Big Top Legacy — ChiroFest

Big Top 2011

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One thing is for sure… we know that BJ Palmer, the Developer of Chiropractic, had a sincere love for the CIRCUS.  It was reflected in many areas of his life — from the job of his youth to his collection of memorabilia; from his relationships with friends and patients to the decorating motiff of his vacation home in Sarasota, Florida (the headquarters of the Ringling Brothers and Barnum Bailey Circus).

So in that spirit, the chiropracTORs of the Portland-based EPOC, Legacy, put on a little show

…a 1st Annual Show that SpinalColumnRadio was honored to attend… to not only capture the essence of this “High Flying Event,” but to interview their great line up of speakers: Fred Schofield, Ron Oberstein, David Jackson, Paul Reed, Russ Rosen, Lyle Koca, Matt Hubbard, and Randy Baze… all under the Big Top!  It was chiropracTIC old-school-style.

Find out more information on upcoming events: check out their website at BigTopLegacyGathering.com, or email Dr. Nima Samiee at nima_samiee AT hotmail DOT com.

UPDATE: Big Top Legacy is now known as Chiro Fest.  Visit their website at ChiroFest.org.

Listen to a clip of Spinal Column Radio

(Episode 082) in which we recounted some of the BJ Palmer Circus History and did a little commercial for the Big Top Legacy Gathering:

Download (right click PC or cntrl click MAC)

The Big Top Legacy Gathering Interview Archives

Dr. Lyle Koca — founder of EPOC Nebraska

SpinalColumnRadio — 091

Dr. Russ Rosen — founder of Rosen Coaching

SpinalColumnRadio — 092

Dr. Randy Baze — founder of Chiropractic Philosophy Forum

SpinalColumnRadio — 095

Dr. Matt Hubbard — cofounder of CORE

SpinalColumnRadio — 111

Dr. Ron Oberstein — founder of  The Power Zone

SpinalColumnRadio — 126

Dr. David Jackson — founder of  Epic Practice

SpinalColumnRadio — 129

Dr. Paul Reed — founder of  Big Top Legacy

SpinalColumnRadio — 135

Dr. Fred Schofield — founder of  Schofield Chiropractic Training 

SpinalColumnRadio — 136

In the Big Top cue: (All eight now podcasting to the world!)

ChiroFEST 2012

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In August 2012, Logan and I were invited back to Dr. Paul Reed’s “Premier ChiropracTIC Event in the Northwest.”  This time instead of being held in a circus tent on the back 40, it was moved indoors to the Heathman Lodge in Vancouver, WA — a venue that screams Northwest — and rebranded as ChiroFEST.  We had an awesome time reconnecting with many chiropracTORS that have graced our mics in the past, grabbing some fresh interviews with those that haven’t, and meeting up with some long-time listeners.

ChiroFEST Interview Archives

Drs. Billy DeMoss, Dave Jackson, and Brad Glowaki  — So Cal Chiros

SpinalColumnRadio — 137

ChiroFEST 2012 “TOR on the Street” 

SpinalColumnRadio — 138

Farrell ChiroFest 2012

Heidi Farrell — founder of  Chiro Advance Services

SpinalColumnRadio — 159

Dan Yachter DC

Dr. Dan Yachter — cofounder of Elevation Health

SpinalColumnRadio — 167

In the ChiroFEST 2012 cue: (All four now podcasting to the world!)

ChiroFEST 2013

ChiroFEST 2013 - Mission Possible 1(for Big Top 2011 click HERE)
(for ChiroFEST 2012 click HERE)

In September 2013, Dr. Paul Reed’s ChiroFEST shot to a new level.  The event was moved north to Seattle and was expanded to 2-days.  This year’s theme: Mission ImPossible with ChiropracTIC.  And so, Logan and Dr. Lamar took up their assignment as Special Agents and went “TOR on the Street” to cover this Epic Event that drew 17 speakers and an audience of 500.  Tune in to hear Dr. Lamar ask one central question to every speaker that graced the stage:

What is POSSIBLE with ChiropracTIC?

ChiroFest 2013

ChiroFEST Interview Archives

Jeffery Smith – GMO Health Risk Expert


SpinalColumnRadio — 168

ChiroFEST 2013 — Special Agent “TOR on the Street”:

“What is Possible with ChiropracTIC?”


SpinalColumnRadio — 170

In the ChiroFEST 2013 cue: (all 17 mini-interviews now podcasting to the world!)

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