Episode 132 — The CCE, Chiropractic, Freedom, and You!…. a wake up message from Dr. Danny Gambino


Title: The CCE, Chiropractic, Freedom and You!…. a wake up message from Dr. Danny Gambino

Episode Number: 132

Host: Dr. Thomas Lamar

Show Date: 07/15/12

Run Time: 28:39

Description:  BREAKING NEWSCCE Stakeholder’s Meeting #2 juxtaposed the Da Vinci Group Meeting in the sweltering heat of Scottsdale, Arizona (July 12, 2012). The details of what happened will come out… but none of that matters until you hear Dr. Danny Gambino’s powerful, heartfelt message: The CCE, Chiropractic, Freedom and You!  Ladies and gentlemen of chiropracTIC…. We are witnessing Chiropractic History unfold before our very eyes — a chapter that YOU have a chance to direct.  Will this be the last chapter of our book, or the greatest one yet?  YOU decide!

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Dr. Dan Gambino

The CCE, Chiropractic, Freedom, and You!


When the opportunity to attend the Da Vinci Group meeting on July 12, 2012 in Scottsdale, Arizona came up, I said yes. Why? I had no idea. Innate said go, that’s all I know. I didn’t have much to offer the group except my energy and support. But I did learn a lot.

I learned that the same people from our profession keep showing up to protect it. I learned that these same people are incredibly busy in their lives. These chiropractors would be successful without ever having to do anything else; they have made their contributions to the field and to the public; they have sent students to chiropractic colleges and have donated their time, effort, expertise, energy and money to the perpetuation of the Principle.

I learned that the way I have practiced for the past 22 years is not the way the students coming out of school will be practicing in the next few years. They will be mandated to learn a drug formulary and sew up people’s bodies with stitches. They will slowly have the concept of subluxation removed from their vocabulary until the rest of us die off and the existing chiropractors will look no different that the second rate osteopaths.

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