Episode 111 — Hard CORE with Dr. Matt Hubbard


Title: Hard CORE with Dr. Matt Hubbard

Episode Number: 111

Host: Dr. Thomas Lamar

Show Date: 02/03/12

Run Time: 37:26

Description:  Today on Spinal Column Radio Dr. Thomas Lamar shifts into Cal Jam mode, as he readies for the upcoming 2012 Dead Chiropractic Society’s California Jam.  On today’s episode he dips into the SCR Interview Vault and pulls an interview from the 2011 Big Top Legacy Gathering with an incredible chiropracTOR that will be on stage killing it at this year’s Jam:  Dr. Matt Hubbard.  Tune in and you will quickly find out why he’s the cofounder of CORE (Chiropractors On the Road to Excellence).  Also on the program, we connect via Skype with the Developer of Chiropractic, Dr. BJ Palmer, to find out about his recent visit to New Renaissance in Detroit with Drs. Pallis and Plentz. Featured at this year’s event was none other than the wild man of chiropractic himself, California Jam founder, Dr. Billy DeMoss.  As such, we get Palmer’s no holds barred opinion.   (Interview with Dr. Hubbard Recorded at the 2011 Big Top Legacy Gathering in Vancouver, WA).

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at EPOC Portland’s

An Interview with

CORE San Diego’s

Matt Hubbard, DC

Big Top Legacy Gathering


Dr. Thomas Lamar interviews Dr. Matt Hubbard at the 2011 Big Top Legacy Gathering.

• Learn more about Matt Hubbard, DC and CORE


Matt’s Facebook Page

– Dr. Hubbard’s Practice Website

– Practice Facebook Page


• Get on the Cal Jam Train!

– Register for Cal Jam 2012!


• Learn more about New Renaissance

• Learn more about the Big Top Legacy Gathering

– Website: BigTopLegacyGathering.com

Check out the Big Top Legacy Gathering Archives! (plus see who’s still the cue for release)

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From Patrick Dunphy on Facebook:

This guy, Dr. Matt Hubbard, is real! When I decided 2 years ago that I needed to be a chiropractor I also decided that I would spend the journey improving myself as much as possible so that I can give my best to my patients. His words in this interview just helped me to renew those long term goals and determinations that really needed boosting! Wow……I’m ready! “You never know how far reaching…….”

Comment by drlamar

From Lindsay Browning on Facebook:

Loved this interview! I am a student and really appreciate the messages you send to us! Keeping the TIC alive here in Dallas!

Comment by drlamar

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