Episode 031 — Chiropractic Legend, Dr. Reggie Gold (part 2)


Title: Chiropractic Legend, Dr. Reggie Gold (part 2)

Episode Number: 031

Host: Dr. Thomas Lamar

Show Date: 11/19/2010

Run Time: 25:36

Description: Over the past 115 years, the profession of chiropractic has produced many leaders, but perhaps none as influential as Dr. Reggie Gold. Join Dr. Lamar as he sits down with this renowned chiropractor for conversation, insight, and wisdom. Recorded On Location at New Beginnings Chiropractic Weekend, Long Branch, New Jersey, Fall 2010. (part 2 of 2)

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ON LOCATION in New Jersey

-20th Anniversary-

An Interview with Chiropractic Legend, Reggie Gold, DC

New Beginnings Chiropractic Weekends

Fall 2010

Dr. Thomas Lamar, together with son and audio engineer Logan, interviews legendary chiropractor Dr. Reggie Gold

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[Dr. Ernie Landi:  Hello, This is Dr. Bob Tarentino of Chiropractic Weekends at New Beginnings and we’re listening to SpinalColumnRadio.com.]

Spinal Column Radio, episode number thirty-one.

Coming up next on Spinal Column Radio — An interview with chiropractic legend, Dr.Reggie Gold — part 2.

[Dr. Reggie Gold: She is teaching medicine and she knows she is teaching medicine to chiropractic students for their benefit and she will give them the same message that I would. Learn this stuff because if you don’t learn it you won’t get licensed to practice. Learn it, get your license, and then forget it for the rest of your life.]


[intro theme music]

And welcome back to another exciting and information packed episode of Spinal Column Radio. My name is Dr. Thomas Lamar, chiropractor and Dad of 6. And this is the podcast that gets you to think. To think about your health in a whole new way. We’re the podcast for your backbone… the podcast with backbone. Who knew that spinal education could be this much fun?

We’d like to invite you to visit our podcast website at SpinalColumnRadio.com where you can learn more about us, check out our world-renowned “What’s a Podcast?” page, and can access the show notes for this episode. Also, we encourage you to leave comments and ask questions through our website, or, if you prefer, you can email me using DrLamar AT SpinalColumnRadio DOT com.


[transitional sound effect]

Well, welcome back once again to SpinalColumnRadio… this is Part Two of our conversation with the legendary chiropractor philosopher, Dr. Reggie Gold as recorded in our On Location Studio in Long Branch, New Jersey at the Fall 2010 New Beginnings Chiropractic Weekend.  What an honor and an amazing opportunity… and it is such a privilege to be able to capture the chiropractic wisdom that Reggie has to share and then podcast it to the profession and to the world.

Dr. Reggie Gold a chiropractic master and mentor to many.  Let’s go ahead now and resume the rest of our conversation with this noted chiropractor and then afterwards, I’ll share with you a back story behind my Reggie interview that will amaze you.


[transitional sound effect]

Dr. Lamar: Tell us a little bit about about Spinology.

Dr. Gold: I felt, at one time, that the last remaining straight college of chiropractic was dying. I was on the faculty. And it seemed that the rest of the faculty had not been paid for a couple of months. There was no money coming in. And it meant to me that straight chiropractic was in its dying years. And I started Spinology as a method of saving B.J. Palmer’s principle. For Spinology… first of all, a Spinologist is not allowed to practice medicine. He is not allowed by law to use x-ray, use injections, use all the other things that chiropractors are mixing in with. And I wanted to practice pure chiropractic. For that I didn’t need a medical education. So, now I was already in practice by this time but I literally turned in my chiropractic license and I trained other people to practice Spinology. They had no medical training whatsoever. They couldn’t pass the chiropractic board, which was mainly medical. So, the spinologists were allowed to locate, identify, and adjust vertebral subluxations. They were not restricted by law as long as they didn’t cross over into the field of medicine. Spinologists are still practicing today. There are three schools currently working, one in Australia, one in Spain, and one in Ireland. They’re training Spinologists who are in fact the best chiropractors.

Dr. L: How does somebody address a Spinologist? They aren’t like Doctor Something.

Dr. G: No, they are not doctors…

Dr. L: So, are they just… ?

Dr. G: How do they address me?

