy DeMoss also known as The Godfather or simply Billy D. He’s been a chiropractor for 25 years and has a passion and a zeal for this profession that is not only contagious, but has set him apart. It’s been said that “He’s real, raw and doesn’t hesitate to speak his mind no matter how controversial the subject matter may be.”Most associate Billy D. with his popular Dead Chiropractic Society philosophy meetings and its mega offspring: Cal Jam, which is the equivalent of a Chiropractic Woodstock. In between these events he keeps the volume pumped by producing a weekly Youtube video that’s developed quite a following called Dr. Bill’s Weekly Buzz. He’s an avid reader, guitar player, traveler, and it’s a rare day that he’s without his surfboard.

Dr. L: Billy D. what a treat to have you on Spinal Column Radio!

Dr. Billy DeMoss: And it’s a real treat to be on Spinal Column Radio.

Dr. L: All right! What do you think of the music?

Dr. D: Ted Nugent… That’s what I consider myself, the Ted Nugent of Chiropractic.

Dr. L: I’ll tell you…

Dr. D: Without the “F” Bombs probably.

Dr. L: I’ve been… I probably have listened to more A Weekly Buzz’s in one sitting than most and I said, “You know, this guy…” You always have like, you know, this music in the background it seems like. “This is his signature.”

Dr. D: Right, right! Some people tell me to turn it down and I go, “You know what? That’s just what sets me apart from everybody else and I don’t want to be like everybody else so…

Dr. L: So, it’s…

Dr. D: That’s why we do it. And I’m driven by Rock -N- Roll so…

Dr. L: I had to bring it on.

Dr. D: That was beautiful! Like, I don’t think you could have picked a better song to start out there.

Dr. L: Fantastic!

Dr. D: Stranglehold baby!

Dr. L: Ok! Well, we know that you like to surf and I just thought it would be appropriate if we just start… We are here in New Jersey. I know you have a little knee injury, but have you thought about going out there?

Dr. D: Yeah! It looked fun out there today! I mean, I didn’t bring my suit, my wet suit but looks like the water is warm.

Dr. L: We’ve got Tropical Storm Nicole that I guess came threw the South or something and so there’s… It’s rainy and yucky out there but you’d go out there wouldn’t you?

Dr. D: Oh of course! Yeah.

Dr. L: What’s the… Have you looked at the waves?

Dr. D: I did, this morning, before I came down.

Dr. L: Give us a little surf report.

Dr. D: It was probably… It looked like it was coming directly out of the South. There looked like there were good rides spanning up the beach. It was a little bit still mixed up because it was real stormy last night. But the crowds… there’s no crowds here. Not like California. If that was California there would have been fifty zillion guys out in the water.

Dr. L: Oh absolutely! Do you travel with a surf board or how do you work that out?

Dr. D: Yeah! Usually I travel with three surf boards, sometimes four.

Dr. L: Did you bring one?

Dr. D: No, I didn’t bring one. They said they had some here and you know…

Dr. L: Oh! Ok.

Dr. D: That wasn’t my main emphasis on this trip was to go surfing, but I do like to surf in spots I’ve never been to before. I surfed in Florida when I went to D.E. a couple times. I really did have intentions of surfing here. It’s just the knee is a little bit… It doesn’t bend like it’s supposed to so…

Dr. L: Yeah, if you watch his…

Dr. D: It’s hard to walk…

Dr. L: … the Weekly Buzz, was it in August that you went to Fiji?

Dr. D: Yeah it was August/September over Labor Day.

Dr. L: Yeah! I saw his Weekly Buzz and he was like, “Hey! Look what I did to my leg! Coral man!”

Dr. D: And it didn’t get… It didn’t get inflamed and infected until I got back four days after my trip, which was you know, God’s blessing but it’s also good for me to get injured. I look at it, I feel from a positive, because then you can really have empathy for those that are in pain. You can have empathy for people that can’t do what they do on a daily basis and you also come back to the realization… One of the 33 Principles is “All things take… healing takes time.”

Dr. L: It does and I love the fact that, you know, it humbles you.

Dr. D: Oh it totally humbles you!

Dr. L: And then you can step back and you can relate to your patients better.

Dr. D: Right…

Dr. L: And so…

Dr. D: You have to look at the good in everything.

Dr. L: Every once in a while we need that.

Dr. D: Right, of course.

Dr. L: Not that I’m asking to get hurt again.

Dr. D: No… I don’t want to do that again for a while

Dr. L: Hey, well let’s go ahead and get this out of the way.

Dr. D: All right.

Dr. L: Chiropractic philosophy and Billy D. go together like peanut butter and jelly, at least in my opinion.

Dr. D: All right.

