Episode 100 — Remembering the Past 100 Episodes…. Ten Memories, Bloopers, and Awkward Moments — You Don’t Know About!


Title: Ten Memories, Bloopers, and Awkward Moments — You Don’t Know About!

Episode Number: 100

Host: Dr. Thomas Lamar

Show Date: 11/21/11

Run Time: 86:42

Description:  Join us for our 100th Spinal Column Radio episode!…. a benchmark episode the Lamar family conspires to “hijack”…. see how the family takes over this show and puts Dad in the guest chair as they extract, in a Countdown format, ten Spinal Column Radio memories, bloopers, and awkward moments you don’t know about, from the first 100 episodes.

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“I want to encourage you to leave Tom and Logan a comment to help commerate this notable milestone in their podcasting adventure!”

– Keri Mae Lamar, your podcast chiropractor’s wife

• Special Thanks to my beautiful wife, Keri, for hosting our 100th Episode of Spinal Column Radio.  She did a great job!  Check out her Happy Home Podcast over at AHappyHomeMedia.com.

• BJ Palmer Not Happy About SCR’s 100th Episode???

Watch the Chiro-Picker’s other BJ Palmer Videos

• TOP 10 Countdown

– memories, bloopers, and awkward moments


SCR Episode 094 with Drs. Patti Giuliano and Pam Jarboe


– SCR Episode 011 with Dr. Rennie Statler


– SCR Episode 026 with Dr. Jim Dubel


Dr. Lamar interviewed on the Podcast Answerman


– SCR Episode 025 Live On Stage with Dr. Bill Henry

– SCR Episode 036 special Live Podcast at Kingston Rotary meeting

– SCR Episode 055 Live On Stage with Dr. Guy Riekeman


– SCR Episode 039 with Dr. Liam Schubel

SCR Episode 053 with Dr. Chuck Ribely


– Dr. Lamar interviews Dr. Russ Rosen in the Rain (SCR 092)

– Dr. Lamar interviews his dad in a hot tub (SCR 078)

– Service Above Self Radio – ‘Man on the Street’ Fun Run Interview


– SCR Episode 058 Dr. Lamar interviewed on Dr. Jason Black’s Dallas radio show


– SCR Episode 083 with Mr. Keith Wassung

SCR Episode 071 with Dr. Erich Breitenmoser


– Logan joins in on the show about Torticollis  (SCR 007)


SCR Episode 030 and 031 with Dr. Reggie Gold


SCR Episode 059 with Dr. Dean Sottile

SCR Episode 090 with Dr. Phil Yamamoto


– Intro examples for  SCR 002, SCR 027, SCR 096, and the trashed voice on SCR 079


– SCR Episode 091 with Dr. Lyle Koca

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Congrats on Episode 100! I’m honored to have been a part of the beginning of Spinal Column Radio and am proud of what you have done with it, Dr. Lamar. Here’s to 100 more!


Comment by Robin Leigh Hendricks

Robin – I’ll never forget when you were on our team and I announced at one of our meetings (September 2009) that I was going to start a chiropractic podcast…. Your eyes got real big and you looked like you were going to burst with excitement! I really appreciated your support… and thank you for all the transcription work you did for us back in the the early days when we transcribed every podcast. 🙂 -tom

Comment by drlamar

Great job Team Lamar! That was a fun episode. You’re doing great work. It’s amazing that Spinal Column Radio started with a microphone and an idea. And now it’s two microphones and a few more ideas and a lot of people who want to hear them.

Comment by Todd Waters

From “…a microphone and an idea” to “two microphones and a few more ideas….” Love it! Thank you Todd. It truly is exciting to look back in the review mirror at the journey so far. So glad that you were (and continue to be) a part of it. 😀 -tom

“…Spinal Column Radio started with a microphone and an idea…. Now it’s two microphones and a few more ideas and a lot of people who want to hear them.” – Todd Waters, chiro-picker

Comment by drlamar

Very cool! This was a really good episode! Great job Lamar family! Dr. Tom you have really evolved as a speaker/interviewer/show host/reporter/DJ etc. Thank you so much for all the hard work and thank you Logan for all you do for SCR! The informative, principled and holistic nature of your podcast has given me wings and I appreciate your content. SCR has allowed me to network and learn from DC’s that I would not have otherwise had the opportunity. As a future DC I am grateful for all you do! Congratulations, Dr T!

Comment by Patrick Dunphy

Thank you so much Patrick for your listenership and the kind and encouraging words. It excites me to know that our hard work is helping you on your path to becoming a TOR. – tom

Comment by drlamar

    Congratulatory messages are coming in via Facebook:

Gwen Tanner Gardner: Congratulations!

Kevin Donka Congrats and thanks a million Thomas and Logan!

Vicki Fox Prescott THANK YOU for all you do Dr. Tom and Logan!!!!

Ellen Smith I remember your excitement on episode 1….congrats on making it to 100!

Liam Schubel Congratulations! You are a blessing to the planet.

Donald Goreham Congratulations Logan! Tell that guy that works for you Congrats too! lol

Gilles Lamarche Dc Congratulations to one of the best father-son teams I have seen work and play together. You bring so much value to mankind. We are grateful for you.

Cliff Ravenscraft Tom, I am so delighted to see another of my clients make it to their 100th episode. This means the world to me and I know how exciting this milestone is for you and your son. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

James Peck What a great job the two of you do for chiropractic. Thanks and look forward to the next 100!

Ronald Vernon Congratulations!!!

Catherine Pino Congrats Dr. Lamar! To you and Logan for doing such a great job on all of your podcasts! 😀

Bill Henry A great milestone for a FABULOUS FATHER-SON TEAM!!!

…. and 28 “Likes”.

Comment by drlamar

Tom and Logan…much thanks for the many great moments you have archived on your site. We, the profession, are very grateful and wish you many more years of successful broadcasting.

Comment by Dr. Bobby Tarantino

Thank you Bob… we certainly appreciate YOU and the great support that you have been to us in this journey. – tom

Comment by drlamar

CONGRAGULATIONS!! DR. TOM!!. I still enjoy your radio on-line. I have learned new things here & there regarding chiropractic. Today I still enjoy listening to other shows of the past. Thanks for your shows!!

Comment by Kris Kruger

Thanks Kris for leaving a comment! I certainly appreciate your listenership. You have been with us for a while now. 😉 I appreciate you being part of our SCR community. – tom

Comment by drlamar

I listened to the whole episode while walking my dog Tricot today, my legs are a little sore now! Great job Logan and Keri. Congratulations Dr Tom, I am very proud of you.

Comment by Daniel J Martin (@DanJMartinWA)

Thanks Dan and Tricot…. That must have been a long walk! 😀

Comment by drlamar

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