Dr. L: Reggie.

Dr. G: Reggie.

Dr. L: Reggie. There you go. Are there letters that go after the name or anything like that?

Dr. G: No. Nothing like that.

Dr. L: Interesting. Ok.

Dr. G: The only thing they would write is “Charlie Jones, Certified Spinologist.” They have to be certified by the World Council of Spinologists. Meaning they have to pass a Spinology Exam. They must prove that they know how to locate subluxation and how to talk about it without encroaching upon the field of medicine. They never say “we can treat this or cure that.”

Dr. L: You mentioned Spinology in three different foreign countries. What would it take for it to fly in the United States?

Dr. G: Somebody that has the energy to start a school here. That’s it.

Dr. L: Really?

Dr. G: Yes, it’s…

Dr. L: I mean, did you try? I would assume…

Dr. G: Yes, we’ve had schools here in the United States.

Dr. L: Oh you have? Ok

Dr. G: When I got too old to teach I quit doing it and somebody else, who was also a chiropractor, kept it up for a while and then lost the enthusiasm to teach others.

Dr. L: Are there Spinologists practicing in the United States right now?

Dr. G: Oh yes!

Dr. L: Oh! I had no idea. I’m learning something. This is good. I want to read a few Reggie quotes and then have you expand on them if you like. We don’t have to spend a whole lot of time on this but you’ve said some things that I think are kind of fun. This one you don’t have to comment on but I want to read it anyway. You said, “Chiropractic is like sex. When it’s good, it’s wonderful. When it’s bad, it’s still pretty good.”

Dr. G: Yes!

Dr. L: Now, I want to know, was that on the men’s room at Palmer’s School of Chiropractic?

Dr. G: No, that wasn’t. No.

Dr. L: Oh, here is another Reggie quote: “Insurance companies will not pay for chiropractic. They never have and they never will. They will pay you instead to give up chiropractic and prostitute yourself by practicing manipulative medicine.”

Dr. G: True.

Dr. L: Wow! That’s quite a statement but, there’s truth in it.

Dr. G: Yes. They don’t pay chiropractors for chiropractic. They pay chiropractors who give medical manipulation.

Dr. L: Again, going back to that fee system thing. We’re using a medical fee system. But you’re right. This “that prostituting yourself” that was huge for me when I read that. It’s like you know… It causes you to just pause and go “Wow!” And I hope that some of the chiropractors listening right now with think the same thing. If… here’s another thing that you said: “If you were the only Chiropractor left, would Chiropractic survive?” What do you mean by that?

Dr. G: I mean just that. Do you have the energy, the spizzerinctum, to put everything else aside and focus on building your profession? Or, are you just content to rake in the money and leave it to die on the vine?

Dr. L: Can we talk about Irene for just a moment?

Dr. G: We can even talk with Irene.

Dr. L: She’s actually sitting right over there. Nice to see you Irene. She’s nodding right now. So, Irene is your wife and she too is a chiropractor. And she, like yourself, has developed quite a following. But for a completely different reason. What is it that Irene does for those who don’t know?

Dr. G: She helps chiropractors to study for their state and national boards for licensure. It’s unfortunate that a chiropractic education now is at least as complex as a medical education. And they’re taught these subjects out of context without ever seeing the patients. They’re taught them out of textbooks. And Irene has the facility and the knack for putting all these courses together so they make sense.

Dr. L: You’ve said… or at least you said at the last presentation in Seattle, you said a lot of chiropractors here have her to thank for their licenses.

Dr. G: And that’s true.

Dr. L: I think it’s a very true statement. Now help me with this. And I’m really just joking here, but we’ve all heard the opposites attract. And I’m trying to wrap my head around this one, but how can a chiropractor that has simplified his approach to the essence of what chiropractic is, removing subluxation, to the point where diagnosis and case histories are not something that you do now, be married to a woman who makes her living teaching chiropractors how to remember medical minutia like the seven layers of the scrotum and the signs and symptoms of Yellow Fever? How do you guys get along?

Dr. G: We get along beautifully! We never argue about the principle of chiropractic. She is teaching medicine and she knows she is teaching medicine to chiropractic students for their benefit, and she will give them the same message that I would. Learn this stuff because if you don’t learn it you don’t get licensed to practice. Learn it, get your license, and then forget it for the rest of your life.

