Episode 021 — Shhhh! Dr. B.J. Palmer is On the Air! (part 5)


Title: Shhhh! Dr. B.J. Palmer is On the Air! (part 5)

Episode Number: 021

Host: Dr. Thomas Lamar

Show Date: 08/13/2010

Run Time: 34:05


On this episode Dr. Thomas Lamar wraps up his 5-part, Vintage 1931 B.J. Palmer Radio Broadcast Series.  B.J. takes to the microphone for a Final Curtain Call with his Chiropractic Talk entitled “The Scientific Progress of Chiropractic” and both Dr. Lamar and antique collector Todd Waters share why this is their favorite of the B.J. Broadcasts.  Plus, Dr. Lamar shares a WOC memory that rivals the famed Orson Welles October 30, 1938, “War of the Worlds” Broadcast.

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Dr. BJ Palmer, Chiropractor………………… and Radio Pioneer

Dr. B.J. Palmer,




“Wonders of Chiropractic”

Find out why this is one of my favorite WOC photos!

Todd Waters, antique collector of records

Meet the Man Behind This Remarkable Chiropractic Broadcasting Find….

Mr. Todd Waters, antique collector and lover of the phonograph record, joins Dr. Lamar in this special podcast series.

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Spinal Column Radio, episode number twenty-one.

Coming up next on Spinal Column Radio — Shhhh!  Dr. B.J. Palmer is On the Air!  (part 5)


[intro theme music]

And welcome back to another exciting and information packed episode of Spinal Column Radio.  My name is Dr. Thomas Lamar, chiropractor and dad of six.   And this is the podcast that gets you to think.  To think about your health in a whole new way.  We’re the podcast for your backbone… the podcast with backbone.  Who knew that spinal education could be this much fun?

We’d like to invite you to visit our podcast website at spinalcolumnradio.com where you can learn more about us, check out our world-renowned “What’s a Podcast?” page, and can access the show notes for this episode.  Also, we encourage you to leave comments and ask questions through our website, or, if you prefer, you can email me using DrLamar AT spinalcolumnradio DOT com.


[transitional 1930’s music:  Henny Hendrickson’s Louisville Serenaders — Without That Gal http://www.archive.org/details/HennyHendricksonsLouisvilleSerenaders-WithoutThatGal1931]

“When I was a youngster, we had to hitch up and drive three miles to the village to see a medicine show.  Now we just turn on the radio.” (The Chiropractic Journal, 1934).

Well we finally made it!  This is Part 5, and the conclusion, of our 5-part, Vintage 1931 B.J. Palmer Radio Broadcast Series.  And surpassingly, I have a lot to talk about today.

If you are joining us for the first time… I want to welcome you and certainly want to encourage you to catch the previous 4 parts in this BJ Palmer Broadcast Special Series… but, not to worry, because any one of these episodes will stand on it’s own just fine.

View of the BJ Palmer Mansion, sharing the same block as the Palmer School of Chiropractic with the WOC radio towers on top. circa 1922

Of course, as we’ve been sharing, Bartlett Joshua Palmer — or simply BJ as they called him — was not only known as the “Developer of Chiropractic,” but — dare I say — in many ways, should also be called the Developer of Radio Broadcasting… for he blazed the trail of the 1920’s Radio Boom with what was know as the first commercial radio station west of the Mississippi and second in the nation.  Many of the practices in Radio that he developed would become a template and a standard for others to follow.  Radio Station WOC, perched on the rooftop of the Palmer School of Chiropractic next to his unique Up-E-Nuf Garden, had such an incredible, and often unexplainable, wide-reach in the early days of radio — covering most of the nation and often out into foreign countries — that it was stated in the May 1924 New York Journal  that if you couldn’t tune in to Davenport, Iowa’s WOC, something was wrong with your radio set!

Well, in just a moment we are going to check in with our collector of phonograph records — the man who stumbled upon, in 2004, the unbelievable find of five BJ Palmer Broadcast Recordings captured on five separate 78-rpm records in a Salvation Army with hand-scribbled labels mentioning Chiropractic — Mr. Todd Waters.  And we are going ask him…. out of all the records he heard…. as a lay person, what recording did he find the most interesting…. which one was his favorite.  And then conveniently, we will go ahead and play that recording.