Dr. L: Yet, you graduated from Los Angeles College of Chiropractic, as did I, and let’s just say, for those listening at home, and I’m not here to speak negatively about it…

Dr. D: No, no, no, no…

Dr. L: But LACC, at least when I was there and perhaps yourself, it didn’t necessarily have the strongest of chiropractic philosophy curriculums. So with that said, when was it that the Big Idea of Chiropractic slapped you upside the head and caused the scales to fall from your eyes and forever change the course of your career?

Dr. D: Well, I mean, it was from going to a meeting just like this, New Beginnings. I was dragged. actually, by some friends to go back to Atlanta, Georgia.

Dr. L: Kicking and screaming I bet, “No! Don’t take me!”

Dr. D: No, I mean we had a great time. It was like, you know, every day of my life is a party I say. But, I went back to D.E. and I just got immersed, transformed… I was transformed in a weekend and it was… hearing people like Chuck Ribley who is here, Fred Schofield who is here. Hearing people like Fred Barge who was probably one of my biggest mentors. Him and Dr. Fred Schofield are both my, probably, biggest mentors not only in chiropractic but in life. I heard Jimmy Greg. I heard Jim Sigafous. I heard the biggest speakers in chiropractic and it just reimmersed me into why I originally went to be a chiropractor. It was because when I was… you know, I’ll probably share this tomorrow but it was like I went to school with the vision… I was sitting at the Science Building at Cal State, Fullerton and it was probably 1979. That’s one of my favorite years. We’ll talk about that later if you ask about it.

Dr. L: Writing it down.

Dr. D: And somebody threw a Meric Chart on the table as I was studying chemistry because I was a chemistry major. I was a nerd back then. I’m still a nerd. And I looked at this Meric Chart and I was really into nutrition back then because I was a bio-chemistry major and, you know, back then nutrition was looked at as quackery. And somebody threw this Meric Chart on the table in a jokingly sense and I looked at this and I saw how the nerves regulated the function of the organs and that sickness and disease could be caused by interference to the flow of nerves and I really kind of resonated with that because I was always… I always came from not an anti-medical stance but I really didn’t like the whole pompous, white coat attitude of the superiority of a profession that thought that they were God-like. And we’ve seen that stricken down as a few other professions that we’ve put up on pedestals, which those pedestals are no longer there. And then I went to LACC, and I was talking with a fellow Doc last night, Dr. Phil. I call him St. Phil now because he fed me some food last night at 5:30 in the morning. But, youknow, it was there that I got… At LACC I got zero philosophy and we were even talking that we had a pediatric class where we never even talked about adjustings. It was all about, you know, allopathetic pediatric care and you know it was sad that in school we don’t even get to adjust kids because… and as I was saying on my Buzz if you don’t see kids you… I don’t know if I can say this, the “suck” word but if you don’t see kids you suck.

Dr. L: There you go.

Dr. D: Because, I mean, kids… Kids need chiropractic more than adults do and I don’t know where people get this idea that kids don’t need chiropractic. They traumatize their spines way more than adults do and their spine and nervous system is in the most formative stages of their life. And it saddens me that some chiropractors, for whatever reasons that might be, do not see kids. And in my office half my practice is kids because I’m still a kid at heart to a point where, you know and I’m not bragging about this… but we have a MD in my office, a pediatrician who is a DCS hardcore Rock-n-Roll chiropractic supporter from the big… she’s anti-vaccine and we work together and because she is going to pull in people that are really not ready to jump in the chiropractic boat and then we can slowly transform them to hear the Big Idea and understand why kids need to be adjusted. And I think that is one of my missions on the planet that, you know, kids… all kids get checked so that they can live to their full God given potential.

Dr. L: That’s awesome! We’re here at the New Beginnings Chiropractic Weekends and really the main thrust is chiropractic philosophy. Why is Chiropractic Philosophy so important?

Dr. D: Because that’s what drives… That’s what drives me as a chiropractor, is the philosophy. I mean the art and the science are great but if you have the philosophy of chiropractic… and I’ve noticed this working with chiropractors and working amongst chiropractors is the chiropractors that own the philosophy are the ones that deliver the message. They’re the ones that take the message to the people. They’re the most successful chiropractors and not from a monetary standpoint, but I mean for me to get a kid off drugs… I mean there’s nothing that can, you know, give you I mean it just… It not only humbles you but it also there’s no greater satisfaction than giving a kid his health back. There’s nothing that compares that, especially when they’ve been the other route. They’ve been drugged to death. You know, they’ve had you know… maybe they’ve had tubes put in their ears or tonsils cut out and to me that’s all such barbaric health care that still continues to perpetuate itself. It’s ugly head… You know, I actually got a ride back from the airport and, you know, the lady that was giving me a ride to the hotel here said that both her kids had tubes put in their ears. They are all on antibiotics and I just go, “Why hasn’t chiropractic addressed the world that there’s a better way and if our way doesn’t work then, yeah go drill holes in kid’s heads, put them on poison, and all the things that, you know, are so accepted in society today.” So, I think chiropractic’s got a big mission. I mean, we’ve been at this 115 years now and I still think we haven’t really scratched the surface on what needs to be done.