Dr. L: I understand that you suffered a stroke in the year 2000.

Dr. G: True.

Dr. L: How has that impacted your life?

Dr. G: Really not much at all. The stroke left far less damage than recent incidents with deep vein thrombosis developed on the airlines.

Dr. L: You were telling me about…

Dr. G: Yeah

Dr. L: … telling us about today and it was quite moving.

Dr. G: Well that has restricted my actions far more than the stroke did, although at the time of the stroke Irene was told not to expect me home from the hospital. They thought it was the end. And I would say within two weeks I was running around again lecturing on chiropractic. When they sent me home from the hospital, they sent a physical therapist to teach me how to handle a knife and fork and an occupational therapist… and they had some other thing they were going to teach me and these therapists came and looked and talked and they got up and left and never came back.

Dr. L: I want to do something that is not even on my screen here. My son Logan sits off to your left. I don’t know if he is on camera. But, Logan is my audio engineer and he and I have kind of a father/son team and this is something that we do. He wants to be a chiropractor. And I have to tell you, we just saw you do a full hour here at New Beginnings and I was very emotional. But, for maybe a different reason than most chiropractors. I was emotional because my son is sitting right beside me, and he was taking notes from a chiropractic icon, in my opinion a chiropractic pillar. And I’m thinking here’s a boy who wants to grow up and be a chiropractor and he’s going to remember this time that he had a chance to see Reggie Gold in person, to get his picture taken next to him, and to run the audio for the interview on Spinal Column Radio. And I just want to share with you, because I think this is phenomenal. He took notes. And I didn’t tell him to take notes. But he just kind of did it like in a, you know… 1 through 17 points or so. And listen to what a 10 year-old boy wrote down. He wrote down: bring your kids in, chiropractic doesn’t cure all diseases, a subluxation effects everybody around you, you can’t do anything if you’re subluxated….

Dr. G: You can’t do anything at your best…

Dr. L: Yes.

Dr. G: … if you’re subluxated.

Dr. L: But I just think this… I mean he’s… This is just phenomenal! Last one here: explain it until they get it.

Dr. G: That’s right.

Dr. L: I love it Logan. I’m going to save that. Maybe we’ll scan it in. Ok! Let’s get back to the roadmap here. You have said in the past that the chiropractic profession will eventually split. Is this something that we should be looking forward to?

Dr. G: Well I look forward to it. When it splits all those who are now practicing medicine and calling it chiropractic will then be legitimate medical doctors. And they will be the worst enemies that chiropractic ever had. They will buy their acceptance at the price of their sell out of their principles.

Dr. L: Are we getting closer to that time?

Dr. G: Absolutely.

Dr. L: It seems like the ground is trembling. Even…

Dr. G: Yes.

Dr. L: The past six months there is so many things that have happened.

Dr. G: And the last six weeks things have happened.

Dr. L: Things are happening right now.

Dr. G: Yes.

Dr. L: Right now. October 1, 2010.

Dr. G: Yes.

Dr. L: We’ve got the CCE doing their little stint.

Dr. G: Yes.

Dr. L: What? New Mexico is now a… they’ve tiered the profession. A lot of things are happening.

Dr. G: Yes.

Dr. L: So, a split is likely and you’ve always really, kind of been prophesizing that.

Dr. G: Yes.

Dr. L: How do we get the TIC back in chiropractic?

Dr. G: Maybe by getting rid of the anti-TIC.

Dr. L: The anti-TIC…

Dr. G: In other words encouraging the split.

Dr. L: Encouraging it?

Dr. G: Yes.

Dr. L: Now that would be…

Dr. G: The faster they split away from us the stronger we will get. Instead of 15% of chiropractors being straight we will have 95% of chiropractors being straight …because all those who are not will switch over to become medipractors officially.

Dr. L: Reggie, have the chiropractic schools of today failed us?

Dr. G: Yes.

Dr. L: What do we do about that?

Dr. G: I really don’t know. Well one thing we can do, of course, is switch our allegiance to Spinology. Spinology for me was always a backstop. If the mixers destroy chiropractic entirely, we’ll still have the Spinologists to pick up the principle and run with it. B.J. Palmer himself said “Chiropractic may disappear and then reappear many years later under another name.”