But first, we’ve talked a lot about BJ — and rightfully so, in not only this Broadcast Series in which we are featuring his recordings, but also in the series I did on his radio stations a while back (look for the links in the show notes).  But, on this episode, I’d like to give a little recognition to his son David Palmer… or “Dave” as they called him.  Dave, would have of course been the grandson to D.D. Palmer — the founder of Chiropractic — and actually, they sort of shared the same name.  They both had the initials D.D. only they were the reverse of each other with grandpa’s being Daniel David and his grandson, Dave, being David Daniel.

As a youth, Dave helped his father, BJ, at the radio station.  He had various odd jobs including runner and announcer.   He remembers how he’d run down to the post office daily to fetch the weather report.  Prior to his father’s acquisition of the radio station from amateur broadcaster Robert Karlowa in Rock Island, Illinois, Dave enjoyed going up to the pigeon roost, as it was called, of his family’s mansion to catch ham radio conversions.

Dave eventually went on to get a degree in finance and later became a chiropractor himself.  Ironically, while his father BJ was strongly opposed to Dave getting a degree in finance, it was with this training from Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Finance, and the fortunate timing of his graduation, that he was able to return to Davenport to assist his parents in keeping the Palmer enterprises afloat following the historical stock market crash of 1929.

While his grandfather was dubbed the “Founder of Chiropractic” and his dad the “Developer,” Dave was later known as the “Educator of Chiropractic” with his accomplishments surrounding his presidency of the Palmer School of Chiropractic following his father’s death in 1961.


[transitional sfx]

You’ll want to stay tuned, because a little bit later on in the program, I am going to share  some WOC “Memories from Dave,” as we’ll call them, one of which — according to a young Dave, at the time — paralleled the famed October 30, 1938 Orson Welles “War of the Worlds” Broadcast.

But first as I mentioned at the top of the program, our Midland, Michigan antique collector, Todd Waters, has a favorite BJ recording among the five.  So which one did he like the most?

Mr. Todd Waters: I liked all of them.  I liked number six probably the best though:  “The Scientific Progress of Chiropractic.”

Dr. Lamar: So let’s showcase that fifth and final record that antique collector Todd Waters calls his favorite… and actually, of the five, it’s my favorite as well.  I’ll go ahead and play it, and when we come back, we’ll both give you our reasons why.  Here’s BJ Palmer in 1931 with “The Scientific Progress of Chiropractic.”


[transitional sfx]

[original, 1931 BJ Palmer Broadcast Recording:  The Scientific Progress of Chiropractic]

Announcer: It is my pleasure to introduce Dr. BJ Palmer, president of the Palmer School of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa.  He is the only son of DD Palmer, the Founder of Chiropractic.  Dr. Palmer has developed the principles and practice of Chiropractic, and is recognized, the world over, as the foremost authority on Chiropractic.  His subject is:  The Scientific Progress of Chiropractic.  Dr. Palmer….

Dr. BJ Palmer: The story of Chiropractic is simple.  Its birth was simple.  The principle is simple.  The practice is simple.  Results are just as simple to understand and attain.

The first Chiropractic adjustment was given in 1895 to a man of impaired hearing.  My father, DD Palmer, observed a subluxation in this man’s spinal column.  He decided to restore this subluxated vertebra to its normal position.  The miraculous improvement which resulted from the adjustment of this vertebral subluxation led to patient, diligent research and investigation.

Two theories were advanced.  First, that a vertebra in the spinal column could be subluxated and could be adjusted by hand.  Second, that this subluxation could interfere with an abstract mental impulse flow of energy and when the vertebra was adjusted, it restored this flow of energy between brain and body.  Results secured in many cases together with coupled research and clinical practice, substantiated the fundamental proof of these theories.  But until the discovery of the X-ray and the invention of the Neurocalometer, it was not possible to prove the principles and practices of Chiropractic by the use of scientific methods.  The discovery by the German physicist, Roentgen, of the X-ray made it possible to prove the subluxation of vertebrae.  That the segments of the backbone could be, and were,  out of alignment before an adjustment, and that they could be, and were, realigned by Chiropractic adjustment.  This fact took the vertebral subluxation and its existence, out of the field of theory and put it into the field of science.

With the use of the X-ray, the Chiropractor produces a picture of the spinal column called a spinograph.  The spinograph is a photographic film on which has been cast a shadow of the spine.  Much the same as the shadow of a hand is cast on the  wall.  The spine shadow on the film gives the minute detail on the parts of the patient’s spine.  When measured at different points, the moveable parts compared, the accurate size of the exit of the nerves from the spinal cord between the parts of the backbone are seen.  Showing the decrease from normal size of exits, or holes, causing a pinching of the nerves which creates pressure on such nerves and thereby interferes with the transmission of vital energy between the brain and various parts of the body.  The discovery of the X-ray made it possible for Chiropractors to scientifically prove the existence of vertebral subluxation.

