Episode 132 — The CCE, Chiropractic, Freedom, and You!…. a wake up message from Dr. Danny Gambino


Title: The CCE, Chiropractic, Freedom and You!…. a wake up message from Dr. Danny Gambino

Episode Number: 132

Host: Dr. Thomas Lamar

Show Date: 07/15/12

Run Time: 28:39

Description:  BREAKING NEWSCCE Stakeholder’s Meeting #2 juxtaposed the Da Vinci Group Meeting in the sweltering heat of Scottsdale, Arizona (July 12, 2012). The details of what happened will come out… but none of that matters until you hear Dr. Danny Gambino’s powerful, heartfelt message: The CCE, Chiropractic, Freedom and You!  Ladies and gentlemen of chiropracTIC…. We are witnessing Chiropractic History unfold before our very eyes — a chapter that YOU have a chance to direct.  Will this be the last chapter of our book, or the greatest one yet?  YOU decide!

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Dr. Dan Gambino

The CCE, Chiropractic, Freedom, and You!


When the opportunity to attend the Da Vinci Group meeting on July 12, 2012 in Scottsdale, Arizona came up, I said yes. Why? I had no idea. Innate said go, that’s all I know. I didn’t have much to offer the group except my energy and support. But I did learn a lot.

I learned that the same people from our profession keep showing up to protect it. I learned that these same people are incredibly busy in their lives. These chiropractors would be successful without ever having to do anything else; they have made their contributions to the field and to the public; they have sent students to chiropractic colleges and have donated their time, effort, expertise, energy and money to the perpetuation of the Principle.

I learned that the way I have practiced for the past 22 years is not the way the students coming out of school will be practicing in the next few years. They will be mandated to learn a drug formulary and sew up people’s bodies with stitches. They will slowly have the concept of subluxation removed from their vocabulary until the rest of us die off and the existing chiropractors will look no different that the second rate osteopaths.

Devoid of its philosophy, chiropractic as we know it will cease to exist. Our predecessors — those who went to jail for the Principle, who were ridiculed and treated like criminals — will have suffered in vain as the chiropractic profession is swallowed whole by the medical industry. Don’t get me wrong, there will be those who teach the Principle and those who teach the technique of Locating, Analyzing, Correcting and Educating to smaller groups of people, to their families and to a dwindling populace of our world until the Last Chiropractor dies and we are left only with Medipractors, Manipulators and Physical Therapists who can give prescription Tylenol for uncomplicated low back pain secondary to a referral from their Medical Physician.

The Last Chiropractors will be seeing unprecedented numbers of people, adjusting thousands of people each week, turning on LIFE in those people. That Last Chiropractors will be too busy to attend meetings and events like the Da Vinci Group and will throw thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars at a Titanic of a profession. It won’t be enough. Only 6%-10% of a population can change the course of history and cause a revolution. But we aren’t even getting that many involved in saving our profession. It’s sad that one of the few remaining chiropractic institutions had to send their President on a 2 year fundraising campaign to keep its doors open. He succeeded at the 11th hour and we call that a “great victory.” It amazes me that we have sunk this low and settled for this. There is so much apathy in the profession it makes me sick. In one of the most philosophically active groups in the country, here in San Diego we get 25-50 people, not all of them are even chiropractors, to show up each month. Out of 900 chiropractors in San Diego County, a paltry 3% are involved in furthering their understanding of the reasons they even exist.

If we are to solve this problem we are having with the CCE I think we have to realize a few things:

1) We are losing. The CCE is well-organized, well-funded and practiced at the art of deception, side stepping or waffling, politicking and power. It is clear that they have the upper hand and that we are playing into their strengths. They continually ask for data, facts and figures that we do not have. They ask for candidates for CCE Board positions but their criteria is so vague that they will (and have done so since its inception) pick and choose their own. They are getting expert counsel and advice from somewhere. Where?

2) We have yet to identify why a group of 23 or 25 people have not been usurped. They have been making a mockery of our profession since 1974. Their power comes ONLY from the USDOE and their self-written bylaws which have been meticulously crafted to keep the medically minded practitioners in the seats of power. What is the key to their power? I think that is the first step. King George was overthrown because of his arrogance and lack of attention to the colonists. The CCE is under no such delusion. Ask, “Where is the money or power to be had by the CCE members if they succeed in medicalizing our profession?” Ask, “Who benefits from having a 100 year civil war?” I think we’ll find our answers there. In the epic tale, The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien, the characters had a quest to destroy the One Ring that would end the years of destruction and suppression. It was a slim chance they would survive or succeed but the solution was known. Who knows the solution to our war?

