Episode 085 — Chiropractic BioPhysics’, Dr. Deed Harrison


Title: Chiropractic BioPhysics’, Dr. Deed Harrison

Episode Number: 085

Host: Dr. Thomas Lamar

Show Date: 08/19/11

Run Time: 22:37

Description:  Join Dr. Lamar for conversation with the most published chiropracTOR in Index Medicus and one who will continue to carry the torch his legendary chiropracTOR father, Don Harrison, lit for chiropracTIC… Dr. Deed Harrison. Recorded on location at the Orange County Performing Arts Center at the Dead Chiropractic Society’s 4th Annual California Jam, 2011.

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ON LOCATION with the

Dead Chiropractic Society’s

An Interview with

Chiropractic BioPhysics’

Deed Harrison, DC

DCS California Jam


Dr. Thomas Lamar hangs with Dr. Deed Harrison behind the mics of Spinal Column Radio at the 2011 California Jam.

• Learn more about Deed Harrison, DC

Chiropractic BioPhysics 

Chiropractic United

Deed’s Facebook Page 

– Deed’s podcasts: Chiropractic United and CBP

Deed’s favorite research article he’s authored

• Link to what we talked about on the podcast


– Learn more about Big Top Legacy Gathering 

Donald Harrison, DC (1946 – 2011) 

– Dr. Lamar on the Chiropractic United Podcast (April 2011)

Dr. Fred DiDomenico on Spinal Column Radio (episode 065) 

– Billy D on Spinal Column Radio (episode 037 and 076)

• Learn more about the California Jam

– Website: CaliforniaJam.org

– Website: DeadChiropracticSociety.com

– Facebook California Jam – Dead Chiropractic Society

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Episode 065 — Chiropractic United’s, Dr. Fred DiDomenico


Title: Chiropractic United’s, Dr. Fred DiDomenico

Episode Number: 065

Host: Dr. Thomas Lamar

Show Date: 05/31/11

Run Time: 40:31

DescriptionJoin Dr. Thomas Lamar as he goes “Live-to-Hard Drive” for an interview with Chiropractic United and Elite Coaching’s Dr. Fred DiDomenico.  …. And here’s a twist, this one’s recorded in the home base Spinal Column Radio studio in Kingston, WA.

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LIVE 2 Hard Drive

in the Spinal Column Radio Studio with

Fred DiDomenico, DC

Dr. Fred DiDomenico joins Dr. Lamar and Logan for an interview in the Spinal Column Radio Studio.

• Learn more about Dr. Fred DiDomenico

– Website: Chiropractic United

– Website: Elite Coaching 

– Dr. DiDomenico’s Facebook Page 

– Chiropractic United Podcast interview with Dr. Lamar

Chiropractic United Podcast in iTunes

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