Then came the invention of the Neurocalometer by DD Evins.  Chiropractic contains that dis-ease is lack or excess of function in an organ or part of the body.  And that all bodily function is controlled by the brain which generates the vital energy within the individual carried by the nerves to the organs, muscles, and tissues of the body.  Naturally, when interference occurs to the transmission of this vital nerve energy between the brain and the body, heat is manifested at points of interference.  The Neurocalometer is a scientific instrument designed to detect very minute temperature differences along the spine.  It locates accurately points of spinal nerve interference.  It makes a comparative heat reading registered through the medium of a thermopile and a galvanometer.  The use of the neurocalometer enables the Chiropractor to determine the points of nerve pressure in the spine.  And after Chiropractic adjustments have been given, for releasing such pressure, further use of the instrument provides accurate knowledge as to whether the nerve pressure has been released and in what degree.

The second fundamental theory of Chiropractic — the existence of mental impulse interference — has been established as a scientific fact.  Chiropractic is no longer the practice of theoretical principles.  These have been established as scientifically demonstrable facts by the use of scientific equipment.   Consult a Chiropractor in your community who will give you the best Chiropractic health service possible by the use of the X-ray and Neurocalometer.


Call me weird, but I just never get tired of this.

Okay, so of the five, that was our favorite.  Here’s Mr. Water’s to tell you his reasons why….


Todd Waters: I like the fact that he mentioned his father and paid homage to him — being the first Chiropractor.  I like the fact that he mentioned the invention of the X-ray and the… help me out with this one…

Dr. Lamar: Neurocalometer.

Todd Waters: That’s right.  That thing.  It was probably the first time on recording that he mentioned these inventions so it just kind of captured the moment of history.


[transitional sfx]

And why do hold this one out as being my favorite?  Well, I agree with what Todd said, but I truly love what BJ said in the very beginning.

He said, “The story of Chiropractic is simple.  Its birth was simple.   The principle is simple.  The practice is simple.  Results are just as simple to understand and attain.”

I love that!  It is simple!  Chiropractic at its most fundamental level is simple… its basic.  And so incredibly beautiful when allowed to be practiced this way.   Simply providing the nervous system a chance to function at its God-given potential by moving a bone off a nerve.  That’s Chiropractic, period.  And I love it!


[transitional sfx]

There were a couple of other things I enjoyed about the recordings in general… of course, the old-time radio presentation, complete with the pops and clicks of the recording…  I love that!..   But I have to say, I’ve never heard the word “ver-te-BRAY” pronounced “ver-te-BREE.”  I don’t know, somewhere along the lines the pronunciation may have been lost… or maybe some of my colleagues say it that way.  I don’t know.  I suppose we could chalk it up to a “ToMAYtoes — ToMOToes” sort of thing.

There was one other word that he used, that is a great word… but it’s just not used today — at least not like it used to be. And that word is “meritorious.” …an adjective defined as something that is deserving of reward or praise.  He used it in what would have been Part 2 of our series, when he said:  No greater service can be rendered than that of restoring health to the sick and suffering, and a competent Chiropractor in any community will deliver a meritorious and effective health service.”

Maybe we can bring the word back!  Try dropping it into your next conversation.


[transitional sfx]

Speaking of “meritorious” I saw a meritorious FaceBook page the other day that blew my socks off.  And I just want to say a big hello to Dr. Jim Dubel — aka Outlaw Jim — over at the New Beginnings Chiropractic Weekends, “Chiropractic History, Heritage, and Tradition” FaceBook page. Talk about a Chiropractic History Photo Album!  Prior to visiting this site, I thought I’d seen a fair number of the photos from the early days of Chiropractic… not so.  Wow!  I was like a kid in a candy store… it was so amazing.  And, of course, what was especially fascinating to me were the photos he had of the WOC and the whole “radio thing.”  It was great to be able to see some of the things I’ve been reading about and researching.

So, let me just say this, if you are a Chiropractor… there is absolutely no reason you should not visit this site.  It is so cool.  It’s where you came from… and its the reason why you are able to practice today…. and the history is so fascinating.  I’ll put a link in the show notes …and check it out and become a “Fan” of it.  And If you are not a chiropractor…. I’m sorry you’re not allowed in.  Just kidding, go check it out yourself too.

