Episode 156 — The Chiropractic Assistant Super Show: Phyllis Frase and Dana Pitner


Title: The CA Super Show: Phyllis Frase and Dana Pitner

Episode Number: 156

Host: Dr. Thomas Lamar

Show Date: 03/01/13

Run Time: 127:29

Description:   In today’s episode Dr. Lamar pays tribute to the Chiropractic Assistant — the oft unsung heroine (but sometimes hero) in every successful chiropractic office. Joining Dr. Lamar on the program, is his Heroine-Chiropractic-Assistant, Maria.  Listen in as he and his CA of nearly 12 years play two amazing interviews from two top-notch CA’s, Phyllis Frase and Dana Pitner.  These are ladies that know how to “walk the talk” as they roll up their sleeves each and every week to jump in the trenches to train other CA’s and their DC’s to take their game to the next level.  Plus, we all know the history of the DC… but what about the CA??? Lamar digs deep to find out about this little-known history lesson by calling up the BJ Palmer Mansion.

(Phyllis Frase interview recorded at the 2012 California Jam, Costa Mesa, California. Dana Pitner Interview recorded at the Fall 2012 New Beginnings Chiropractic Weekend in Long Branch, New Jersey. This episode is proudly sponsored by BalimoChairs.com).

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ON LOCATION with the

Dead Chiropractic Society’s

CA Extraordinaire 

Phyllis Frase

DCS California Jam


Phyllis Frase CA 1a

Dr. Thomas Lamar interviews Professional CA, Phyllis Frase at the 2012 California Jam.

phyllis-professional07-002a• Learn more about Phyllis Frase:

Phyllis’s Facebook Page

Petty, Michel, & Associates 



ON LOCATION in New Jersey

-22nd Anniversary-

Rockin’ CA Chiro Coach

Dana Pitner

New Beginnings Chiropractic Weekend


Dana Pitner CA 1a

Dr. Thomas Lamar interviews Rockin’ CA Chiro Coach Dana Pitner at the Fall 2012 New Beginnings Chiropractic Weekend.

Dana Pitner CA 2• Learn more about Dana Pitner:

– Dana’s Facebook Page

– Petty, Michel, & Associates 

• Other Stuff Talked About on the Show:

Alana Callender

Dr. Alana Callender, chiropractic historian

‘turns back the clock’ from her office in the BJ Mansion on the Palmer Davenport Campus to share some “CA History”
connect with Alana on Facebook
find Dr. Callender at PCC

Owl image– Surf on Over to CaliforniaJam.org to sign up for CalJam6!

ChiroPicker Owl Story

Chiropractic Bedtime Story

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Balimo CA Show 2

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