Episode 158 — Remembering Reggie Collection: SCR-Fan-Takeover “Box on the Wall” Show featuring a ChiroPicker find that is Pure Gold

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Title: Remembering Reggie Collection: SCR-Fan-Takeover “Box on the Wall” Show featuring a ChiroPicker find that is Pure Gold

Episode Number: 158

Host: Dr. Thomas Lamar Todd Waters, Dr. TJ Neveau, and Dr. BJ Palmer

Show Date: 03/29/13

Run Time: 186:09

Description:  Chiro-Picker Todd Waters and Bay City, Michigan ChiropracTOR, TJ Neveau, gently push Lamar aside and team up to run the first ever SCR-Fan-Takeover Show.  Join them for our final installment in this Remembering Reggie Collection that features an amazing ChiroPicker find of a 16 rpm phonograph record of Reggie Gold delivering a 2-hour patient lay lecture.  The two play a number of clips from this rare recording and add some insightful commentary. This ChiroPicker find from the late 60’s is Reggie at his classic best and belongs in every chiropracTOR’s Reggie Gold 1970slistening library; AND the Picker wants you to have it in exchange for visiting the SCR Box on the Wall to ensure this chiropracTIC resource of Spinal Column Radio will stay on the Internet Air for generations to come (listen at the 3 hour mark for more info). In addition, Waters and Neveau, cover a wide range of other TIC Topics and even find themselves having to deal with the Developer and Radio Pioneer, himself, Dr. BJ Palmer meddling with their broadcast. The question is… can Lamar really let go and let these two (or three) drive?

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SCR - Box On The Wall

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Todd Waters,
aka The ChiroPicker

Dr. TJ Neveau

Reggie Gold framed 2• Stuff talked about on the show

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TJ’s reference to the 2013 flu shot being ineffective

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Chiro-Picker’s Fresh Pick — Remembering Reggie Collection: Finding “The Golden Facts of Life — and Health”

Updated Picker Imageby  Todd Waters, aka “The Chiro-Picker” – SpinalColumnRadio featured blogger

reggie-gold-chiropractor(2)Reggie Gold one of Chiropractic’s last living legends and master of communication passed away March 24 2012. I had little knowledge of Reggie until I heard his interviews here on Spinalcolumnradio.  

As a Picker of collectibles, one of my specialties is record LP’s.  The more unusual the subject matter on the record, the more interesting it becomes to me.  I am especially intrigued with spoken word records when an author reads his work, or a pilot instructs how to fly a plane, …or even when — as you’ll soon find out — a master at communicating the chiropractic message demonstrates his art in front of a live audience.   Continue reading

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