Episode 118 — CCE Conversation Continues: NACIQI Hearings and Dr. Reggie Gold


Title: CCE Conversation Continues: NACIQI Hearings and Dr. Reggie Gold

Episode Number: 118

Host: Dr. Thomas Lamar

Show Date: 03/31/12

Run Time: 71:42

Description:  On today’s episode, we pause for a moment to pay homage to an incredible chiropracTOR that bid us farewell last week (March 24, 2012) — Dr. Reggie Gold.  It is unlikely that we will see a warrior of his magnitude in our lifetime that matches his legacy.  He truly will be missed.  But while the man may be gone, his message will continue to burn bright in each and everyone that he touched.

And then…. as Reggie would have wanted, we press on for chiropracTIC as we listen in on the December 2011 US Department of Education’s NACIQI (National Advisory Committee on Institutional Quality and Integrity) hearing for the reaccreditation of the CCE (Council on Chiropractic Education).  Plus, we revisit the March 2012 CCE Stakeholders Meeting and then play an interview we conducted on the subject while at the Fall 2011 New Beginnings Chiropractic Weekend with the chiropractic icon himself,  Dr. Reggie Gold.

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Reginald R. Gold

December 16, 1925 — March 24, 2012


Roll Up Your Sleeves and Join the Movement!



Dr. Robert Braille, president of Georgia Council of Chiropractic, speaks before the US Department of Education’s, National Advisory Committee on Institutional Quality and Integrity (NACIQI), concerning the Council on Chiropractic Education’s (CCE) reaccreditation.

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Episode 117 – interview with MCQI’s Dr. Steve Tullius regarding CCE Stakeholders Meeting

Department of Education Letter repealing section 602.13

Recording of the 2011 USDOE NACIQI CCE Hearing

Transcript of 2011 USDOE NACIQI CCE Hearing

– CCE Letter regarding the Stakeholders Meeting

Dr. Gerry Clum’s “Latest Stuff” on the CCE Stakeholders Meeting

CCE Invite letter to MCQI to attend Stakeholders Meeting

MCQI.org (Movement for Chiropractic Quality and Integrity)

Episode 93 – interview with MCQI cofounder Dr. Arno Burnier on restoring integrity to CCE

New Beginnings Chiropractic Weekends

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Really enjoyed listening to this episode while walking the dog around Kingston today!

Comment by Daniel J Martin (@DanJMartinWA)

Dan you rock! 😉

Comment by drlamar

Thank you for this episode. As a student who had to leave a great Chiropractic school started by Reggie and other because of the elimination of a straight accreditation board and the institution of the CCE as the lone accreditation agency. An investigation of that process should be revisited. I chose to go to a straight school not because it is straight but because it was the best school I visited and I visited every school in the mid west and east before I attended, that school was Penn Straight. Saying that, i am not a straight chiropractor and I never took a penny from insurance because insurance is not harmonizing with Chiropractic philosophy. I am no BJ guy, to me BJ was a great promoter but limited us to one bone. I appreciate upper cervical and if one wants to practice that way, fine with me but don’t limit the whole profession because of your BELIEFS. I am more aligned with DD and going to a straight school received an A+ from philosophy teachers who were BJ guys because I backed up what I was saying and they appreciated it because they knew I was right because I backed up everything I said and they taught us to think for ourselves unlike the straight school I ended up going to that wanted you to spit out exactly what they taught you, accepting students saying that a C grade stood for chiropractic and had an open bar to get students to a straight chiropractic meeting. Oh Reggie had some thing in starting this school too.
I believe a chiropractor should be able to help the body adjust any joint in the body by putting in a frequency, not a force, that will help free the joint at the joint plan line so the body can align it to restore proper structure because structure determines function. Yes we define this with neural function and that is fine but there are higher things going on I will not get into here but DD defined it through nerve function. We should remain drugless but can help in nutrition to help the body maintain equilibrium.
Anything that helps the body heal itself is PRIMARY CARE. We need to call ourselves Primary Care providers because the body healing itself through natural means is PRIMARY CARE…
Medicine has brain washed us to think they are Primary Care but when you cash that insurance check signing the contract you become add-junk because it is MEDICAL INSURANCE – DUH !!!!!!
If you are accepting MEDICAL INSURANCE you are the alternative—–DUH !!!! – Look that up in Blacks Law
I mean you guys are so blind – it is about FOUNDATION. Being a Chiropractor you deal with foundation, you teach foundation, you are suppose to be a FOUNDATION EXPERT but look at your business foundation – it is in MEDICAL INSURANCE
and what do you say – WE ACCEPT you MEDICAL INSURANCE – DUH !!!!
I can’t talk to Chiropractors because all except the old guys who are dying off understand this
Even – “OLD” Beginnings in NJ is giving CE Credits so you can keep your license so you can ACCEPT MEDICAL INSURANCE and be ADDED JUNK
Listen to your own interview with Reggie, he tells you it is done, there is no hope.
So boys and girls, stop selling to your brethren and give your seminars for a donation and look yourselves in the mirror and then ask yourselves why this is happening
All you want is power, recognition and money and dammed the God give knowledge that was given to DD, Chiropractic – done by hand, hand singular because it is the hand of GOD
Now go laugh at me as the gift is taken away slowly, a generation at a time – Google Osteopathy – DUH !!!
Johnny Chiro

Comment by Little Reggie

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