Rats in a Dump
December 1, 2013, 10:11 pm
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If you have a dump, you’ve got rats.”

That’s what the late chiropractic icon, Fred Barge, used to say when it comes to one’s health.

It doesn’t work the other way around.  Rats don’t create the dump, rather rats are attracted to the dump.  In many ways, germs are a lot like rats in that they are both opportunistic.  Germs, like rats, not only seek out but require a place to set up camp.

How’s your dump?

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640px-Landfill_face[originally published in KCN, January 2013]

As we find ourselves in the thick of cold and flu season our focus on avoiding germs becomes top priority for many of us.  We’re quick to Purell our hands and sanitize everything we touch.  But are germs really the issue?  The reality is, they’re no more of an issue now than they are at any other time of year.

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Hi Thomas,

In the last several days I have realized that we as a profession are stocked heavily in the medical dump.

So much, that we don’t even see any other way to envision our practice and contribution to society.

I have realized several years ago that there is something wrong with my (our) massage.

Because supposing we are releasing subluxation (stress/dysfunction) off the spine, than we do it for

All the spines, not only spines of sick people.

Surprisingly all the chiropractors I speak with, get upset at my idea.

Including some of my chiropractic mentors.

The way I see it we need to get out of the medical dump, and the way to do it,

In my eyes, is not to get them where they are, and first sell them a medical chiro-practice – to take care

Of their symptoms.

We should sell ChiropracTic to keep the body stress (subluxation) free, so it can manifest it’s maximum


Mostly this optimal potential/functionality will also relieve symptoms and pathology.

Yet this’ not the purpose of chiropractic.

The purpose of chiropracTic is to enable people to live a stressFree Life and function at their best, or at their Optimum,


ד”ר רונן מנדי

Dr. Ronen Mendi ד”ר רונן מנדי

Chiropractor http://www.dr-ronen.co.il כירופרקט

Hadera & Ramat Aviv 1800-39-40-40 חדרה & רמת אביב

Comment by Dr. Ronen Mendi

Well said Ronen.

Comment by drlamar

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