Episode 122 — AB2109: Spitting in the Face of Our Constitution’s First Amendment Right — an interview with Dr. Mark Cymerint


Title: AB2109: Spitting in the Face of Our Constitution’s First Amendment Right — an interview with Dr. Mark Cymerint

Episode Number: 122

Host: Dr. Thomas Lamar

Show Date: 04/27/12

Run Time: 85:12

Description:  BREAKING NEWS—  The right for parents in California to opt out their children from the state’s mandatory vaccination schedule due to personal beliefs is up against a radical, government-intruding change that spits in the face of the First Amendment Right of the Constitution of our United States of America.  Parents holding strong personal or religious beliefs against vaccinating their children would no longer be able to sign-off on the state’s long-standing exemption form, unless their signature was accompanied by the signature of a medical physician.

Authored by assemblyman and pediatrician, Dr. Richard Pan, the bill AB2109, in a grand showing of political theatrics, played through the Assembly’s Health Committee on April 17th, 2012, like a forgone conclusion.  The question now remains: Do enough of us care — whether we live in CA or not — to put a stop to a slippery slope that seems to be getting slicker by the minute?

Join Dr. Lamar for this third episode in the Spinal Column Radio AB2109 Triple Header as he converses with national vaccine injury lecturer Dr. Mark Cymerint.  Plus: Assembly Health Committee Hearing sound bites, the irony of SB1318, information on the CCA and AB2109, and the anti-vaccination rock band, The Refusers.

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Dr. Mark Cymerint

joins us via Skype to talk about the Constitutional Threat that California Bill AB2109 poses on our future.


Dr. Thomas Lamar

Dr. Mark Cymerint


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