Dr. L: Tell us about the Dead Chiropractic Society. What prompted you…

Dr. D: The Dead Chiropractic Society was something that just basically you never know how far reaching something you may say, think, or do will affect the lives of billions of people tomorrow. I just took B.J.’s and put from millions to billions because we have billions of people on the planet now. It was… myself and another chiropractor used to get together and we used to read the Green Books and it was just the two of us initially and then, you know, after the word got out… “Oh! We’re getting together. We are going to read the Green Books!” We got little candles and they were actually those little Jesus or, you know, Virgin Mary candles and we put B.J.’s heads on them and we lit the candles and we were reading and you know, we were dipped in the philosophy. And if you read some of that old stuff it’s just it all holds true today and then more and more people started coming. And I said, “Well, you know people are into this stuff. You know, it’s just not me that is waked out on the philosophy.” And then I rented a warehouse and we started having meetings and, you know, and its blossomed to what… to Cal Jam but even like Troy Dukowitz, who is one of my close bros in chiropractic… He came to one of the DCS meetings and he said, “Well, I’m going to go back and start EPOCs.” And you know there is EPOCs popping up all over the country. We’ve got COREs popping up all over the country. So, I mean this stuff is big and I almost, I mean not in a negative sense but these are little cells, almost like terrorists cells, against pharmacopoeia, against the Devil as I call it, to make sure that chiropractors are fired up and motivated to go out and spread the word like wild flowers in their communities but also the Dead Chiropractor… Chiropractic Society is just like the Dead Poet Society is where it really evolved from is carpe diem. Seize the day. Let’s get this stuff handled today. But also what they did is they got together and they read old poetry. And we need to recognize and honor those that came before us, those that wen to jail, and in the schools none of that stuff is even embraced and to me it just saddens my heart that the beautiful history that we have in chiropractic is not even mentioned. I mean, we should have a history class in chiropractic schools so people really understand what people went through so that we can practice the way we practice today.

Dr. L: I totally agree. You just basically said this… I want to read it because it would capsulate what you just said perfectly. It says “We must…” You wrote, “We must honor our history and those that came before us who suffered severe persecution and dearly paid the price so that we could practice this wonderful art, science, and philosophy.” That is basically what you just said?

Dr. D: Right, right, right!

Dr. L: So how did all of this then give birth to what you guys call Cal Jam?

Dr. D: Well, I mean, I’ve got a big vision and it’s like I need some help. And that’s why, you know, I’m here… of course I’m here for the brother and sisterhood of being at an event like this and hearing other speakers. I mean, I get… that’s what gets me drive. That’s what gives me as I… Joe Borio was just at my office last weekend, or two weekends ago, and he talked about tackling fuel. You need tackling fuel. You need to get pissed off. You need to have that inner drive that just makes you want to get out and just start yelling from the mountain tops, “We’ve got a better way!” What was the question again?

Dr. L: I just want to know how Cal Jam kind of…

Dr. D: Oh Cal Jam! Yeah!

Dr. L: … was birthed. That’s right.

Dr. D: All right. So, then I, you know, I was at a you know I like… I love to study. I mean I read. I’m an avid reader. I read every day. I don’t watch TV. I call the TV the Devil too. So, we’ve got pharmacopoeia and TV which I consider the Devils. But Cal Jam was basically a vision I had after being at a James Chestnut seminar. I was in there and I did the whole wellness program, a 48 hour program. And the stuff he was talking about… I’m just going, “Why can’t we just tell this to the world?” I mean there is so much information based on, you know, obviously chiropractic is a huge component of a wellness component. But, you know, nutrition and excersize… things that in the United States of America and the world need to understand so that they can express 100% of their God given potential. And I just came up with the idea that, you know, I go to concerts a lot and I was just at Aerosmith I mean if you think there is a recession… There was 25,000 people paying on an average $1.50 a ticket drinking $10 beers, $15 beers. There is a priority shift. People… you just need to let them understand what chiropractic is. So, you know, I remember the days when, you know, we had Cal Jam back in the late 70s and there was Ted Nugent who you played. There was Black Sabbath. There was Deep Purple. There was Black Oak Arkansas. There was Seals and Crofts. There was Emerson Lake and Palmer. The biggest bands in the world would get together and they would have… they would fill this area of 250,000 people. My vision is to get a huge health and wellness festival with music and then put up between bands… We are going to put up, you know… James Chestnut. We’ll put up great speakers Patrick Gentempo and then in a sense have a festival that celebrates health and wellness using music as a medium to attract people to come to it and then deliver the message in masses. And then, you know, if I can build this initial one in a 3,000 seater in which it is going to be easy. I mean, look at you guys. You’re here on their 20th year. I’m only doing my 4th year and we are going to be upwards at 2 to 3,000 people this year. And then once we grow out of that then we are going to go to stadiums and start filling stadiums and once we get the one stadium filled then we are going to go across the planet and make it a fun… because if it is not a party I don’t… I’m not involved. Make it a fun party where people can come, like a Woodstock and not only get, you know, the fun of music but also get the message delivered with high impact and change the world.

