Episode 025 — Bill Henry Interview – LIVE ON STAGE

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Title: Bill Henry Interview — LIVE ON STAGE

Episode Number: 025

Host: Dr. Thomas Lamar

Show Date: 10/08/2010

Run Time: 11:46

Description: Join Dr. Thomas Lamar as he interviews New Beginnings Chiropractic Weekends’ Dr. Bill Henry LIVE ON STAGE in front of 500 chiropractors and ON LOCATION at the Ocean Place Resort and Spa in Long Branch, New Jersey.  Catch the energy and find out why chiropractic philosophy is such a big deal!

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-20th Anniversary-

An Interview with Board Member, Bill Henry, DC

New Beginnings Chiropractic Weekends

October 2, 2010

Long Branch, New Jersey

• Learn more about Bill Henry, D.C.

• Learn more about New Beginnings Chiropractic Weekends

– Website:  NewBeginningsChiro.com

– Face Book Chiropractic Philosophy Fan Page

-Face Book Chiropractic History Fan Page

In the Cue:

More “On Location” New Beginnings Chiropractic Weekends Interviews from some of our Profession’s Finest!

Get the inside scoop about why we were asked to pack our gear and fly across the nation to New Jersey in Episode 026

note:  names will link to interviews as they become available.

Arno Burnier, Jason Deitch, Billy DeMoss, Kevin Donka, James Dubel, Gary Deutchman, Skip George, Reggie Gold, Jay Handt, Bill Henry, Ernie Landi, Tony DeMarco, Peter Morgan, Jeanne Ohm, Barbara Sanoudis, Jon Schwartzbauer, Fred Schofield, Liam Schubel, Sam Selimo, Gary Street, Chuck Ribley, Armand Rossi, and Robert Tarantino.

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Spinal Column Radio, episode number 025

On Stage 2 at New Beginnings Chiropractic Weekends - SpinalColumnRadio, Dr. Thomas Lamar

Thumbs Up! Ready to Roll.

[cue radio stager]

Coming up Next on Spinal Column Radio… An interview with New Beginning’s chiropractor, Dr. Bill Henry… LIVE ON STAGE and ON LOCATION in New Jersey!

[cue Intro]

And Welcome!! to another exciting and information packed episode of Spinal Column Radio.  My name is Dr. Thomas Lamar, chiropractor and Dad of 6.   And this is the podcast that gets you to think.  To think about your health in a whole new way.  We’re the podcast for your backbone… the podcast with backbone.  Who knew that spinal education could be this much fun?

"We're the podcast for your backbone... the podcast WITH backbone!"

We’d like to invite you to visit our podcast website at spinalcolumnradio.com where you can learn more about us, check out our world-renowned “What’s a Podcast?” page, and can access the show notes for this episode.  Also, we encourage you to leave comments and ask questions through our website, or, if you prefer, you can email me using DrLamar AT spinalcolumnradio DOT com.

[cue rock bump]


Well Hello NEW BEGINNINGS!!!!!!

We are live on stage at the 20th Anniversary of the New Beginnings Chiropractic Weekends at the Ocean Place Resort and Spa right here on the coastline of our Nation’s Garden State.

"I want to thank Dr. Jim Dubel -- the mastermind behind this great event...."

I want to thank Dr. Jim Dubel — the mastermind behind this great event — for inviting us out here and giving us the AMAZING opportunity to interview some of our professions greatest chiropractors… chiropractors like Reggie Gold, Kevin Donka, Arno Burnier, Chuck Ribley, Liam Shubel, Billy DeMoss… and the list goes on.  Logan and I have just been working. To say that we have had a blast this weekend would be an understatement.

For those of you who are new to Spinal Column Radio… I want to welcome you.  We’ve got people watching us  today on You Tube, catching us on iTunes, and, of course, sitting right here in our Live Studio Audience.  Thank you so much for joining us today.

Logan Lamar, your audio engineer

Once again, My name is Dr. Thomas Lamar and running the mixer board off to my right is my 10-year old son, audio engineer, and future chiropractor…  Logan Lamar.

"Spinal Column Radio is about empowering people to ask better questions when it comes to their health and their bodies."

