Chiro Pictograms Debut

You’ve heard of BJ’s Epigrams: short, sometimes witty, nuggets of thought provoking prose displayed on the walls of the PSC…. but have you heard of “Watergrams?” 

Okay…. I confess:  That’s what I wanted to call them.

Our own Todd Waters (ChiroPicker/BJ Character/Jingle Singer) actually refers to them as “Chiropractic Pictograms,” and he’s sharing his creation right here on SpinalColumnRadio.com.

We’ve created a special page that showcases his favorites.  Just click on the image below (or the one just like it in the left column) and jump right to it.

Chiro Pictogram button

Chiro-Picker’s Fresh Pick — Remembering Reggie Collection: Finding “The Golden Facts of Life — and Health”

Updated Picker Imageby  Todd Waters, aka “The Chiro-Picker” – SpinalColumnRadio featured blogger

reggie-gold-chiropractor(2)Reggie Gold one of Chiropractic’s last living legends and master of communication passed away March 24 2012. I had little knowledge of Reggie until I heard his interviews here on Spinalcolumnradio.  

As a Picker of collectibles, one of my specialties is record LP’s.  The more unusual the subject matter on the record, the more interesting it becomes to me.  I am especially intrigued with spoken word records when an author reads his work, or a pilot instructs how to fly a plane, …or even when — as you’ll soon find out — a master at communicating the chiropractic message demonstrates his art in front of a live audience.   Continue reading

Episode 065 — Chiropractic United’s, Dr. Fred DiDomenico


Title: Chiropractic United’s, Dr. Fred DiDomenico

Episode Number: 065

Host: Dr. Thomas Lamar

Show Date: 05/31/11

Run Time: 40:31

DescriptionJoin Dr. Thomas Lamar as he goes “Live-to-Hard Drive” for an interview with Chiropractic United and Elite Coaching’s Dr. Fred DiDomenico.  …. And here’s a twist, this one’s recorded in the home base Spinal Column Radio studio in Kingston, WA.

Listen Now!

Download this episode by right clicking (control-click for Mac)


LIVE 2 Hard Drive

in the Spinal Column Radio Studio with

Fred DiDomenico, DC

Dr. Fred DiDomenico joins Dr. Lamar and Logan for an interview in the Spinal Column Radio Studio.

• Learn more about Dr. Fred DiDomenico

– Website: Chiropractic United

– Website: Elite Coaching 

– Dr. DiDomenico’s Facebook Page 

– Chiropractic United Podcast interview with Dr. Lamar

Chiropractic United Podcast in iTunes

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