Deliver Your Message to Garcia

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“Deliver Your Message to Garcia

An odd message, perhaps, to read above the employee’s toilet at the Palmer School of Chiropractic, but certainly not out of character for our profession’s developer.

Was this just another example of his often obtuse form of humor, or did this epigram inscription have deeper meaning?

Learn more about this “message.”


Deliver Your Message to Garcia[originally published in KCN, January 2014]

“Deliver your message to Garcia” is hardly what you’d expect to read on a bathroom wall, but it is precisely what was scribed above the faculty toilet at the Palmer School of Chiropractic a century ago.  BJ Palmer, our profession’s developer, was known for making the walls of his learning institution “speak” — even if the wall happened to be in the bathroom.  No square inch was safe from his sign-like display of painted epigrams.  The school was covered with thousands of these short, pithy, thought-provoking sayings. They were designed to not only spark interest, but reflection, and over time, action.

While many were self-explanatory, like “Keep Smiling,” some were not. “Deliver your message to Garcia” may be nonsensical to us today, but it had great meaning and cultural popularity in the first part of the twentieth century.

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Hi Thomas,

I just ordered, received and read the book: “Message to Garcia”.

It is a very small book.

You can easily read and deliver it’s message on your SCR.

Why don’t you do it?

My message for the new year is: we – each chiropractor is the only message deliverer to the world and for humanity.

So we MUST deliver the message.

Otherwise bad things might happen to the world, to Humanity.

Each chiropractor has his own unique message that only he/she can deliver.

And though it might be difficult and risky to find Garcia/the world.

It will be hazardous if we don’t find him/the world…

Happy New Year,


ד”ר רונן מנדי

Dr. Ronen Mendi ד”ר רונן מנדי

Chiropractor http://www.dr-ronen.co.il כירופרקט

Hadera & Ramat Aviv 1800-39-40-40 חדרה & רמת אביב

Comment by Dr. Ronen Mendi

Hi Ronen – You are right we MUST deliver the message!… and I have read and “delivered” the message on SCR. 🙂 Check out episode 169 at the 2:33:53 mark. -t

Comment by drlamar

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