Episode 126 — The Power ChiropracTOR, Dr. Ron Oberstein


Title: The Power ChiropracTOR, Dr. Ron Oberstein

Episode Number: 126

Host: Dr. Thomas Lamar

Show Date: 05/25/12

Run Time: 41:52

Description:  Today on Spinal Column Radio we connect with the Power ChiropracTOR, Dr. Ron Oberstein, who has for the past two and half decades been inspired by BJ Palmer’s “The Power that made the body, heals the body” quote.  Plus we get a surprise Skype connection with BJ Palmer. (Interview with Dr. Oberstein recorded at the 2011 Big Top Legacy Gathering in Vancouver, WA).

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at EPOC Portland’s

An Interview with

Power ChiropracTOR

Ron Oberstein, DC

Big Top Legacy Gathering


Dr. Thomas Lamar interviews Dr. Ron Oberstein at the 2011 Big Top Legacy Gathering.

• Learn more about Dr. Ron Oberstein, DC and the Power Zone


Dr. Rons’s Facebook Page

• Other Links Mentioned

Chiropractic Connect Conference


– Subscribe to Spizz Magazine to read BJ’s interview.

• Learn more about Chiro Fest (aka Big Top Legacy Gathering)

– Website: ChiroFest.org

Check out the Big Top Legacy Gathering Archives! (plus see who’s still the cue for release)

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