I have gone ahead and I’ve sprinkled some of the photos that really excited me, regarding radio, throughout all of the transcripts in the show notes of this series as well as the transcripts for the first series I produced entitled “From Broadcasting to Podcasting: Chiropractic is On the Air!”  And,of course, those links are in today’s show notes as well.

A Group Broadcast in WOC Studio with BJ Palmer in Foreground.

But there is one photo that I really like that I’ve placed up front in this episode’s show notes — I encourage you to go check it out when you can.  But basically this is a photo taken inside the recording studio of WOC.  In the photo are seven men.  One of them is BJ.. he’s seated in the foreground, wearing white.  (He’s the guy with the beard).  One of the other men, is obviously the announcer… he’s the one holding the microphone.  I don’t know who the other men were… that of course would be interesting to know, as well as what they might have been talking.  But the photo gets fun when you start looking around the studio.  You’ll notice the heavy, black drapery on the walls and the carpeting on the floor… well, that was used to help soundproof the room… which is ironic when you notice the furniture they were sitting on — wicker.  The were sitting on wicker furniture!  Wicker furnishings were very popular back then… but seriously.   I grew up with wicker furniture… its not quiet…  You know, everyone knows when you are sitting down…. probably not the best choice for a sound recording studio.

Inside the BJ Palmer Manison

Also in the photo is a piano and an organ against the walls.  Remember that per federal regulations, no “canned” music was allowed.  And then up in the ceiling area you’ll see a large wooden branch… with a stuffed bird of prey perched on it…. that would be BJ’s interior design prowess.  He loved collecting stuff and his mansion was… well it was packed with stuff.

And then probably the coolest thing in this photo, and you might not see it unless you are looking for it, but against the back wall is BJ’s version of the familiar broadcasting “On the Air” sign.  Remember back in last episode when we talked about BJ’s text, “Radio Salesmanship” … and how he was really big on on cutting out nonessential words?… or “Goat Feathers,” as he called them?  So — in this sign here, we’re talking about –why use three words, (On the Air) when you can just use one.  He sign said it perfectly and was straight to the point:  “Silence.”


[transitional sfx]

Okay, now it’s time for the segment that I pitched at the beginning of the show…. “Memories from Dave.”


[transitional sfx]

BJP announcing on WOC

This out of Dave Palmer’s Memoirs… he recalls in the Early Days of Radio, announcers were never permitted to use their names… but instead were referred to by their initials.  As a matter of fact, if you check out the show notes, I have a photo of a postcard advertisement they had entitled “Familiar Voices of WOC.”  This was a postcard of the station’s regular announcers.  On that you’ll notice BJ on the left as he was one of the announcers– and when he was announcing, he was known as  “BJP.”  On the right is announcer FWE, otherwise known as Frank W. Elliott, DC.  Elliott not only served as announcer in the early years, but also as the Palmer School of Chiropractic registrar and the WOC general manager.  He was also instrumental in in helping to organize the National Association of Broadcasters — in which he would serve on the board and act as president.  And at the top, is a photo of a man that Dave Palmer held in high regard, Stan Barnett, or BWS…. as he was known.  He was a student at Palmer School of Chiropractic and was the first station manager of WOC.  Dave wrote in his memoirs, “Stan Barnett now lives in Michigan. He has remained a close friend of mine throughout the years. When we get together, we enjoy reminiscing about the early days of broadcasting. A finer gentlemen never lived. We were very fortunate to have Stan Barnett pilot us through the rough waters of early day radio.”  Of course Dave was quick to point out that when he was behind the microphone announcing, he was DDP.  I wonder how they would have worked it if grandpa were still alive wanting to announce?… (of course the joke being they had the same initials).


[transitional sfx]

Another memory:

Well, if you happen to have listened to my very first podcast on radio history (episode 005), you might remember how I opened it up.

WOC is coming to you from the Up-E-Nuf tower atop the Palmer School of Chiropractic — the Chiropractic Fountain Head in Davenport, Iowa…. where “The West Begins” and in the state “Where the Tall Corn Grows”….

Dave recalls, that “B.J., always a man for a play on words, soon made a national identification for Davenport as a place ‘Where the West Begins.’ To substantiate his statement of ‘Where the Tall Corn Grows’ both radio stations in Des Moines and Davenport had tall corn contests – the stalks were sent in to Davenport and for many months were put outside the Administration Building for the public to view.”


[transitional sfx]

But by far, the best Dave Palmer memory has got to be this one:  BJ’s radio station was very much a family affair.  And Dave remembered an “amusing moment” — as he called it… (remember Dave was just a young man at the time)…A moment in WOC’s broadcast history that Dave estimated paralleled, with respect to listener “shock, surprise, and dismay,” the renowned Orson Welles “War of the Worlds” October 30, 1938 broadcast.

