Episode 105 — Station WOC of Davenport, “Where the West Begins!”


Title: Station WOC of Davenport, “Where the West Begins!”

Episode Number: 105

Host: Dr. Thomas Lamar

Show Date: 12/25/11

Run Time: 36:56

Description:  Merry Christmas from Spinal Column Radio!  On this special Christmas Day Episode, Dr. Lamar places a gift under the chiropractic profession’s tree — a gift that unearths a bit of chiropractic radio history that, had it not been for our beloved Chiro-Picker, may never have seen the light of day again.  Join us as we take you back in time to the earliest days of radio when BJ would have been at the helm of the broadcasting boom of the 1920’s and breathe life back into a tremendous chiropractic radio treasure.

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Chiro-Picker’s ebay store for the sheet music

• Read Todd Water’s Chiro-Picker  radio article:  “Tuning In to Chiropractic’s Past”

• Get the backstory on this video:BJ and Mabel ‘Listen In’ to Station WOC

• More Chiropractic Radio History

– History of Radio Podcast: 05, 06

– BJ Palmer early health broadcasts:

17, 18, 19, 20, 21

– Ronald Reagan Connection: CD track 06

History of Radio Article

DC Angle of Chiro-Picker’s Radio Article

DC Angle of Chiro-Picker’s article on WOC song video.


Ardis and Russell Swank breathe life into Nat Ozmon’s “Where the West Begins!”

Dr. Lamar interviews 97 year-old Leola Anderson (born in 1914) about her earliest memories of radio.

Professor Flint's Hypnosis Show

Professor Flint’s Hypnosis Show on the vaudeville circuit

— BJ Palmer’s employer in 1898 —

When the Red, Red Robin Comes Bob-bob-bobbin’ Along — Whispering Jack Smith, 1926.
Station WOC of Davenport: “Where the West Begins!” — Nat Ozmon, 1923.
Bleeding Hearted Blues — James P. Johnson, 1923.
Safe in the Arms of Jesus — Chimes, 1902.
Ronald Reagan addressing WHO 50th Anniversary, Des Moines, Iowa, 1974.

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That was a super Podcast! You really put a lot into this one and your love of radio really shines through. I believe you should do more themed podcasts like this one where you can produce a fun chiropractic history lesson that preserves and documents all this great stuff. This was a story only you could tell best!

Comment by Todd Waters

Thank you Todd — I really DO love producing this type of podcast and look forward to doing more like it in the future. Of course… having your Chiro-Picking talent by my side sure give me an edge. 😉

Comment by drlamar

I must say I too really enjoyed this particular podcast. Especially, Leola that was just absolutely amazing hearing her perspective of the introduction of radio into her home just absolutely mind boggling to think of no iPhones, iPads, DVDs, TV just a box with sound and how astonishing that was to her and her family; just crazy. I have to say I when she was sharing her perspective I felt myself being there it was absolutely phenomenal! I am so glad you were able to record her story! Thanks again Dr. Lamar another great job!

Comment by Dr. Steven Simmons

Thanks Steven for checking in. I too really enjoyed the perspective of Leola and am pleased to preserve it on this episode of SCR. – tom

Comment by drlamar

Check out the comments regarding this WOC Tribute Song over in the Chiro-Picker’s post on the same subject: https://spinalcolumnradio.com/2011/12/25/chiro-pickers-fresh-pick-bj-and-mabel-listen-in-to-station-woc/#comments

Comment by drlamar

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