They are bent on containing and eradicating the profession of chiropractic. That is the original edict from the AMA’s Committee on Quackery in 1966. Look at the West Hartford Group. They are the same! The CCE waves a banner of “moving the profession forward”, but to what? It’s demise? The Chairman of the CCE is a Board member of the West Hartford Group. No conflict of interest there, right? They are succeeding at redefining what Chiropractic is and what a chiropractor does. They have a stranglehold on the future of our profession by waving federal loan monies in front of the schools. The student loan money is dangled in front of the student and the chiropractic schools with the same seduction that the insurance dollar is waved at the practicing chiropractor. Our schools by and large are graduating incompetent new doctors who have astronomical debt, forcing them to rely on this insurance in a dwindling spiral of reimbursement and escalating headaches. Astonishingly, few new graduates know what a subluxation is and how to correct it. They do not know how to teach the concept of subluxation or of the Vitalistic, ADIO Principle because it is quietly being removed from the curriculums as a “historical anecdote.” They do not have the business acumen to make it in the world and have no reason to. Most students got into the profession to “help people” but it is not enough. People who work at Jiffy Lube help people. Are we on the same level?

The CCE would have all of us believe the new graduates are competent but yet they are grooming our new graduates to duplicate the failed industry of medicine. When we ask why the CCE continues to force non-chiropractic curricula down the throat of the students they say it is “It’s in our Standards”. When they are asked why the students are unable to detect, correct and educate about subluxation the CCE asks US to prove it! Shouldn’t WE be asking the CCE to PROVE TO US that the graduating students are competent in adjusting and educating? Why aren’t we asking them to prove what they are doing? The CCE turns the question around on us all the time and we stand there dumbfounded. The NBCE, FCLB and others are in bed with the CCE. The NBCE states that their exam is the litmus test of a competent and ready-for-the-world chiropractor. I say bullsh*t. Why? They can’t prove that a passing score on the National Board equates to a competent, successful practitioner of Chiropractic. Because as this new “healthcare reform” was railroaded into existence (unconstitutionally) the pharmaceutical conglomerate and the medical profession will need more avenues, more bodies to dispense their mind altering, Innate blocking drugs. Think that’s a coincidence? Think! IT’S NOT!

What did our United States government…land of the free-home of the brave…do about the radiation spewing from Fukushima after the tsunami? Nothing. Well, that’s not true. The radiation levels reaching the West coast were too high to ignore, so our government chose to RAISE THE LEVELS AT WHICH THEY DEEMED SAFE. Nice solution for a government who doesn’t care about its people. No worries, let’s spend another trillion dollars to send our young men and women into a meat grinder of a fictitious war…that should fix it…

You think your job is to survive and to pay your bills and take your vacations and “fit in” to society while you take care of people at your convenience? Think again. Your job is to rise up from your slumber, raise your level responsibility and take hold of this planet and free it.

You think it’s a coincidence that insurance reimbursement is lower and the hassles to get paid are higher? That taxes for the small business owners are the highest ever in the history of the planet and we have the highest per capita population in prison? Why are mind altering, psychotropic drugs being dispensed like candy to children? What the hell are they spraying in our skies? Why? Do you LIKE the fluoride and Prozac and Viagra and E. Coli in our water and the acceptance of the fattest of the fat, biggest loser, dancing with the stars, People Magazine, TV News gossip B.S.? Do you accept the vaccine injected babies dying from monkey pus and being ripped our of their mother’s womb by their heads? What’s another newborn death to you? Just take care of your own children. Problem is they’ll have nobody to play with who isn’t a drugged up, injected, infested, preservative laden, aspartame chewing germ fearing zombie. Do you think that it’s a coincidence that the ONLY GROUP OF PEOPLE capable of WAKING UP the population en masse with a simple adjustment and a story are being systematically eradicated like pests? Slowly boiling the frogs…

Its time to WAKE UP AND TAKE ACTION! The “don’t worry, someone else will take care of it” time has come and gone. A long time ago. If you think you can skate by on the roads our predecessors hacked away and paved you have been lulled into a hypnotic coma. That is EXACTLY what will allow the CCE and their ilk to win and ultimately destroy us. The majority that’s left here on this once blue planet are the chiropractors who are not stepping up and getting on with action-oriented energy. What it comes down to is telling the Story. Many of the drug-laden, Ambilified and stupefied population will not be able to get it. So what? Some will, some won’t so what, who’s next?