Wikipedia states that “Orson Welles first found national and international fame as the director and narrator of a 1938 radio adaptation of H. G. Wells’ novel [no relation] ‘The War of the Worlds’ which, performed in the style of a news broadcast, was reported to have caused widespread panic when listeners supposedly thought that an extraterrestrial invasion was occurring. Although these reports of panic were mostly false, they rocketed Welles to instant notoriety.”

Here’s a clip of that historical broadcast…


[Orson Welles – Mercury Theatre on the air – October 30, 1938 Radio Broadcast of “The War of the Worlds.” http://www.archive.org/details/OrsonWellesMrBruns]

[orchestra music]

Announcer:…Ladies and gentlemen, we interrupt our program of dance music to bring you a special bulletin from the Intercontinental Radio News.

At twenty minutes before eight, central time, Professor Farrell of the Mount Jennings Observatory, Chicago, Illinois, reports observing several explosions of incandescent gas, occurring at regular intervals on the planet Mars. The spectroscope indicates the gas to be hydrogen and moving towards the earth with enormous velocity.

Professor Pierson of the Observatory at Princeton confirms Farrell’s observation, and describes the phenomenon as, quote, “like a jet of blue flame shot from a gun,” unquote.

We now return you to the music of Ramón Raquello, playing for you in the Meridian Room of the Park Plaza Hotel, situated in downtown New York.

[orchestra music]


Now, here’s how young Dave Palmer remembers their memorable WOC incident — which from my estimate occurred 12 to 15 years prior — making Dave about 17 or 18 years old, plus or minus a year.

Here’s his story:

BJ and Big Ben

“One Sunday evening the family, Mother, Dad and myself, were in the music room listening to a beautiful program. Grace Lohmiller was a vocalist for the program, [and] was a leading artist of Davenport…. she sang at all patriotic and other important events. She was very well known and very respected for her talents.

“Before continuing with this story it is well to note our St. Bernard dog, Big Ben, had died while we were on a trip to the Orient. Dad had him mounted and stuffed by Mr. Warmbath who Teddy Roosevelt had used to preserve his trophies. Then Dad positioned Ben under the piano, in the customary spot where he had always slept.

“It was not a bit unusual for Grace to turn and look at Big Ben as she had done so many times previously. During one of her vocal numbers it suddenly dawned on her that Big Ben was not alive. She paused suddenly and let out a scream, ‘MY GOD, HE’S DEAD!’ Nothing was done to stop the accompaniment – it continued with the hymn, ‘Nearer My God to Thee.’

[Edison Concert Band — Nearer My God to Thee (1904).  http://www.archive.org/details/NearerMyGodToTheeByEdisonConcertBand1904]

“Dad and I were so startled by her scream we were immobilized and stunned. We couldn’t think quickly enough to make an explanation on the air so we let it go and did nothing about it. You can imagine the consequences of this to the millions of radio listeners. Can you picture a couple up in South Dakota somewhere listening to the beautiful church music in the silent void of a quiet and snowy night and hearing with earphones, ‘My God – he’s dead?’

“This left questions in the minds of thousands of people across the North American continent wondering what had occurred. WOC and B.J. printed up an explanation of this incident which was mailed in response to the countless people sending letters and postcards of inquiry.

“It was indeed a dramatic experience. Many years later, there was an occasion which, in a fashion, paralleled our experience. That was the Orson Welles presentation of ‘The War of the Worlds.’ The shock, surprise and dismay indicated by listeners was very evident in both instances.”

Unbelievable!  One of the references I ran across stated that Big Ben died of a heart attack while chasing a poodle across the street.


[transitional sfx]

Well folks, that’s about it.  I certainly have enjoyed the opportunity to dig deeper into Chiropractic’s Radio History… And I probably wouldn’t have done so, had Todd Waters not gifted me the responsibility of podcasting his incredible Salvation Army find of the BJ Palmer Broadcast talks.  And he wanted to do this for YOU.  That’s right YOU.  You would have pressed stop a long time ago if you didn’t have an interest and a passion in our subject today….  Whether you are a Chiropractor, chiropractic patient or historian, an old time radio fanatic, or a relative of mine.  I want to thank you so much for listening and to Todd Waters for doing the right thing and preserving this amazing piece of history.  Something that really, for all practical purposes should have been a heap of shellac dust… the fact that these records were still intact and hanging out at a Salvation Army is truly amazing!

