Episode 065 — Chiropractic United’s, Dr. Fred DiDomenico


Title: Chiropractic United’s, Dr. Fred DiDomenico

Episode Number: 065

Host: Dr. Thomas Lamar

Show Date: 05/31/11

Run Time: 40:31

DescriptionJoin Dr. Thomas Lamar as he goes “Live-to-Hard Drive” for an interview with Chiropractic United and Elite Coaching’s Dr. Fred DiDomenico.  …. And here’s a twist, this one’s recorded in the home base Spinal Column Radio studio in Kingston, WA.

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LIVE 2 Hard Drive

in the Spinal Column Radio Studio with

Fred DiDomenico, DC

Dr. Fred DiDomenico joins Dr. Lamar and Logan for an interview in the Spinal Column Radio Studio.

• Learn more about Dr. Fred DiDomenico

– Website: Chiropractic United

– Website: Elite Coaching 

– Dr. DiDomenico’s Facebook Page 

– Chiropractic United Podcast interview with Dr. Lamar

Chiropractic United Podcast in iTunes

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