Episode 121 — Political Theater for AB2109: O’Shea’s Account of the CA Assembly Health Committee Hearing


Title: Political Theater for AB2109: O’Shea’s Account of the CA Assembly Health Committee Hearing

Episode Number: 121

Host: Dr. Thomas Lamar

Show Date: 04/21/12

Run Time: 76:53

Description:  BREAKING NEWS—  Dr. Tim O’Shea joins us once again to give us a “fly on the wall” account on what amounted to be “Political Theatrics” at its best, as the California Assembly Health Committee voted to approve proposed bill AB2109 on April 17, 2012.  If enacted into law, this California bill will make it mandatory for parents to talk with a medical physician if they choose to exercise their RIGHT to exempt their child from the compulsory vaccine schedule needed for school attendance because it counters a philosophical belief of theirs. 

If you don’t live in California and are thinking this doesn’t affect you…. think again.  While this bill has very little do directly with chiropractic…. it has EVERYTHING to do with your RIGHTS as a parent to make decisions for your child free of government mandated handholding and oversight…. This is just one  of the many boils on the butt of a much larger dragon that must be slayed!  Ignore this boil, though, and we’re all cooked.   

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Dr. Tim O’Shea

returns to SCR via Skype to give us his account of the “Political Theatrics” that occurred on April 17, 2012, as the California Assembly Health Committee heard testimony for proposed bill AB2109 — a bill, which if enacted into law, will require physicians cosign with parents that choose to opt out their children of the mandatory vaccination schedule utilizing the long-standing “Personal Belief Exemption”


Dr. Thomas Lamar

Dr. Tim O’Shea


• Links:

first AB2109 Interview with Dr. Tim O’Shea

– Dr. O’Shea’s website:  thedoctorwithin.com

– Facebook Page:  Californian’s Against AB2109

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