Dr. L: So, it’s music. It’s the “Whose who?”

Dr. D: Music is a universal language that everybody loves.

Dr. L: You’ve got the music. You’ve got the Whose Who of Chiropractic there. Everybody is hanging out. There’s a fellowship. Then you wrote this. You said, “…but it’s really just an event to help remove the barnacles that grow while living in an “allopathetic” world.”

Dr. D: Right. And that’s what DCS really started. As we progressed through I noticed that, you know, we usually have 80 to 100 at my office once a month. So, we figure that’s 1200 a year. And when we get together… and I do it in my own selfish way. I bring speakers in that I want to hear that I can… I take more notes at the meetings than anybody else there. And it’s there because we need to get those shackles, as Arno just said, get those shackles taken off and liberate us to… Because, you know, a lot of times we get beat up as a profession but also, you know, we get beat up my media. We get beat up not as a profession per say but we get stuffed in this outside – in world that we live in, that you know we are not designed to be healthy. It’s just like I was in the airport, you know, coming here and it was like they’re actually administering flu shots in the airport. And to me that’s just like… I almost felt like going up and you know of course I don’t want to get taken to jail or anything so I’ve got to maintain some type of semblance of… dignity I guess is the word.

Dr. L: What is your vision for chiropractic and how do your efforts through DCS and Cal Jam play into that?

Dr. D: My vision for chiropractic is… I’m sure the CCE isn’t going to like this, but I want to see global subluxation awareness. I want the world to know what chiropractors do. I’m sick of people thinking that… and this really dawned on me doing… using more Socratic methods in my office teaching but also when we need new team members, for staff or CAs, we do group hirings and one of the things I ask everybody in there… “What is your perception of what a chiropractor does?” and it blew my mind to hear the answers. If somebody said crack the back I thought that was one of the best answers. At least they were on  the spine. They knew what… Some people have no conception of what we do and we’re also… A lot of people think that we are a back pain, neck pain profession. I mean that is so old school. That’s like thinking that you wouldn’t go to the dentist until your teeth are rotting and you’ve got pain. You don’t go to the dentist… It’s all about maintenance, but I try to take it to another level. I mean a lot of times people think I’m high energy. The reason I’m high energy is because I live congruent to my genetics. As James Chestnut says, I eat impeccably. I mean I eat food as close to the Sun as possible which happens to be plants and extract energy but then we talk about that light that flows over the nervous system, that needs to express at 100% and I want people to know that, you know maybe you’re living at 80% of your capacity. Let’s try to get you up to 95/98% of your capacity by freeing up the nervous system. So, I want people to know to know that, “Well I don’t need to go to a chiropractor. I don’t have any back pain.” Do you want to wait until you have back pain before you take care of it? Or do you want to live at a higher level of existence. So, that’s what we do as chiropractors… is yeah, we’re big teachers. If you look up the word doctor it means teacher but it’s also getting people to vibrate at just the highest level of potential that, you know, God intended them to.

Dr. L: Have you always enjoyed teaching?

Dr. D: I love it. I love teaching. I love public speaking. I love turning people’s lights on. I like people to have that paradigm shift in… I just did a workshop at a company and, you know, there was probably 100 people there and 33 people signed up as new patients and they pay to come into the office to have an exam because they got lit up and they can see… I mean, chiropractic is so simple. And if you just show people that, there is no reason they are not… I mean, they’re going to get it! And they are going to understand what they were doing before is not necessarily wrong but there is a better way to handle health problems or improve your health then just covering it up and taking drugs. I mean, as I always say, “Show me where… show me where all those healthy drug takers are at.” That’s an oxymoron isn’t it? There’s no way you can be healthy and take drugs at the same time.

