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January 8, 2012, 2:51 am
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Regrettably the legendary iconic chiropracTOR, Reggie Gold, is very close to passing on.  Reggie touched and influenced many, many lives — both chiropractors and non-chiropractors alike.

Help us to honor Reggie by sharing your special memory or story of how he impacted your life.

Call our special SCR Reggie Hotline at (360) 930-9338

Update 01/23/12:  Show is now produced.  See Episode 109.

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Hi, this is Dr. Thomas Lamar of Spinal Column Radio.

On January 6, 2012, we all got the sad news that Reggie Gold was dying in a Pennsylvania hospital …. his wife, Irene, lovingly by his side.

He refused medical treatment and wasn’t expected to make it through the night. However the next day both were reading emails from well wishers.  Something very magical and beautiful happened January 6th.  Chiropractors came together in solidarity in the likes that most of us have never seen before.

We came together for Reggie, his unrelenting service to the profession and our collective devotion for chiropracTIC.  We came together at the speed of the Internet’s Facebook. It was a comfort to us that we could comfort Irene and Reggie with our messages and that he would know his life’s work was not in vain.

As we comforted Reggie we also reached out to each other and shared stories and photos of him.  Chiropractors were pulling out the old books again, the one’s that used to inspire them before the words were forgotten.  As I record this, earlier this evening… it was suggested on Facebook for us all to light a candle for Reggie, as he had done at Lyceums and at New Beginnings.  To show that It is “…better to light one candle than curse the darkness.”

Reggie’s candle currently is still burning as I record this.  But we all know that, eventually — as is the fate of all of us — it will flicker and go out.  Reggie would tell us, though, to go get another candle and keep it lit for chiropracTIC.  And so we will.

I have had the absolute honor and privilege of interviewing this chiropractic iconic legend on three separate occasions in a twelve month time span…. nearly three hours of audio.

Reggie — arguably — has influenced and impacted more chiropractors lives in our current day and age than any other.

And so I feel a tap of responsibility on the shoulder to step up and collect your stories…. and to use this amazing technology of podcasting to record, preserve, and document them for chiropracTIC… for generations to come …. in a special Spinal Column Radio Reggie Gold Tribute.

You’re going to write this podcast… your stories… your memories…. of Reggie…. told in your voice.

I’ve set up a special SCR Reggie Gold Hotline…. the number is (360) 930-9338.

When you call this number you’ll here my voice giving you some instructions, and then you will have up to 3 minutes to record your memory.  I’ll collect all of the voice mails…. and showcase them in a special Reggie Gold Tribute Podcast.

Thank you so much in advance for your support in helping me pull this together.  Please share this message with as many chiropractors as you possible can.

Again the number is 360-930-9338.

Let’s make some history…. Please, continuing praying for Reggie (he’s still with us as I record this), continue praying for his lovely wife Irene… and the rest of the Gold family.

Thank you so very much.  God bless you…. Reggie.  And God bless chiropractic.

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Reggie is defying medicine once again and is now home… here are some of the Facebook posts as they came in:

I have some very sad news to share.

(Friday 01/06/12) I just received a call from Irene Gold who informed me that Reggie will not make it through the night. She is at his bed side and asked that our Chiropractic family please let the rest of the profession know.

I am honored to have had Reggie as one of our New Beginnings leaders as he was a chiropractic icon and family member at every N.B. weekend.
I ask that you share this and say a prayer in your own way for this great Chiropractic warrior.

All My Love, Loyalty and Friendship

Jim Dubel


As only a warrior.. Reggie is refusing any medical care. He is holding the line even to the end.. God Bless you my friend and mentor! – Jim Dubel


Update on Reggie Gold…. This must be his way of saying the medical community is always wrong.. Reggie is still alive and is able to speak one word at a time. Irene has been reading all our remarks and posts to him and has been reading e-mail from the profession to him. He made it through the night but is not doing well at all. Irene has family around her at his bed side. She is so thankful that everyone here on facebook is sharing their stories and well wishes.. she will be going to our New Beginnings sites to read them later today and thanks everyone again!! I will be speaking to her daily for any changes and will post them.. Thank you one and all for being so caring,,,
Outlaw Jim. Dubel


Update on Reggie Gold (Sunday 11:30 a.m.)
Reggie is still struggling but will not let the hospital personal give him any drugs!!
They are now going to take him home under hospice care as he refuses anything to do with the hospital! He has regained consciousnesses and is speaking to Irene. Irene will be needing some help to watch over Reggie when he is sent home… More details on this later today and volunteers are needed to help her out with this 24 / 7… I will post again in a few.. This warrior continues to fight our fight! He will never give up.. OutlawJim. Dubel


Sunday 1:00 p.m. Reggie Gold Update..
He will be sent home for hospice care today.. He spoke to Jim Sigafoose and actually ate his first meal in days.. “ice cream”. Irene will need help at their house to be with him, for short periods of time starting tomorrow. More on this today. The medical doctors in charge said they have NEVER seen anything like this before.. he has something special…. Yes he does…. us and Chiropractic principles…
More when Irene calls back…. Outlaw


From: Judy Nutz Campanale
I just got off the phone with Reg. He is home and he told me he had pastrami on rye for lunch but asked that I not tell his doctors for fear THEY would have heart attacks. No one knows what is going on but he will be in hospice care and continued prayers and loving thoughts for him and Irene are much appreciated.

