Episode 117 — CCE Drops Bombshell at 03/16/12 Stakeholder Meeting: An Interview with MCQI’s Dr. Steve Tullius


Title: CCE Drops Bombshell at 03/16/12 Stakeholder Meeting: An Interview with MCQI’s Dr. Steve Tullius

Episode Number: 117

Host: Dr. Thomas Lamar

Show Date: 03/20/12

Run Time: 32:45

Description:  BREAKING NEWS —  On March 16, 2012, The Council of Chiropractic Education (CCE) held it’s first “Stakeholder Meeting”in which it invited select groups of the profession — an effort demonstrating it’s attempt to build bridges and resolve the record-breaking list of violations that were handed down to it from the Department of Education National Advisory Committee on Institutional Quality and Integrity’s (NACIQI) December reaccreditation hearings.  

NACIQI found CCE to be in violation of 42 different issues.  Most notable however was the “43rd violation” in which they stated: “In addition to the numerous issues identified in the staff report, NACIQI asks [CCE] to demonstrate compliance with Section 602.13 dealing with the wide acceptance of its standards, policies, procedures, and decisions; and to address how its standards advance quality in chiropractic education.”  NACIQI granted the CCE continued accrediting authority provided that it could adequately resolve the list of violations within a year’s time.  The “Stakeholder Meeting” was its first attempt to resolve issues surrounding being more representative of the differences in philosophy that exist in our profession.

Unfortunately, as we’ll find out from one of the attendees, the meeting ended up being quite the opposite.  Today on Spinal Column Radio we welcome back the cofounder of the Movement for Chiropractic Quality and Integrity (MCQI), Dr. Steve Tullius, to find out the the “Stakeholder Meeting” was just that — “an attempt to ‘stake’ anyone that dare question CCE authority or make constructive comments regarding chiropractic education to the wall.”

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Dr. Steve Tullius

joins SCR via Skype with his report following the 03/16/12 CCE Stakeholder Meeting


Dr. Thomas Lamar

Dr. Steve Tullius



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Robb Sinnot DC’s article – on Vital Source website

Transcript of the December 2011 US Department of Education NACIQI hearings for the CCE (pg 107 – 300)

– Facebook article – Personal Note From Steve Tullius on the March 16, 2012 CCE “Stakeholder Meeting”

USDE Recognition Letter

CCE Letter addressing the USDE Recognition Letter and Stakeholders Meeting

– MCQI Facebook Event Site (coming soon)

Purchase your own “One Million Strong” shirt (like Dr. Lamar is wearing) to help support the cause and raise the bar of awareness.

 MCQI official website 

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