Episode 170 — ChiropracTIC History Saga Episode; Mission Possible ChiroFEST 2013; and Sottile and Gorman Interviewed Together


Title: ChiropracTIC History Saga Episode; Mission Possible ChiroFEST 2013; and Sottile and Gorman Interviewed Together

Episode Number: 170

Host: Dr. Thomas Lamar

Show Date: 12/06/13

Run Time: 249:26

Description:   It’s the Spinal Column Radio “Saga Episode.” Join Dr. Lamar and Logan for their last “regular” show as they “clear the countertop” to make way for the upcoming Finale Show.  On this episode they step you back into chiropracTIC’s past with a boatload of exciting chiropractic history, and then step you forward into its future with ChiroFEST 2013’s Mission Possible. Plus they sit down with ChiropracTIC’s Principled Funnyman and Funnywoman, Dean Sottile and Sharon Gorman, for an unforgettable duo-interview that will have you laughing and taking notes at the same time.

History topics covered: DD Palmer’s Portland Chiropractic College with Nathan Cashion reporting on location; “A Journey for the TIC Like None Other” — The Searby Saga (the story of Mack and Dorothy Searby’s quest to study at the PSC); Gary Street and BJ’s Chiropractic Scrapbook; DD’s other son (BJ’s older brother) Frank Palmer’s gravesite rediscovered; BJ’s Parrot; Fred Barge’s Rats in a Dump; DD’s Mammoth Tusk; DD visits Seattle; BJ Palmer Mansion (featuring Todd Waters and Joe Ierano); BJ’s fascination with elephants; and more.

ChiroFest 2013 mini-interviews asking the question of all the event speakers, based on what they shared from the platform, “What is POSSIBLE with chiropracTIC?”: James Chestnut, Jeanne Ohm, Fred Schofield, Joe Borio, Liam Schubel, Deed Harrison, Brad Glowaki, Troy Dukowitz, Garret Gunderson, Heidi Farrell, Wendy Dick, Billy DeMoss, Matthew Loop, Dan Yachter, Cathy Colby, and Paul Reed.

Plus BTOC (Big TOR on Campus) Brett Jones with Jen Wilhelm, Two Spinal Column Reblogs featuring Drs. Fred Barge and David Jackson, Power of the Podcast, and listener feedback.

(Chestnut, Ohm, Schofield, Borio, Schubel, Harrison, Glowaki, Dukowitz, Farrell, Reed, Gunderson, Dick, DeMoss, Loop, Yachter, and Colby interviews recorded at the 2013 ChiroFest in Redmond, Washington. Interview with Drs. Dean Sottile and Sharon Gorman recorded at the 2012 California Jam in Costa Mesa, California).

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Journey for the TIC like none other


Searby transcontinental trek to PSCPeters and Chance. The Searby saga: a story of hardships and determinations: chiropractic in Australia 1905-1945. Chiropractic Journal of Australia, v.31, no.1, Mar 2001, p.17-32

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Telling the SCR Story

for Life Chiropractic College West’s Storyteller Project


DD’s Portland Chiro College

– On Location –

— Nathan Cashion, UWS chiro student and host of Exploring Chiropractic

– more history on DD Palmer’s Portland Chiropractic School: (1) (2) (3)



ON LOCATION with the

Dead Chiropractic Society’s


Principled Funnybones

Dean Sottile, DC and Sharon Gorman, DC

DCS California Jam


Sottile Gorman Cal Jam 2012 -3b

Dr. Thomas Lamar interviews Drs. Dean Sottile and Sharon Gorman
at the 2012 California Jam.


• Learn more about Dean and Sharon:

Dean Sottile on Facebook

– Dean’s other SCR interviews: (059 and 142)

Sharon Gorman on Facebook

– Sharon’s other SCR interviews: (097, 138, and 144)


ChiroFEST 2013 - Mission Possible 1

ChiroFEST 2013

— Redmond, Washington —

What is possible with ChiropracTIC?

James Chestnut, Jeanne Ohm, Fred Schofield, Joe Borio, Liam Schubel, Deed Harrison, Brad Glowaki, Troy Dukowitz, Garret Gunderson, Wendy Dick, Billy DeMoss, Matthew Loop, Dan Yachter, Cathy Colby, and Paul Reed.


• Pics talked about on the show:

Dr. Gary Steet shares scrapbook story with Dr. Lamar and Logan off-mic after interviewing him at the Fall 2010 New Beginnings Chiropractic Weekend.

Street shares scrapbook story – 2010


Links talked about on the show:

“The Big TOR on Campus”

Brett Jones 1Brett Jones, DC

DC2B Life West

Jen Wilhelm DC an interview with

Jen Wilhelm, DC

Alive Chiropractic


• Learn more about Brett Jones:

Brett’s Facebook page

Brett’s YouTube Channel

• Learn more about the California Jam:

Cal Jam 2014

– Website: CaliforniaJam.org

– Website: DeadChiropracticSociety.com

– Facebook California Jam – Dead Chiropractic Society

Check out the Cal Jam Interview Archives! (plus see who’s still the cue for release)

• Learn More about ChiroFEST

ChiroFest 2013b– Website: ChiroFest.org

– Facebook: ChiroFest Page

– Pics: Check out our 2012 ChiroFest photos

Check out the ChiroFEST Archives!

Chiro-Picker’s Fresh Pick — Finding the Three-Story Scrapbook

Updated Picker Imageby  Todd Waters, aka “The Chiro-Picker” – SpinalColumnRadio featured blogger

As I wrote in a recent Fresh Pick installment, I enjoy collecting stories and treasured memories from people who have a connection with Chiropractic’s early years — tales, which I often find escape our chiro-history texts. While these stories can sometimes be difficult, if not impossible, to fact-check, I still find that they allow me to be a better ChiroPicker.  For they often provide missing clues — acting as that needed breadcrumb — to bring me (and I’m sure other chiro-historians) closer to unearthing other great discoveries.

Here’s another one of my favorites:

Dr. Gary Street joined up with the now late Dr. Merwyn Zarbuck to assist him in his twenty-five year quest for BJ Palmer’s scrapbook.

BJ, as you may know, wrote about his scrapbook in the Green Book series and stated it was not actually a book per se, but files upon files of anything and everything documenting chiropractic’s history from its conception.

Old FilesThe scrapbook contained notebooks, journals, newspaper clippings, publications, and letters.

And while BJ wrote about this compilation, he did not state where it was kept — which would have been a big deal, because the files were rumored to have occupied three floors! 

Surely, a collection this large would be easy to find after a cursory search about the campus.  But then again, the references to BJ as “The Little Builder” were not made in vain. He was constantly constructing additions at the Palmer School — acquiring neighboring properties for expansion to allow him to interconnect his buildings. Perhaps during these structural revisions the three-floor-scrapbook got “misplaced.” Continue reading

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