Episode 118 — CCE Conversation Continues: NACIQI Hearings and Dr. Reggie Gold


Title: CCE Conversation Continues: NACIQI Hearings and Dr. Reggie Gold

Episode Number: 118

Host: Dr. Thomas Lamar

Show Date: 03/31/12

Run Time: 71:42

Description:  On today’s episode, we pause for a moment to pay homage to an incredible chiropracTOR that bid us farewell last week (March 24, 2012) — Dr. Reggie Gold.  It is unlikely that we will see a warrior of his magnitude in our lifetime that matches his legacy.  He truly will be missed.  But while the man may be gone, his message will continue to burn bright in each and everyone that he touched.

And then…. as Reggie would have wanted, we press on for chiropracTIC as we listen in on the December 2011 US Department of Education’s NACIQI (National Advisory Committee on Institutional Quality and Integrity) hearing for the reaccreditation of the CCE (Council on Chiropractic Education).  Plus, we revisit the March 2012 CCE Stakeholders Meeting and then play an interview we conducted on the subject while at the Fall 2011 New Beginnings Chiropractic Weekend with the chiropractic icon himself,  Dr. Reggie Gold.

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Reginald R. Gold

December 16, 1925 — March 24, 2012


Roll Up Your Sleeves and Join the Movement!



Dr. Robert Braille, president of Georgia Council of Chiropractic, speaks before the US Department of Education’s, National Advisory Committee on Institutional Quality and Integrity (NACIQI), concerning the Council on Chiropractic Education’s (CCE) reaccreditation.

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