Dr. L: What motivates you or what fuels you to keep your passion for chiropractic on constant over-drive?

Dr. D: I read. I mean I’m reading a book right now called The Age of Autism. If anybody in their right mind reads the book The Age of Autism and they still think that mercury is not causing this whole Autistic explosion in society then, I mean, maybe they should believe in the Easter Bunny and maybe they should… I don’t know. I mean, to me after reading that book it’s like… and the guys that wrote the book were not anti-medical or not anti-vaccine but they had Autistic kids and they just started doing research. And they looked back at how, you know, they used to treat Syphilis with, you know, immersing people in mercury baths and mercury vapors and basically all these people that were being, you know, treated with mercury… how they all started having all these weird, bizarre neurological disorders and they thought it was the Syphilis. It was the treatment was worse than the disease they originally had and then all the health care providers that were administering the mercury were having all these bizarre neurological disorders and then they saw it, you know, happening in kids that came from wealthy families. It was the wealthy families that could afford medical care and they were getting poisoned by the mercury. And it’s just a major exposé on how mercury for… for going on, you know, a century and a half now has been utilized by medicine still to this day poisoning people. If you want to poison adults that’s great, but I think when you see kids like this and I read Jenny McCarthy’s book because only a patient kept “You’ve got to read this book. You’ve got to read it.” I don’t want to read Jenny McCarthy’s book right now. I’ve got other stuff to read. Finally I read the book and I just look… you look how it… you know, life to me is precious. Like one of the speakers said today, I’m not sure who said it but, every day is a blessing from God. You should go out and express and live your life to 100% like every day is your last day. And I’m still a kid at heart and to me a kid should be allowed the chance to grow and develop in a healthy lifestyle.  And what’s happening today is we are poisoning children with mercury. It’s destroying… it’s destroying their lives. It’s destroying their parent’s lives. It’s destroying the parent’s relationships because it is such a strain on a family to have an Autistic kid and the relationships destroyed. The community is destroyed and overall, the United States is going to be destroyed and the planet is going to be destroyed if we continue to just totally pollute children’s bloodstreams with something as dogmaticly BS as a vaccine immunization process. So I mean, I get fueled by that… that I just, I mean… Fab came and spoke and Dr. Eric Russell came and spoke at DCS and it’s just like you hear other people speak and it just gets your blood to just boil and when your blood boils you just have to have an outlet. So, your people in your office on a daily basis, your daily table talk is focused on things that they need to hear. They don’t need to hear about the sports. They don’t need to hear about the weather. They are going to hear about that… They need to hear about living a healthy lifestyle which incorporates, beyond a shadow, that every person on this planet that wants to live to 100% of their God given potential needs to have their spine checked for subluxation. That’s why I’m on a project for Global Subluxation Awareness and get people to understand what chiropractors do.

Dr. L: You come from a family where four of the boys became chiropractors… How did that happen?  Are your brothers as “Energetic” as you are?

Dr. D: Yeah. They are. Here’s the deal: I was groomed to be a dentist and my mom was a dental hygienist. My grandfather was… He was pre-medical and ended up in the insurance industry selling life insurance and when I came home and said I was going to become a chiropractor I literally was almost in a sense shunned by everyone and I was definitely not embraced. And they said you’re wasting your life. I mean, I was a great student in school. I could have gotten into… I mean I was already accepted into some dental schools: Loma Linda, USC, Univeristy of Pacific. But then I talked to dentists and in reality I wasn’t becoming a dentist because I wanted it. I was becoming a dentist because my mom wanted me to be a dentist. You know, I couldn’t see sticking my mouth in… you know, gingivitis, halitosis… none of that stuff really rocks my world. And I don’t see how you are changing the world. Obviously, a smile is an important thing and the ability to masticate food is an important thing, but nothing, you know, compares to freeing up the nervous system. I’ve talked to dentists and some of them love their jobs and most of them hated it. And if you look at that profession it has the highest suicide rate. And I go, that’s not a good thing for me to get into so when somebody threw that meric chart… I said that is the answer! I’m going to go to chiropractic school. And, you know, I’ve never looked back. And then all my brothers… my brother, Tom, was already accepted into dental school. He became a chiropractor and then we infected my two younger brothers other than that. And then we have a cousin who comes from a very, very allopathic family. His grandfather is a M.D. or was a M.D. back in the Midwest, very you know, highly recognized. And I even tainted that family and, you know, we have never looked back. And we have always been, kind of, the outcasts at LACC. We’ve been the outcasts wherever we go because a lot of times people though that, you know, this volume based – subluxation based chiropractic was quackery. We need this peer-reviewed science B.S. that we keep hearing, you know, people say that we need. And I agree we need some science, but the science to me is the clinical outcomes that I get in my office, where they’ve all been intervened through allopathic care. They get no results and they come to me as a last resort and you turn the lights on these kids because kids… As adults you’re wired for health and when you’re not healthy it’s not your body’s fault. It’s not because of germs. It’s not because of bad luck. It’s because you are breaking universal laws and are objective with what we do is we just remove interference so you have a maximum expression of nervous system functions so the body can function at 100%.