You know, Spinal Column Radio is a little production that he and I do about “All-Things-Chiropractic.” Pretty much anything that is a chiropractic topic is fair game. We are here to educate, to entertain, to inform, and to inspire. But most of all, we’re here to help people (as I rattle off in the beginning of my show)… “To think about their health in a whole new way!”  You know, Spinal Column Radio is about empowering people to ask better questions when it comes to their health and their bodies.

So with that said, I want to welcome to our Spinal Column Radio microphones a chiropractor who was instrumental in helping Dr. James Dubel give birth to this grand event called New Beginnings Chiropractic Weekends… Dr. Bill Henry.

"Dr. Henry is... a 1989 graduate of the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic, and he sits on the Board for New Beginnings Chiropractic Weekends."

Dr. Henry is a former public school teacher and a 1989 graduate of the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic, and he sits on the Board for New Beginnings Chiropractic Weekends. In addition to running a private practice right here in NJ, with his wife Dr. Barbara Sanoodis, he’s been a team chiropractor for numerous professional and amateur athletic teams and has been extensively involved in bringing chiropractic to poverty-stricken residents in various areas of Mexico.

Dr. Thomas Lamar: Dr. Henry Welcome to our LIVE ON STAGE Spinal Column Radio!

Dr. Bill Henry: Wow! What an audience huh? Thank you Tom. It’s great!

Dr. L: How many people are out there?

Dr. H: Oh, probably 500.

Our New Beginnings Studio Audience of 500

Dr. L: Easy. Logan, can you take a picture of those people from just kind of like… That would be an interesting… You guys can see what it looks like. It’s pretty cool.

Dr. H: Right.

Dr. L: Ok. So, give me your 30-second elevator speech:  What is New Beginnings?

Dr. H: Well, I’ll tell you what… You’ve been listening to it Tom. It’s an exciting event where people actually experience each other, experience the fellowship, experience the spirit and the philosophy in the principles of chiropractic. They relive it. It rejuvenates them and allows them to take that message back out to the public in which they’re getting into the practice and adjusting them and turning things on.

Dr. Henry: "It’s an exciting event where people actually experience each other, experience the fellowship, experience the spirit and the philosophy in the principles of chiropractic."

Dr. L: Ok. Does it have anything to do with starting over?

Dr. H: Did New Beginnings have anything to do with starting over? That’s why it’s a New Beginnings. We know w all go through life and we got to go again and so we keep rejuvenating ourselves.

Dr. L: We’re having a little technical difficulty. Logan, it’s ok. Don, if I could get you to come up here and I want you to… Come right behind us. You are going to take a picture of everybody and just… we’re just going to keep going here. This is LIVE. You know… Can you take us back to how this all began?

Dr. H: Wow. It all began… Actually I moved out here a little over 20 years ago and my wife was associated with Dr. Dubel …And he had already been holding some events.  And he was holding weekly meetings in his office and he had invited Reggie Gold out at one time, Jim Sigafoose. out at one time. Held big events. And he turned to me, one day in the office, and he said “I really want to make this big. Are you interested in participating?” And I said, “Absolutely!” and there we go with Jim’s vision. And I’m a worker bee so whatever he needed done that I was right there but it’s really Jim Dubel’s vision.

Thanks Don for the pictures!*

Dr. L: I’m seeing that as I go through this. You guys talk about the Philosophy of Chiropractic. For someone listening at home, why is philosophy such a big deal?

Dr. H: Well, philosophy is a big deal because philosophy is what keeps you focused. It’s so easy to get off-track. Get involved with the business of chiropractic. Getting involved with the moneyness of chiropractic. Getting involved with other things you’re pay… the people you come in to see you. Getting involved in their stories. Philosophy brings that clarity into you so that you now approach them with that clarity, with the purpose, and you’re on focus.

Dr. L: Now obviously you received a chiropractic education, as we all did, but when was it that you first “got” chiropractic?

Dr. Henry: "And that alerted me and gave me that impetus to say chiropractic is powerful! It can change the way your very existence is."

Dr. H: Wow. I think I first got chiropractic one day when I went in to see a chiropractor and the way that he took care of me. And he adjusted me and while… I quite honestly he was adjusting me and I really couldn’t feel what he was doing… but when I stood up I was a whole different person. And it wasn’t my physical body that was different, it was the conscieneness of my being. And I can definitely remember that as I stood up off of the table I went “Oh my God! I am different! I’m more different then I have ever been in my life.” And that alerted me and gave me that impetus to say chiropractic is powerful! It can change the way your very existence is.