Dr. L: He did say that.

Dr. G: Yes.

Dr. L: Let’s talk about New Beginnings Chiropractic Weekends. What role do you see… in this gathering that we are here at right now… What role does this have in maintaining the integrity of ChiropracTIC?

Dr. G: I think it has a major role because of the determination of Jim.  Jim Dubel.

Dr. L: Jim Dubel.

Dr. G: He dreamed of this idea. He started it and it’s picking up momentum. More and more chiropractors are coming to New Beginnings. He is fulfilling the role that D.E. tried to fulfill years ago. And then D.E. kind of sold out a little bit.

Dr. L: Can we just stop? What is “D.E”. for those listening that don’t know?

Dr. G: Dynamic Essential.

Dr. L: And who was it that was…

Dr. G: Well, Sid Williams.

Dr. L: Ok.

Dr. G: Yes. Sid Williams had the same idea as Jim Dubel. And he worked very hard to build an organization dedicated to the conservation and growth of straight chiropractic. But gradually the enemy wore him down. And the CCE and their cohorts put him out of business. He lost his college which was the stronghold of his principle and he kind of backed into obscurity. I should point out that Sid Williams today is suffering from old age and maybe a few other little problems. He doesn’t have the energy left to restart that. And Jim Dubel was a graduate of Life College, Sid’s college.

Dr. L: Correct.

Dr. G: And he learned from Sid and even today he manifests a lot of the same ideas, and he’s a much younger man and under his guidance New Beginnings is continuing to progress and grow …and when Jim Dubel finally throws in the towel and sits back and watches, there will be somebody else ground out from the same principle, or the same set of principles … will take over the movement.

Dr. L: I’m sure he’s grooming several right now.

Dr. G: Yeah, of course! Intentionally and unintentionally.

Dr. L: Yes. Can you tell our listeners about your website and some of the products that you have for sale on that website?

Dr. G: Oh! The products are DVD’s and CD’s mainly culled from my earlier tapes of earlier speeches on chiropractic. I have about 14 or 15 products for sale price ranged between $20, or 3 for 50… up to $195 each. And each one has a specific purpose on getting chiropractors back on course and finding chiropractic again.

Dr. L: Ok! I want to give you… I’ll give you as long as you want… but 30 – 60 seconds, maybe 2 minutes. Do you have… For a final word do you have something that’s on your heart that you want to share with our listeners?

Dr. G: Not really. I just like the way chiropractic is going. I don’t like the way the non-chiropractic is going… I think about it. The first that it becomes true non-chiropractic the better off we’ll be. When all the medipractors become medical-practors, and all the true chiropractors dedicate their life not to fighting the CCE and its cohorts but to being themselves and educating the public. The real enemy of chiropractic is lack of education. As soon as the public finds out what chiropractic is, what it can do or cannot do, what it should be used for… the better off we’ll all be.

Dr. L: Well Reggie, what a treat and an honor it has been to take this time with you. Thank you so much for sharing here on Spinal Column Radio.

Dr. G: Thank you. I’ve enjoyed it.

Dr. L: It has been an honor, thank you.


[transitional sound effect]

Dr. Reggie Gold… what an incredible experience that was!  One that this chiropractor and his 10 year-old-audio-engineer-who-wants-to-be-a-chiropractor-one-day son, will never forget.  You know, Reggie was so cordial and his wife, Irene, who was sitting in studio with us the whole time, was an absolute dear.  We certainly enjoyed our time together.

By the way… for those of you who did not physically receive the limited edition New Beginnings – SpinalColumnRadio Reggie Gold CD (or even if you did receive one), I want to let you know that that CD, which contains clips from our Reggie interview, as well as a bunch of other great stuff from New Beginnings and Spinal Column Radio, is available for download at SpinalColumnRadio.com.  Look for the green CD in the left hand column of the website.


[transitional sound effect]

Okay, at the top of the show, I teased you with the Reggie Gold Interview Back Story.  Now, I’m not going to get into all the detail of how Dr. Dubel of New Beginnings and I hooked up, but just know that my B.J. Palmer on the Radio episodes (episodes 17 through 21) caught his attention on Facebook, and before I knew it we were talking on the phone about my taking my podcast production on the road to his mega chiropractic philosophy gathering on the east coast to interview his great line up of speakers and his board of directors.