Dr. L: You mentioned your cousin.

Dr. D: Yes!

Dr. L: Dr. Bob DeMoss and we graduated the same year at LACC. Actually, he and I were Facebooking to kind of help me… inside source a little bit to help for this interview.

Dr. D: Good!

Dr. L: I appreciate that Bob, if you’re listening! I know you are…. I’m going to steal a question from Bill Esteb.

Dr. D: Oooooo, good.

Dr. L: What is the biggest myth or misconception of Billy D.? As he takes a drink of water…

Dr. D: You know what? Some people look at me as like an 8 ball, kind of Rock -N- Roll, crazy, whacked out, you know. One of… my favorite motto that B.J. ever said was, “Don’t take yourself so damn seriously.”. Yeah and there’s part of me that has that attribute obviously. And that’s, I think, why people like me… because of the fact that I’m real, I’m raw and I tell people what’s on my mind and I tell it like it is. And I’m not really concerned with political correctness. If I am going to save somebody’s life over being politically correct, I’m going to save their life. But, also, I’m damn serious about taking this message to the world. So, I mean, part of me which is you know the party guy but there is also me that is very, very, very determined and destined to make sure that we guard not only our philosophy, as B.J. said “Guard it well.”, but also take this word and mission and message to the world. And I’ve got probably another 30 to 50 years to do that and I will do it. Mark my words on that. I mean…

Dr. L: Spinal Column Radio, right here October 1, 2010.

Dr. D: Yeah! Mark my words… no problem with that because anything that I have ever visualized and affirmed and put my mind to in life I’ve always done. I learned that from guys like Mark Victor Hansen. Write it out. Visualize it and everything in my life has come true that I’ve… Somethings are so scary, I mean, when you write them down and they come true and you go, “Oh my God! This even happened faster!” So, you know, be careful what you envision because it will… but you got to do the action steps to get there! A lot of times people write their goals down… read their affirmations and pray but, they don’t do the action steps to make it happen. That’s why I’m here this weekend. I’m on tour. I mean, I was in Philadelphia last weekend. Yeah, I’d rather stay at home and you know go surfing, but I can’t surf right now anyways. But, I mean, I’m going to be in Massachusetts. I’m going to be in Dallas. I’m going to be in British Columbia. I’m going to be in… I’m around the United States trying to build the Cal Jam and then next year we’re going to Europe. We’re going to Australia. I mean, I’m going to make this a global, international phenomena where we get the message to the people. So, yeah there is this side people think that, you know, I’m 8 ball whacked out, crazy guy but there is also a side of me that is very damn serious about getting some stuff done in chiropractic.

Dr. L: I mentioned to you before we went on the air that I too am from Newport Beach. I grew up in Newport. I wasn’t a surfer. I would, you know, boogie board and I was more of a sailor. But, I do know enough about surfing and being out in the water that you always need to keep your eye out for that big set of waves that could be on the horizon.

Dr. D: Oh yeah!

Dr. L: Because if you don’t, not only can you put yourself in danger, but you can miss an incredible opportunity for the ride of your life.

Dr. D: Or you can die.

Dr. L: Or you could die.

Dr. D: Right.

Dr. L: So, as you sit on the chiropractic surfboard watching the surf develop out on the horizon… what do you see and what do we need to do about it?

Dr. D: My biggest is apathy… apathy in our profession, you know? We have a lot of guys that just want to sit on their island and take care of their practice and I think that’s great. But I think we need to unify as a profession and leave those behind that want to bring us, you know… have us be chiropractors of chiropractic medicine, or whatever the term is. I mean, to me that like is like an oxymoron. It almost makes me sick to even say that and I will stand on my grave to the last minuet… There is no way I’m going to be a chiropractic medicine practitioner. I will never ever prescribe drugs. I’ve never taken any prescription drugs in my life. I grew up in the 70s so I’m not perfect. I’m never going to give up the term subluxation because that’s vernacular. It’s unique to our profession. We need to cherish that. So, I mean, I’m going to stand up for what all those guys went to jail for. I’m not going to, you know… Because the thing is I know I’m more passionate. Most subluxation based chiropractors are more passionate about what we do than the dudes that are trying to bring us more towards, you know, what the osteopathic profession did which was selling out to be accepted. I don’t care if I’m accepted and I just want to make sure… If your patients can relate with you, and which they do in my office, then you’re going to you know change their lives and they are going to bring more people and you are going to change those people’s lives and we can get this going on across the board. That’s the true vision of what chiropractors should be looking for.

