Roberto Chalukian Radio Interview

Roberto Chalukian DC

Radio 890 Am logo

We wanted to showcase and congratulate our South American Spinal Column Radio Global Correspondent, Dr. Roberto Chalukian, for his recent radio interview.  Roberto was interviewed on a popular health radio program (and has actually become a recurrent guest) in Buenos Aires, Argentina to talk about chiropracTIC.

In Spinal Column Radio episode 155, we talked about the importance of branding yourself — branding yourself as a chiropracTOR, so you can deliver the message of chiropracTIC to your community and the world.  Nowadays with the Internet’s powerful social media, blogs, videos, and audio podcasting vehicles, our ability to accomplish this is not only doable, but can be mind-blowingly more effective. BUT this does not mean that SCR Global Correspondentswe should completely turn our backs on the traditional means of message dissemination through newspaper, radio, and television.  No rather, when these opportunities present themselves, we need to seize them and then leverage them through the power and time-shifted capability of the Internet.  Much the way we are doing here with Roberto’s AM 890 Radio interview.  And while the interview is completely in Spanish, it is my hope that our Spanish speaking listeners will enjoy what Dr. Chalukian has accomplished.  And even if you do not speak one word of his language, I want to encourage you to listen to at least a small portion… because it’s inspiring.  And it’s something that YOU, like Roberto, are capable of.


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