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In Brief:  Washington State Chiropractor takes to the “podcasting waves,” sharing his chiropractic message.

KINGSTON, WA, USA — Since 1997 Dr. Thomas Lamar’s “Spinal Column” has been a mainstay of his town’s local newspaper, the Kingston Community News. Now, in 2010, the ambitious chiropractor has taken to the “Internet Air” to talk about what he writes about in his new podcast, “SpinalColumnRadio.com.

Looked at by many as a cross between blogging and talk radio but with the convenience of TiVO, the emerging new medium of podcasting is beginning to make its presence known — allowing people to listen (or in some cases watch) what they want, when they want, and how they want.

With nearly 100 articles credited to his name, Lamar’s popular newspaper column is known for its insightful — and sometimes controversial — chiropractic angle on various health topics.

“Originally, I started writing these articles as a means of sharing information with my patients.  I’d find myself saying certain things over and over again — so the idea of writing the information down to be given to patients to take home and share with others started making sense,”  Lamar explained.

Soon afterwards, the idea of sharing the same information with his community in the local newspaper caught his attention.

“I look at the Spinal Column as sort of a ‘Health Care Minority Report,”  stated Lamar.

But why stop with the limited distribution of his local paper?  Harnessing the power of the Internet, Lamar launched SpinalColumnBlog.com in 2008 as an adjunct to his practice’s website (AnchorChiropractic.net).

“Now we are serving the Globe, “ Lamar remarked.  “It’s pretty awesome.”

Content is uploaded weekly — whether it’s one from the archives, or the month’s latest edition.

“As we close in on our 100th article, I wanted to do something different,” Lamar shared.  “I began brainstorming how I could ‘repackage’ the articles that I’d written.  That’s how the idea of an audio podcast came about.”

Inspired by the articles, SpinalColumnRadio.com “aired” its inaugural episode in January 2010.

Though you wouldn’t know it at first, Lamar’s eldest son helps him produce and promote the podcast.

“I guess that’s the ‘hidden agenda’ of the show,” Lamar smirked.  “As a homeshcooling dad of six, I’ve been looking for creative ways to have my children come alongside me in the business world.  Standing by my side as I adjust patients just isn’t very practical.”

“My goal is to center a podcast around each article that I’ve written.  It will give me a chance to share some of the ‘story behind the story’ and  add additional insight on the subject matter at hand — perhaps some information that I simply had to leave out due to editorial space constraints.”

Podcasting is a great outlet that has given over 100,000 podcasters a creative outlet to share and disseminate information without having to be “discovered” or get a “lucky break” into show biz.  It’s a welcome alternative to mainstream media.  Research estimates that in 2010, 47 million people will have listened to at least one podcast, with 17.5 million of those downloading one or more podcasts, on average, per week.  Future trend models have these numbers increasing substantially in the coming years.

“And people love it!” Lamar added.  “The irony is, whether I knew it or not, I was ‘podcasting’ before there was a name for it  — before the Internet was even a ‘blip’ on the public radar.  I remember as a kid back in the mid 80’s hooking up my own pirate radio station — ‘KTOM’ — in the attic of my home in Southern California.  So what if my signal only went as far as our front driveway.  It was a rush!  And still is.”


Thomas Lamar is a chiropractor, family man, and, now, podcaster in the beautiful Northwest.  Situated on the Kitsap Peninsula in Washington State’s Puget Sound, Dr. Lamar owns and operates Anchor Chiropractic in Kingston.  Episodes of SpinalColumnRadio can be subscribed to for free on iTunes and RSS feed.  They are also available at SpinalColumnRadio.com for download or immediate listening.

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