Dr. L: What a pivotal time for you in your life.

Dr. Lamar: "You guys have been doing this for 20 years! What’s next for New Beginnings?"

Dr. H: Oh, it’s exciting!

Dr. L: And it’s changed your life!

Dr. H: Changed my life. Absolutely!

Dr. L: Fantastic. You know, this is New Beginning’s 20th anniversary. It’s come a long way from the philosophy meetings that Dr. Jim Dubel used to hold in his chiropractic office in those early days. You guys have been doing this for 20 years! What’s next for New Beginnings?

Dr. H: Let’s ask them! What’s next for New Beginnings?

Audience: MORE!

Dr. L: More! They are saying more!

Dr. H: You know as we get older… The beautiful thing about getting older and having these people around is that the young folks are gearing up. They kind of like want to knock us off so that they can take over. And we’re not going to let that happen just yet. But we’re excited that they are out there and they’re ready to take the helm.

Dr. Lamar: "...they’re excited because right here we are grooming an audio engineer for New Beginnings."

Dr. L: I want to share something with you. I want to say a special thanks to our sound guys in the back. They’ve been instrumental in helping me to bring this all together. You got Dr. John and Dr. Josh back there. Thank you guys! Logan… Logan, being my audio engineer, he goes back and he’s hanging out –you know, he shares something in common with these guys — and he’s looking at the sound board and he’s like, “Dad, I could run this sound board.” And I’m like, “Exactly.” And so, you know, they’re excited because right here we are grooming an audio engineer for New Beginnings.

Dr. H: All right! I like that!

Dr. L: Ok! So, as I’ve been saying with everybody that I’ve been interviewing, I’m going to just give you 40… you can go about 40 – 50 seconds… Do you have a final word that you want to share with us just to kind of… something that is on your heart right now that is kind of… wrap this thing up!

Dr. Henry: "I want everybody within the sound of my voice to come experience New Beginnings."

Dr. H: I want everybody within the sound of my voice to come experience New Beginnings. I want them to come with passion and if they don’t have passion when they get here… just get here! Because they will have passion and they’ll have a rejuvenated spirit because the people that are out sitting in this audience right now looking at us… This is a love fest! And it’s a love fest that goes into your heart and raises the spirit of your whole being about rejuvenating your life in chiropractic and taking that back out to the public.

Dr. L: One thing I will say… There is a whole lot of hugging going on here.

Dr. H: Oh yeah!

Dr. L: Ok. Well, Dr. Bill I want to thank you for coming up on stage today and participating in our first-ever, Live Spinal Column Radio show.

Dr. H: It has been my pleasure Tom.

Dr. L: It’s been a blast actually.

Dr. H: When do I get to do the second?

"I want to encourage chiropractors that are catching this podcast to check out the New Beginnings Chiropractic Weekends website, at NewBeginningsChiro.com"

Dr. L: I don’t know. Hey, I want to encourage… Thank you. I want to encourage chiropractors that are catching this podcast to check out the New Beginnings Chiropractic Weekends website, at NewBeginningsChiro.com, where they can get a lot of their questions answered. Plus they can sign up to receive their free newsletter the 34th Principle.

As a matter of Fact, if you are a chiropractic patient, encourage your chiropractor to check out this podcast!

And if you’re interested hearing more of our interviews from  New Beginnings Chiropractic Weekends you can find those on SpinalColumnRadio.com.


[cue Outro]

Well once again, I want to thank… Our  thanks goes out to Dr. Bill Henry for joining us on stage today and a special thank you to all the hands behind the scenes that made this production possible. I want to say hello to all of my children listening at home with my wife Keri. Daddy loves you.

Spinal Column Radio would like to remind you that true health comes from the inside out — not outside in.  As such, the content of this podcast, along with the show notes and related links, is not intended to cure, diagnose, treat, or prevent any disease.  But, instead, is meant to inform and inspire you in asking better questions regarding your health.  Since the circumstances surrounding your particular situation are unique, you are encouraged to consult with a Doctor of Chiropractic — or other health care practitioner of your choosing.

