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Having conducted 30 interviews in the first 9 months of our SpinalColumnRadio podcast, you can understand when I say that it was an interesting twist (not to mention an honor) to be the one being interviewed when professional podcaster Cliff Ravenscraft invited me on his popular Podcast Answerman show. Cliff is a professional podcaster who (at the time of my writing this entry — 11/24/10) has produced nearly 2400 episodes of podcast content spread over 20 different shows through his GSPN.tv podcast network. He was instrumental is helping us with equipment and the technical aspects of podcasting as we scrurried to get our show launched on New Year’s Day of this year (2010). While this interview has very little to do with chiropractic, it does give you some good inside information on our podcast and how it is impacting our business.

From his Podcast Answerman episode 186 show notes:

Dr. Thomas Lamar is a perfect example of someone who had a passion and a desrie for a niche topic. While he did not set out to ultimately build a tribe where he would be looked up to as a leader, that is exactly what has happened. I hope that you enjoy this inspirational story that is just another example of what is possible when you are willing to stand up and be a leader in a particular field.

Use the player below to listen our interview on Podcast Answerman Episode 186: “Are You Willing to Step Up and be a Leader?”

… or to gain the full context, listen to the entire episode at PodcastAnswerman.com.

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Thank you to those in Cliff’s audience for the kind words of encouragement. Here a few excerpts:

Cliff, this is a great episode! I’m very inspired to get going on my own podcast and start building my own tribe. The interview with Dr. Lamar is great. It’s great to hear about his success and personal experience. I love that his son is so involved with his podcast. Thanks for producing such awesome shows Cliff! — Spencer

Dr. Lamar, I heard about you on the PodcastAnswerMan podcast, and I think your work is amazing. I was so excited to hear about how your son has taken an interest in your work, and is a partner on your show. It’s my dream that all kids will get the chance to experience how much their contributions are valued as they’re discovering who they are! — Melissa http://tandemteaching.com

Dr. Lamar, I am a fellow podcaster from Phoenix, Arizona and I was introduced to your podcast by your interview with Cliff on The Podcast Answer Man podcast. I have really been enjoying your show and have subscribed to your feed. I wanted to tell you to keep up the good work; you’re producing a very high quality program. — JD Sutter http://www.radiocss.com

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