To my colleagues/ out there that have contacted me through various means, I want to thank you for your warm reception of our podcast, excitement of this find, and encouragement that you’ve given me personally.  Thank you very much.

When it became obvious that these episodes were being passed around in the Chiropractic Community and generating excitement– and boy it can certainly spread fast with Social Media when it wants to…. I shot Todd off an email to let him know. He responded with… he said:

“Great!  After one listen to your podcasts I was so impressed I knew this was the place to preserve and share these recordings forever.  I really appreciate your show’s commentaries on chiropractic and BJ Palmer that tell the rest of the story behind these records.  I’m glad they are generating some excitement!”

Well Todd, we are too… and this is a message to you  Chiropractors out there… we need to get these out.  This is something that every Chiropractor…. every Chiropractic student… and every Chiropractic patient should have, at least have the opportunity to listen to the Developer of Chiropractic on the radio.

So Tweat it up, FaceBook away, Email it… whatever it takes.  Let others know!  To help you out, each episode’s show notes on SpinalColumnRadio.com has Socializing Links.


[transitional sfx]

Well, I want to conclude with one more thing here… As excited as I am about all of this, B.J. was even more excited.

In 1924, at the two year anniversary of his radio station, he wrote a bit of prose in his “Fountain Head News” that gives you a sense of the potential and power that he saw Radio having in the lives of people.  He wrote it from the perspective of the radio station itself.  And if you listen closely each comment was chosen carefully and had meaning, and perhaps its a bit lofty in places, but it’s so interesting.

It’s entitled:


I am a Voice pulsating in the ether, filling the air everywhere.

I am an Idea, handed down from the Divine Mind, and I am hailed with joy as a messenger of inspiration, the forerunner of bigger and better things.

I was first heard and made captive by dreamers of dreams; men who had visions and inspiration when insulated from earth life by slumber; unselfish men who gave me to others without money and without price.

At first I could speak only in whispers.  Now my voice, of higher planes, has been strengthened and magnified by cunning craftsmen setting dull wires vibrating and pulsating to the sound.

At first I was a feeble toy, the plaything of youth; but I have grown until the keenest minds on earth are at work to give fuller expression to my voice and to increase the good I can do.

My voice is still the voice of youth; but I have changed the life of nations.

I am the new voice that is revolutionizing the methods of teaching.  Times change, but the human heart never changes.  The pulpit and the university reach the few; but I reach the masses of the common people, and “God must love the common people, for he made so many of them” — as the immortal Lincoln said.

My voice appeals to every class — the young and old, rich and poor, great and small, of every color, creed or dogma.  But my voice links you to the unseen, higher life that exists in you, with you and all around you; that recognizes a belief in God as a personal possession instead of a profession.

I have revealed that the voice lifted in prayer may reach the farthest heaven.

I travel with speed of light and thought, and speak in many places at all hours.  By my magic you are whirled through space from the poles to the equator; from above the clouds to the gardens on the ocean floor; from the marts of busy men to the haunts of the wild beast; from the King’s chamber to the hut of the savage.

I speak in Davenport and at the same time my voice is heard in Paris and Honolulu.

I make a tour of the world possible in your home — taking the listener everywhere and broadening his mind and making him a better citizen.

I have brought the ends of the earth together and for the first time people of the world understand each other’s needs.

I comfort the sick, cheer the lonely and uplift the depressed.

I delight, enthuse, inspire and uplift all the higher planes of living; speaking to the lonely men sitting in remote places and amide mountain snows or desert sands; bringing the news of the day and the familiar songs of long ago.

I bring the family closer together and bind them with cords of mutual interest and better understanding of what is best in life.

I keep wayward restless youths in the home circle during the long evenings, while I fill them with delight, singing the best songs, telling the latest news, or describing the last marvels of science.

I am located on the Roof Garden of Up-E-Nuf, in a home on the brow of a hill overlooking the placid banks of the Mississippi, adjoining which is the greatest corn producing territory of the world, all of which is surrounded by the cattle, hogs, poultry, and dairy market of the world.


I am on the air many times a day.



[outro theme music]

Well that’s will put a bow on our 5-part BJ Palmer Broadcast series. Thank you to Todd Waters for making this all possible.

Spinal Column Radio would like to remind you that this is 1931 chiropractic… and that true health comes from the inside out — not outside in.  As such, the content of this podcast, along with the show notes and related links, is not intended to cure, diagnose, treat, or prevent any disease.  But, instead, is meant to inform and inspire you in asking better questions regarding your health.  Since the circumstances surrounding your particular situation are unique, you are encouraged to consult with a present day Doctor of Chiropractic — or other health care practitioner of your choosing.