Reggie Gold Update… Monday 9th 10:30ish…
Reggie is at home and resting… He was able to get some sleep and did not use any oxygen today. Irene said the thing that made him improve the most was her reading him the facebook and e-mails from all of us. Please e-mail him your best wishes: Chiroreggi AT aol DOT com
Together we can help him!! Thank you Outlaw


“It seems the announcement of Reggies demise,far preceded his death. I talked to Reggie this morning, and he was clear jovial and witty. I said it’s between you and god, he said, I knew he had something to do with this. He is going home today, sounds great, and he may out do us all.” – James Sigafoose

Comment by drlamar

Thank you for posting these updates, Dr Lamar. Your work and all you do is deeply appreciated. Reggie Gold has had a dramatic and inspirational impact in the direction of my purpose. The few short hours of SCR interviews with him has been impressed upon me in many ways. Though I have never met the man or heard him speak live he has been a mentor to me and he doesn’t even know it. God bless Reggie! God bless the wonderful family that makes SCR happen and God bless Chiropractic!

Comment by Patrick Dunphy

Thank you Patrick for your kind words. It pleases me that our through our podcasts, Reggie has become a mentor of yours. I encourage you to phone that in on the hotline. There is a good chance that Reggie will get to hear it. 🙂 BTW… I’ve got more Reggie interviews awaiting post production…. so there is more to come.

Here’s the latest update as of today, Tuesday, 01/10/12:

Reggie is at home and resting comfortably. He is able to eat and speak but is very tired. He amazes the medical doctors who took his case and now even his wife and myself! This warrior has never flinched from the sword and continues to fight the battle for principle.. I truly love him for who he is! Outlaw

Comment by drlamar

Reggie Update 01/13/12:

Hi Everyone! Here’s your Reggie Gold update for today… Just got off the phone with Dick Plummer who spoke with Irene and said that both she and Reg are exhausted. They are grateful for the many offers of help but for now are managing with the help of hospice. Prayers and emails are still very much appreciated. – Judy Nutz Campanale

Comment by drlamar

Reggie Update 01/16/12:

Dear Jim: Just wanted to let you know how important all those emails were to Reggie’s shocking recovery. He has been getting stronger by the day and his mental alertness never varies. Tom Gregory came by to adjust him and several friends came by just to say hello and give him encouragement. Everything helps. I am delighted that we have you as the person to report everything to the public. It really helps to have the New Beginnings network to get the word out. With love, Irene

Comment by drlamar

Reggie Update 02/08/12:

Hi Jim: Here is the latest update on what is going on. Reggie no longer needs someone with him during the day and the Hospice offered nothing we could not do for ourselves. So, Reggie is officially off hospice care. Today, for the first time, he went out to breakfast so he is definitely making progress. He continues to have difficulty breathing and has to use oxygen continuously. Thanks to all the emails he received from so many chiropractors and CA’s he stays positive and hopeful he will be able to attend the next New Beginnings program in April.

With much love and appreciation,

Comment by drlamar

Reggie Update 03/24/12:

I have some very sad news for everyone. My friend and mentor Reggie Gold just passed away, please pray for his transition….. Loosing Reggie Gold today was like loosing a close family member. He was like a father to all of us. He will be missed profession wide and beyond! – Outlaw, Jim Dubel

“let us carry on the work! A.D.I.O.” – Reggie Gold Facebook Page

Comment by drlamar

I just heard of Reggie’s death and would love to have Irene’s address. Reggie was the reason I went into Chiropractic. I could not be more grateful to anyone! We will miss his amazing spirit.
Deb Riekeman

Comment by Deb Riekeman Raisner

Hi Deb – I’d try contacting her through http://ReggieGold.com.
The contact page has both an email and a snail mail address.

Comment by drlamar

You can’t change the world by going along with it. So many of us do that now that it has become the norm. Reggie had the guts to do something about it and comes from a time where that was more the norm. It all seems lost now. To bad the majority presently in the “profession” don’t follow the few in the “calling”. Reggie is one of the few that were called. He tried to make us separate, distinct and autonomous. Conformity has seems to become more the norm. Even the legal definition of Chiropractic has changed or has been threatened to be changed by contracting to receive “benefits” we as a group have traded neglecting our responsibility to our rights. Don’t be mistaken, Reggie seen this process and although loved by many, accomplished, and a true Chiropractic ruff neck I would gather that he might be disappointed we aren’t expressing Chiropractic in a free and more artistic atmosphere he was trying to achieve with starting the Straight schools that were attacked and closed as he watched “chiropractors” stifle “Chiropractor” and creating the idea of Spinology. God Bless Reggie Gold. Who will replace him? Please step forward…….

Comment by Little Reggie

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