Dr. L: I want to ask you a question and the question… You’ve pretty much already answered it, but I’m doing this for a good friend, Jim Dubel. Ok? Ok, so you founded Cal Jam…

Dr. D: Correct.

Dr. L: … an adrenaline pumping Woodstock of Chiropractic that attracts some of the world’s greatest chiropractors… And so, my question is if you are part of THAT why fly across the country to come to THIS, New Beginnings?

Dr. D: Because there is like this East Coast/West Coast thing that I didn’t really have figured out why… you know, it’s like I was in Philadelphia last weekend and there was hardly anybody there that knew who I was or what is going on in California. Yeah, I want this to be global so I’m on tour and visiting all the biggest philosophy groups. This is an amazing, amazing, amazing event. You’ve got phenomenal speakers. You’ve got 500 people which we could probably never do in California other than what is going on with Cal Jam. It’s because, you know, we’ve got to all support each other in this vision, you know? I was honored to be asked to be here. I was just like, you know… To be asked to speak at an event like this was… it was a monumental honor for me to be here. Yeah, I’ll pick up in a heartbeat to get out and turn more people’s… turn the worm as B.J. said. Get people fired up. Get them motivated to go out and save the world. There are so many chiropractors right now struggling. Anything that I can do to help the profession move in the direction that I think it needs to go and we think it needs to go. I mean, Jim’s got the same vision I do. It’s just putting the fire back in people and give them some hope, especially the students. The students need it the most because they are at chiropractic schools that are more like allopathic or allopathetic chiropractic schools. It scares me because the vision of some students… they just don’t get the big idea but that’s the…. because of, you know, all the people just want to be accepted in society and sometimes we, as chiropractors, have to go against the grain if we are going to accomplish our mission trying to get this planet healthy by getting people off drugs and out of the allopathic model.

Dr. L: Perhaps a bad segueway but… why do you sometimes spell chiropractic with a “K”?

Dr. D: Because I have this chart in my office. It’s actually an old newspaper clipping from, probably, 1905. It was written by D.D. and it’s spelled with a “K” on that chart. Plus I also got a license plate on my car that says Dead Kiro…

Dr. L: With a “K”.

Dr. D: With a “K” because I couldn’t fit “CH” on there.

Dr. L: How interesting.

Dr. D: Yes, but that’s the way they originally spelled it and sometimes people go, “Shouldn’t it be Dead ChiropracTOR Society?” And again, they were called chiropracTICs originally and then the chiropracTOR thing was…

Dr. L: Isn’t the Greek… isn’t there, I don’t know but isn’t it spelled with a “K”?

Dr. D: I don’t know.

Dr. L: It might be. Ok. I have to look that one up….. 1979.

Dr. D: 1979 was a big year in Rock -N- Roll. My favorite musician… I even have his shirt on, Tom Petty. That was his big album. Actually, this is the album cover from 1979. “Highway To Hell”, which came out by AC/DC is one of my favorite albums. It came out in 1979.

Dr. L: That’s B.J. Palmer.

Dr. D: And that’s another one of my shirts so it is kind of weird that that year was a big year in Rock -N- Roll. That’s when we went into the 80s and I think music kind of lost that 70s kind of flare. I love the 70s. It was a great time. I love the time right now though, too. Live each day like it’s your last.

Dr. L: Billy D., why don’t you go a head and give out some more information on how people can find out about you?

Dr. D: You can go to DeadChiropracticSociety.com. You can check out my website. It has all our Weekly Buzzes on there. You can watch different Buzzes if you need some motivation…

Dr. L: You’ve got to watch the Weekly Buzz. He is just… there is so much energy in each one. They are kind of addicting to watch too.

Dr. D: Some of them don’t have a lot of energy. Some of them are… because there was sometimes where I was getting beat up. I mean and there was…

Dr. L: That’s true. You… sometimes you…

Dr. D: I was getting really, really beat up. I had a certain instance where they wanted me to pull all of my websites down, even my DeMoss Chiropractic site. They wanted me to pull the Cal Jam website down. And you know, I’ve got… I had $200,000 invested into Cal Jam and they were telling me to pull my website. That’s just like… that’s what drives people to the event… I’ve just learned that the internet is like…

Dr. L: Who? Who wants you to pull it down?

