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March 8, 2013, 1:44 pm
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We’re “ReBlogging” select articles from SpinalColumnBlog.com — the platform that gave inspiration for what you now know as Spinal Column Radio.

As we approach the anniversary of the passing of the Legendary ChiropracTOR, Reggie Gold, we’re showcasing an article that we’re including in our “Remembering Reggie Collection.” Originally published in our community newspaper’s March 2012 edition, this article tells the story of how this iconic figure in chiropractic ended up behind our mics.

– Check out the “components” that make up our Remembering Reggie Collection


[originally published in KCN, March 2012Panning for Gold -alaska-state-library-photograph-pca-44-3-15-sourdough-in-stream-panning-for-gold-skinner]

When I started Spinal Column Radio two years ago, my original intention was merely to refresh and repurpose the decade and half of articles I had written for the Kingston Community News into a radio-style format.  I never dreamt that our show would take such a radical and exciting turn, sending my audio-engineer-son and I coast to coast interviewing some of the most influential and greatest philosophical minds in our profession.  I was being described as the “Larry King” of chiropractic.

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