Chiro-Picker’s Fresh Pick — Suit Case Adjusting Table

Antique Collector, Todd Waters, is “The Chiro-Picker”

by  Todd Waters, aka “The Chiro-Picker” – SpinalColumnRadio guest blogger

My absolute favorite “Chiropractic Find” to date has been the Adams Suit Case Table. Perhaps the first company-manufactured chiropractic adjusting table made, this table’s origins date back between 1908 to 1916.

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Meet the Chiro-Picker

Mr. Todd Waters, chiropractic antique collector

Regular Listeners of Spinal Column Radio should remember our famed antique collector, Todd Waters.

It was Todd Waters’ fantastic find that helped reconnect many in our profession with the lost 1931 BJ Palmer Broadcast Radio Recordings.

(Listen to Episode 017 to hear the whole story in the first of our five-part series).

Little did Todd know that finding these recordings, and then sharing them with the world through our podcast, would ignite a chiropracTIC passion in his soul — a chiropractic passion for its history and its “stuff.”

“After sharing the lost 1931 BJ Palmer audio recordings with Spinal Column Radio and getting a crash course in chiropractic history, I found myself wanting to discover more.  So I put my antique picking skills to use to try to find the artifacts that would help tell the chiropractic story.  It’s a good one. 

I am not a chiropractor. I am Todd Waters, the Chiro-Picker, and these are my finds….”

So, stay tuned for periodic blog posts here on SpinalColumnRadio.com from the Chiro-Picker himself highlighting some of his coolest finds!

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