Dr. D: It was my malpractice carrier that thought I had major exposure. They thought I was looking unprofessional and this is not about… I mean, I’m professional when I need to be professional. This is supposed to be entertainment and motivation for chiropractors and a way for me to verbalize what is going on in my mind and politically in chiropractic in a way for people to get just raw and to also be dipped in the philosophy and the history. I try to hit all that stuff on the Buzz. You can also go to CalJam.org and look at our speakers. It’s a party where we are going to celebrate the coolest profession on the planet and that is spelled with a “K” as well, which is chiropractic. $297 to come to hear the best speakers in the world or have 20 hours of CE accreditation. We have, for most states, almost all states I think we’ve applied to all the states. And then we bring Rock -N- Roll. We have two live bands. One with my brother and I’m in another band right now. And then at the end we are going to have a major Rock -N- Roll band depending on finances where we celebrate with not only having great speakers, but we have very… it’s in a performing arts center so I’d be foolish not to utilize that space to 100% of its capacity. And I love music because I think music is another thing that drives me and keeps me up but also music is one of those things that’s again a universal language. You can see these people that go to concerts in Japan. They don’t even speak English and they listen to American Rock -N- Roll bands and they don’t even understand a word they are saying so…

Dr. L: Hey Billy, do The Adjusters still play together?

Dr. D: Yes! We still play together. We had a little… we lost a couple drum sets. We had somebody break into our storage and steal some stuff out so we’ll be back Wednesday practicing again.

Dr. L: All right! Get the band back together.

Dr. D: I’m with a new band called DCSB, the Dead Chiropractic Society Band. Which, I’m working with some guys that are all studio quality musicians and they are bringing me up to a higher level musicianship, which is going to be a task. I’m dedicated man! [music starts] Yes baby! Smoke on The Water!

Dr. L: Well, I am almost afraid to say this but I am going to give you the final word here with some background music, because I think you will operate better. So… 30 seconds. Go for it man!

Dr. D: The way I always close my Buzz is that I want everyone to know that I love them. God loves you. Carpe diem. Seize the day, baby! And keep the faith, man. And most of all… Rock -N- Roll!

Dr. L: Billy D., what an experience this has been. Thank you so much.

Dr. D: Thank you brother. Rock -N- Roll!

Dr. L: Crank it up buddy!



The Passion and Purpose of Dr. Billy DeMoss.  Be sure to check out our show notes for this episode to learn more about Dr. DeMoss, his Dead Chiropractic Society, Cal Jam, and, of course, his Weekly Buzz.

Spinal Column Radio would like to remind you that true health comes from the inside out — not outside in.  As such, the content of this podcast, along with the show notes and related links, is not intended to cure, diagnose, treat, or prevent any disease.  But, instead, is meant to inform and inspire you in asking better questions regarding your health.  Since the circumstances surrounding your particular situation are unique, you are encouraged to consult with a Doctor of Chiropractic — or other health care practitioner of your choosing.

Ah… Next time… Yeah, Logan let’s go ahead and change the music up could we? Something a little bit more appropriate.

Logan: Ok, hang on.

Dr. Lamar: Much better! Well, Logan. It has been quite a ride. You know, here we are at the end of 2010 and we have produced 37 Spinal Column Radio episodes.

Logan: Wait. Isn’t it 38?

Dr. Lamar: 38?

Logan: You forgot 000.

Dr. Lamar: Oh! The old episode 000. But, you’re right! 38 episodes and we have interviewed 30 people  Many of which are still waiting to be released over the first part of 2011. You know, when we look back at the year… and it’s been phenomenal! What is it that you remember the most Logan?

Logan: The live shows. I loved doing those. It’s where you actually use the mixer board a lot.

Dr. Lamar: There is something about a live show.

Logan: Yeah!

Dr. Lamar: I agree. You know, but when I think of this year and to look back… I think about relationships. We have built so  many relationships, not only in our town of Kingston but beyond. We are talking about all across the United States and the world and these are relationships that never would have come about had the podcast not been in place and so that just gives me chills to think about that. And I think about the opportunities that have come up because of this podcast. We are doing things that we never would have done had this podcast not been in place.

Logan: Yeah.

Dr. Lamar: And then lastly the global impact that we are having and the ability to take this chiropractic message, this new paradigm of health, to the far corners of the earth. And we want to thank you for helping us do that and continuing to help us do that. Thank you for your feedback. Thank you for your listenership. God bless you and we have got to sign off here because the music is almost over., but we want to thank you so much for everything. This is Dr. Thomas Lamar, from Kingston, Washington…

Logan: And this is Logan Lamar, your audio engineer…

Both: Wishing you a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!!


Spinal Column Radio is a production of Spinal Column Communications in conjunction with AnchorChiropractic.net. Copyright 2010.


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