Next time on Spinal Column Radio, it’s an “Extraordinary Chiropractor Who Did an Extraordinary Thing”… we’ll chat with Dr. David T. Ryan of Columbus, Ohio and find out how he took what many would call a liability and turned it into a Chiropractic landmark!  That’s in two weeks.  So, until then, for my son Logan, tweaking the knobs on the mixer board, this is Dr. Thomas Lamar, your podcast chiropractor.


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Dr. Lamar.

Excellent program. Thanks for the history lesson and thanks to you and Mr. Waters for the BJ audio – fantastic!

I interviewed Dr. Gary Golembiewski, who gave a great presentation about his father when he worked at the Palmer Clinic of Davenport, Iowa.

It included audio of BJ giving a health orientation talk to his new patients at the clinic.

Visit this link to hear that interview, and to hear bits of BJ’s health talk: History of the Palmer Clinic – Davenport, IA.

Spinal column radio is excellent, Dr. Lamar… Can’t wait for future episodes.


Comment by Dr. Paul Hambrick

Thank your Dr. Hambrick for listening! So nice to interact with another in the small community of chiropractor podcasters.

Folks, I did listen to Dr. Hambrick’s BJ Palmer history podcast and absolutely loved it! Find out what BJ was up to in the mid 40’s. I encourage interested parties to check it out. His show can be found at http://uppercervicaldocs.com.

Thank you Dr. Hambrick for putting it together. Its through these efforts — and the power of podcasting — that our chiropractic historical roots can live on in an exciting new way to be accessed now and for future generations. Keep up the good work and keep in touch!

Dr. L

Comment by drlamar

Hey Dr. Lamar,
Thank you for the great podcast! Your program is very informative and engaging. The Dr. B.J. Palmer
episodes were amazing. His wisdom is just as relevant now as it was back then.
Keep up the great work.
D DeLano

Comment by David DeLano

Hi David –
So glad that you enjoyed them and found value in them. Thanks for listening!

Dr. Lamar

Comment by drlamar

Dr. Lamar,

You have a special gift to entertain and inform. Well done! I am referring the world to listen to this program. Thank You. Thank You…And Thank you again!!!

Liam P. Schubel D.C.


Comment by Liam Schubel

Dr. Schubel-

Thank you so much for the kind words of encouragement! And yes… please tell the world about our show!!!

I am looking forward to meeting (and interviewing) you at the New Beginnings Chiropractic Weekend this Fall. Should be a lot of fun.

Comment by drlamar

“My God, He’s dead!” Nothing like live radio. A stupendous podcast series from my favorite podcast chiropractor. FA

Comment by Frank Acevedo

Frank – Wasn’t that just classic! Thank you for the accolades.

BTW… I want to publicly thank my side-kick-audio-engineer-son, Logan Lamar, for doing a great job voicing the part of young Dave. 😀

Comment by drlamar

Dear Dr Lamar,
put another dot in your map, may be I am your farthest listener: I am chiropractor from Argentina.
I have to thank you warmly for your programs about BJ Palmer; I enjoyed a lot hearing him talking ! I am a fan of BJ, I used to teach chiropractic history in our association and I can´t tell you how happy I am to be able to put your program in a CD and listen it in my car on my way to the office.
Again: thank you and Mr Todd Waters !
Roberto Chalukian

Comment by Roberto Chalukian

Dr. Chalukian –

So glad to hear from Argentina! I’m so happy to hear that you are enjoying the BJ Palmer radio broadcasts. I share in your excitement. Mr. Waters really came across a great find… and then to share them with us in the way that he did made the find even better!

Now, as for being my furthest listener…. I did a little research on that. You are close. You are 6,946 miles away. My stats show a listener in New Delhi, India which is 7,023 miles away. BUT… because you took the time to drop us a line…. I’m going to count you as my furthest listener that cares. 🙂

Thanks for writing and keep listening!

Dr. Lamar

Comment by drlamar

An email worth posting:

I am so word bound currently after listening to your podcast it is ABSOLUTELY, UNBELIEVABLE! I am a BJ Palmer NUT I try to collect everything and anything BJ Palmer related. I currently have a very large collection of BJ recordings, greenbooks his original Knee – chest table, NCM’s including the original very first NCM (and it still works with DD Evans initials on it from 1924), etc. etc. I would love to know how to get a copy of these NEW finds. I am trying to keep my heart rate down my heart is pounding out of my chest!!! The absolute KICKER is I practice BJ Palmer ChiropracTIC in MIDLAND MICHIGAN!!!!!!!! Where Todd Waters apparently found them! Can you BELIEVE THAT?????? I am begging and pleading for a response back. I don’t know where to go from here BUT I am GEEK!!!! I would love to get a copy of those lectures PLEASE!!! Thank you in advance.