Okay… now let’s go back about ten days prior to my phone conversation with Dr. Dubel. And this is before my B.J . Palmer Radio recordings were on the profession’s radar. Well, I got an email from our local chiropractic philosophy forum here in Washington State alerting us that Dr. Reggie Gold was going to be speaking, and that they had just learned that this was his “Final Appearance.” Well, I remember hearing Reggie speak when I was in chiropractic college and… Aw man! This probably would have been 1993, I’m thinking, and I remember his message being very clear and very powerful.  I also saw Reggie as being one of those pillars of our chiropractic profession.  So, when I heard that he was in my neck of the woods, and that this was going to be his last appearance… I knew I had to go to see him. I needed to make the time to see this chiropractic icon, perhaps for the last time.

And so I talked it over with my wife because you see, his appearance was on a Monday night over in Seattle and for me to drive to Seattle, well that’s a 90 minute drive each way. And when you factor in the drive time and the actual seminar of seeing him… Well, that puts me home well after midnight… and so needless to say, I was not going to be home to help my wife out with the six kiddos. I just needed to make sure she was on board and you know what? She totally was. She said, “Tom, you need to go see Reggie Gold.”  And so I was, “Absolutely! I’m on my way!” And so I decided that I was going to go. I was very excited about it. And I just remember… just before I left I stopped at the front desk of my office and I said good bye to my staff who was finishing up their day. And I told them where I was going to go.  I told them I was going to see Reggie Gold. And they said, “Well, that’s nice Dr. Lamar have a great time.”  And I said, “No. You guys don’t understand who this guy is. This guys is like… he’s a pillar in the chiropractic profession. He has rubbed elbows with B.J. Palmer. This guy is from the history books.” And so when I explained that, they got excited.

And then I said, you know in kind of a daydream statement I said, “Wouldn’t it be cool if I could interview Dr. Gold on SpinalColumnRadio?”  And then I quickly came back to Earth, and I said, “No, that would never happen. Because, you see, I’m the guy that interviews the chiropractor who adjusted a Grizzly Bear and a chiropractor who carved an enormous human spine out of the trunk of a tree.”  (And please understand me. I absolutely loved interviewing those guys and really enjoy seeking out everyday chiropractors that have done extraordinary things like that. And truth be told, I will continue to do those sorts of interviews, because I really do like them). But I said that because I just felt that Reggie Gold was so far out of my league… (that’s all).  So, interviewing him was really a pipe dream.

Well folks, let me tell you… one week from the day that I uttered those words… one week! I was on the phone with Dr. Jim Dubel of New Jersey, a chiropractor I did not even know. And he was inviting me out to interview some of the biggest names in chiropractic to help promote his event. And he said… he said, “Tom, I think the first guy I want you to interview is Dr. Reggie Gold!”  I just about fell out of my seat.


[outro theme music]

And I got right back up and said “Okay!”  Thanks so much to Dr. Jim Dubel for reaching out to this podcast chiropractor.  And thank you Dr. Gold for a memory that I will never forget.  For more information on Reggie Gold as well as New Beginnings, visit our show notes for this episode at SpinalColumnRadio.com

Spinal Column Radio would like to remind you that true health comes from the inside out — not outside in.  As such, the content of this podcast, along with the show notes and related links, is not intended to cure, diagnose, treat, or prevent any disease.  But, instead, is meant to inform and inspire you in asking better questions regarding your health.  Since the circumstances surrounding your particular situation are unique, you are encouraged to consult with a Doctor of Chiropractic — or other health care practitioner of your choosing.

Next time on Spinal Column Radio, we’ll talk with the chiropractor that ended purchasing Reggie Gold’s practice, New Beginnings Board Member, Dr. Ernie Landi. That’s next week. So, until then, for my son Logan, tweaking the knobs on the mixer board, this is Dr. Thomas Lamar, your podcast chiropractor.


Spinal Column Radio is a production of Spinal Column Communications in conjunction with AnchorChiropractic.net. Copyright 2010.


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I’m a chiropracTIC student from Sao Paulo, Brazil. This brings tears to my eyes! Amaaaazing stuff!

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