Episode 055 — Life University President, Dr. Guy Riekeman


Title: Life University President, Dr. Guy Riekeman

Episode Number: 055

Host: Dr. Thomas Lamar

Show Date: 04/10/11

Run Time: 23:48

Description: Join Dr. Lamar Live On Stage with the President of Life University, Dr. Guy Riekeman, as he podcasts from the Spring 2011 New Beginnings Chiropractic Weekend in Long Branch, New Jersey.

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ON LOCATION in New Jersey

-20th Anniversary-

An Interview with the president of Life University, Guy Riekeman, DC

New Beginnings Chiropractic Weekends

Spring 2011

Dr. Thomas Lamar interviews the president of Life University, Dr. Guy Riekeman, Live On Stage at the Spring 2011 New Beginnings Chiropractic Weekend.

• Learn more about Life University and Dr. Guy Riekeman

– Website: Life.edu

– Dr. Riekman’s email: riekeman AT life.edu

• Learn more about New Beginnings Chiropractic Weekends

– Website: NewBeginningsChiro.com

– Facebook Chiropractic Philosophy Fan Page

– Facebook Chiropractic History Fan Page

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The Spring 2011 New Beginnings Cue:  Gena Bofshever, Sue Brown, Brian Capra, Hank Cousineau, Nylsa Correa, Bob Crystal, Billy DeMoss, James Dubel, Troy Dukowitz, Leona DiAmore,  Eddy Diaz, Sarah Farrant, Brad Glowaki, Reggie Gold, Patti Guiliano, John Hofmann, Pam Jarboe, Ron Marsh, Peter Martone, Vicki Fox Prescott, Chuck Ribley, Guy Riekeman, Liam Schubel, Dean Sottile, Keith Wassung, and Phil Yamamoto

YouTube Video of this interview to be posted soon.

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