Steven B. Simmons D.C.
Midland, MI

My Response:

Hi Steven –

So glad to hear from you! How ironic that you practice in Midland Michigan. Sounds like you have an amazing collection!!! I just got through interviewing some big names in chiropractic this weekend and the New Beginnings Chiropractic Weekends in NJ. One of the 23 interviews was with Dr. Gary Street…. he’s a chiro history buff and that’s what occupied the bulk of our conversation. It was a blast.
To answer your question… Todd has stopped selling them and instead choose to “Give Them Back” to the Chiropractic profession through our podcast. So, simply go to our website to each of the BJ Palmer Episodes (17 – 21) and Right Click on the “Download this episode” link (or ctrl-click for Mac). That will allow you to download the entire episode onto your hard drive for you to have as your own. If for some reason you do not want all of the extra stuff that surrounds it (ie. my commentary and the Todd Waters interview) you can then put them into an audio editor program such as Audacity or Garage Band and cut out the parts you don’t want and then create a new MP3. You could even string them all together to make one file.

Thanks for writing and keep listening. I’m sure to talk about chiro history in the future. 🙂

Dr. Lamar

Comment by drlamar

Another email worth posting:

Tom, what a fantastic thing you have done here. I am a second generation DC from Islip, NY and learned about this at New Beginnings last weekend. I especially loved the old BJ records. How can I get a copy of them. Thanks – Glen

My response:

Thanks Glen for the encouragement! NB was great.

You can download the episodes right there at SpinalColumnRadio.com. Go to the episode that you want and Right-Click (Ctrl-Click for Mac) on the “Download this episode…” link. Choose the “Download Linked File As…” option. Name the file what you want and choose where you want it saved. The episode should then download to your hard drive. Let me know if that doesn’t work for you.


His Response:

Hey Tom, I have downloaded all the 23 segments (#24 seems to point to #23 and downloads another copy of #23) and started playing them in the reception room. Great response too! But what I was curious about was if the BJ records were played in their entirety and if I could get copies of just the 5 recordings by themselves? Keep it up! – Glen

My Response:

Hi Glen —

Fantastic! Glad to hear that you are playing these in your waiting room…. Thank you for finding that link error. I have fixed it. Episode 024 works now for downloading. As far as the BJ records… they were played in their entirety. You are not the only one to ask if they could get the recordings minus the other stuff. Let me think this through as to how I will do it….. but I will do it for those who really want them. Give me a little time. Still unraveling from the amazing NB experience.


Comment by drlamar

Here’s a nice FaceBook Message from a doctor at the New Beginnings Chiropractic Weekends gathering that Logan and I attended. Look for more information on that event in episode 025.

Hey Thomas!

I really enjoyed you and your son this weekend at NB ‘on air’. Sorry, I did not get a chance to introduce myself and meet you guys.

Keep up your great work!



My Response:

Thanks Sonny! Logan and I had a fantastic time.


Comment by drlamar

Okay…. the hardcore BJ fans have spoken. While they are estatic about our production of BJ Palmer on the Radio… what they really want is the pure unadulterated recordings of BJ Palmer on the Radio with out Lamar adding his 2 cents. I understand. But I’m not going to make it real obvious. In fact, this is the only mention of it on my website. Simply go to https://spinalcolumnradio.com/bj-palmer-radio-vault/
and use password: WondersOfChiro

…And then you are in! Instructions are on that page. Plus there’s a really cool picture of BJ on the WHO microphone that I just came across. Oh… and please leave a comment on that page. It will be sort of like a BJ Palmer Fan Club log.


Dr. Thomas Lamar

Comment by drlamar

Doc – Just finished the five part series, I’m doing a radioshow too, every other week, live and one hour long in Gary Indiana! iTS A BLAST! I love Podcast, keep up the good work! Keep that chiro history flowing.

peace RHK DC – PCC 4/88

Comment by robert kauffman dc

Dr. Bob thanks so much for listening and I appreciate the encouragement!…. and from a fellow podcast chiropractor no less. 😉

Dr. Lamar

Comment by drlamar

Great website

Comment by landon kirk, dc

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