Episode 133 — AB2109 Senate Audio, BJ’s Spinograph, and an interview with BGI’s Dr. Sue Brown


Title: AB2109 Senate Audio, BJ’s Spinograph, and an interview with BGI’s Dr. Sue Brown

Episode Number: 133

Host: Dr. Thomas Lamar

Show Date: 07/22/12

Run Time: 128:07

Description:  Dr. Thomas Lamar delivers a packed show on this episode of Spinal Column Radio which features everything from our Chiro-Picker’s latest Spinograph find to audio highlights of the recent California Senate Health Care Committee AB2109 hearing.  In addition, he dips back to his Spring 2011 New Beginnings Chiropractic Weekend Interview Vault and pulls out one from Bio-Geometeric Integration’s (BGI) Dr. Sue Brown.  Plus he’ll get you plugged into the upcoming 2012 ChiroFest.  (Interview with Sue Brown, DC recorded On Location at the Spring 2011 New Beginnings Chiropractic Weekend in Long Branch, New Jersey).

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ON LOCATION in New Jersey

-20th Anniversary-

Bio-Geometric Integration

Sue Brown, DC

New Beginnings Chiropractic Weekends

Spring 2011

Dr. Thomas Lamar interviews BGI’s Dr. Sue Brown at the Spring 2011 New Beginnings Chiropractic Weekend.

• Learn more about Dr. Sue Brown

Bio-Geometric Integration


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Chiro-Picker’s Spinograph article


Californians Against AB2109 Facebook Page

– AB2109 SCR episodes: 120121122, 123, 131

Senate Health Care Committee AB2109 Hearing (starts at the 1:57:00 mark)

NVIC AB2109 Article

ChiroFest 2012


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Chiro-Picker’s Fresh Pick — The Spinograph: an image of chiropractic’s early days

Antique Collector, Todd Waters, is “The Chiro-Picker”

by  Todd Waters, aka “The Chiro-Picker” – SpinalColumnRadio featured blogger

Today I hold in my hands something very special to Chiropractic’s history!

…not to mention, very fragile.

My latest Chiro-pick happens to be an original, glass “spinograph” plate from 1920.

There are many things that make this early X-ray very cool. For one thing, it came inside an envelope that stated “Palmer School of Chiropractic 1920” — meaning that this image was made only ten years after PSC introduced X-rays to Chiropractic!

The Instructor’s name on the spinograph is E.A. Thompson —  the same Thompson who wrote Green Book vol 10, CHIROPRACTIC SPINOLOGY.

I am sure thousands of these spinograph plates were made; however, I am also sure there are not many of these that have survived.

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