Well… Attention Sponsors! If you’re looking to market your brand in an exciting and innovative way… Spinal Column Radio is ready to talk.

Next time on Spinal Column Radio… more from the Garden State when we sit down with the visionary behind New Beginnings, Dr. James Dubel. So until then, for my son Logan tweaking the knobs on the mixer board, this is Dr. Thomas Lamar, your podcast chiropractor.


Spinal Column Radio is a production of Spinal Column Communications in conjunction with AnchorChiropractic.net. Copyright 2010.


* Special Thanks to Don Goreham of MyChiroWorks.com for supplying the pictures seen in this transcript.

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Congrats – this is very exciting and I can hear your excitement in your voice – I am sure you and Logan had a wonderful time and I can’t imagine a greater life changing event for Logan

See you in November


Comment by susan webert

Sue –

We had an AMAZING time! Many memories were made between Logan and I. I look forward to seeing you back in the office in November when you return from AZ.

Dr. Lamar

Comment by drlamar

Thank you! How exciting for you and Logan to do this. And before such a large audience. You, Dr Tom do have the ‘gift of gab’ and ability to think on your feet and talk fast too.

Comment by Marilyn Meadows

Thanks Marilyn-

Logan and I had a BLAST! And I thank you for your kind words….. I’m speechless. 😉

Dr. Lamar

Comment by drlamar

Those attending New Beginnings Chiropractic Weekends are
Talking About Us on FaceBook….

“You and your son make an amazing pair. How great it is to see a family hard at work to spread this healing message of chiropractic with such passion. I am inspired. Thank you for doing what you do.” — Kim Goreham, ChiroWorks

“Dr. Lamar – I think you are getting an idea of how much we in the profession love and appreciate your dedication and talent at producing such a first class radio program. I look forward to listening to the wealth of chiropractic information that you and Logan are preparing for broadcast. Dr. B.J. Palmer would certainly be proud!” — Liam Schubel, DC, OnPointeSeminars

“…You did a great job and so did Logan…he is a great young man and a testament to you and your wife’s parenting abilities…good job!” — Robert Tarintino, DC, New Beginnings board member

“Awesome job all weekend and you pulled off the LIVE ‘on stage’ interview perfectly!” — James Dubel, DC, founder of New Beginnings

“I think that Chiropractors are the most talented group of people ever. Thomas, you and your son Logan prove that. Welcome to the New Beginnings world!” — John Solan, DC

“Thomas, You and your son were INCREDIBLE!” — Bill Henry, DC, cofounder of New Beginnings

“This is kick-ass!” — Robyn Gotthoffer, DC

“This was so much fun!” — Matthew Alvord, DC

“Thanks again for the opportunity [of being interviewed] Dr. Lamar. You are a true professional. I enjoyed the experience and spending time with you and Logan.” — Jon Schwartzbauer, DC, president of Sherman College of Chiropractic

“Thanks for all you and Logan are doing for chiropractic and the world!” — Kevin Donka, DC, Chirothots

“Tom: You and your son were a great addition to the New Beginnings family. your presence made the weekend extra special.” — Tony DeMarco, DC, New Beginnings board member

Comment by drlamar

Thank you Dr. Lamar and Logan for helping to bring chiropractic around the world. The people that you touch with your voice are indeed thankful. Your son Logan will take chiropractic to the mountain tops and beyond.

Comment by Peter Morgan, DC

Thank YOU Dr. Morgan for the opportunity to interview you at New Beginnings. What an honor. Be looking for the “airing” of your interview in the future. Listeners should be aware that Dr. Morgan’s passion is mission work. His office is the the world. As a matter of fact, it was Dr. Morgan that set up the Haiti Earthquake Relief Trip that the Dr. Rene Statler of Episodes 11 and 12 was called to join. … And thank you for the words of affirmation and encouragement.

Dr. Lamar

Comment by drlamar

Your project is excellent, congratulations for your effort and work. This brings fresh air to Chiropractic. All the best from Veracruz, Mexico.

Comment by Victor Sañudo

Gracias Victor! And thanks for listening from Veracruz, Mexcio. Welcome to Spinal Column Radio.

Dr. Lamar

Comment by drlamar

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