Guess what? The ones who read this are not the problem. I choose not to associate with the weak losers who limp by and complain, blame and whine their way to oblivion. But the majority of the chiropractors I meet outside my circles are weak-minded and afraid of the world and of the zombified public they care for as well as “the authority” of their State Boards and CCE. The Mediconistas push their “acceptance” crap to the new, fledgling chiropractors who are not grounded in the reason they exist in the first place and take flight before they are competent and end up at the bottom of the tree with a broken wing as food for the fox and the weasel.

Let’s get our heads out of our rectums. Find the chiropractor down the street and ask:

  • “Do you LIKE the state of our profession?”
  • “What groups do you support with your time and money?”
  • “What SCHOOLS do you give money and time to?”
  • “What have you done for the profession?”

Then invite them to your local philosophy group, state association meeting. Ask them to get INVOLVED in the work that needs to be done. The BJ Palmers, Sid Williamses, Joe Flesias, Jim Parkers, Clarence Gonsteads, Eddy Cohens, Reggie Golds and Fred Barges of the world are GONE. No one is coming to save you or our profession. It’s just you. Get it? You are not a “nobody.”

You cannot waste time bitching about another chiropractor or complaining that there is a mixer next door or that your mommy touched your dinky and that’s why you’re so messed up. Chiropractors who bash other working chiropractors should be publicly flogged. The “holier than thou” time never had a place and certainly the time is not now. I don’t even care if you “religify” chiropractic and make your practice a Jesus Christ Landing Pad as long as you are teaching that health comes from INSIDE OUT and that the medical approach is destroying our society, our children, our culture and our very existence on this planet.

At the Da Vinci Meeting, less than a TENTH OF A PERCENT of our once glorious profession showed up to participate, contribute or observe the most important proceedings of our time. The majority of the CCE Board members are chiropractors you would pass by on the street begging for a dime and ignore. They were the ones who we beat up in high school and yet somehow they have wiled their way onto seats of power and are decimating our Sacred Trust.

What can be done? Are you still waiting for Superman to save us? Bad news. He ain’t coming. It’s YOU. Don’t look left or right; look in the mirror and you’ll see the one who will save Chiropractic.

1) Show up at your local meetings and philosophy groups. Heck, your income might even grow.

2) Pay your dues, give your money or your email address to whatever chiropractic group wants it.

3) Talk to your local Assemblyman and Senator and tell them the chiropractic story. Remember that they don’t care about you or chiropractic; they only care about what’s in it for THEM. Phrase it in such a way that they get it. Don’t know how to do that or where to start? See item #1.

4) Show up at the next Da Vinci Group meeting whenever it is. Stay informed and on the phone.

There’s a cool song by the Youngbloods. Some of you might remember it.

Love is but a song we sing

And fear’s the way we die

You can make the mountains ring

Or make the angels cry

Though the bird is on the wing

And you may not know why

C’mon people now

Smile on your brother

Everybody get together

Try to love one another right now

Some will come and some will go

And we will surely pass

When the one that left us here

Returns for us at last

We are but a moment’s sunlight

Fading in the grass

We are all on this spinning ball only for a brief time and what we choose to do while we’re here is the “dash” of our lives. What YOU choose to do will determine how the world turns out. Thank you in advance for your help.

I often talk of “saving the world” and I wonder if there are any other Freedom Fighters left or if I am all alone. Then I meet one of you and I have hope that my great grandchildren will have access to pure chiropractic and a healthy planet. I have somehow aligned my life with my purpose and my skills. I hope its worth it. I’m betting a lot on it. Thank you. I love you for reading this and thinking about our collective future.

Danny Gambino, D.C.  July 13, 2012

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I think this is a powerful and beautifully written piece on our responsibility to stand up now before it’s too late.

Comment by Dana Tankell, DC

I second that Dana! 🙂

Comment by drlamar

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