Seattle College of Chiropractic History

I have always been fascinated by chiropractic history and am finding myself especially enthralled when I come across slices of it that intersect in the Pacific Northwest.  The Seattle College of Chiropractic falls into this category.

I have created this page to compliment the articles that I have written on it (CP, SC), as well as the audio piece I produced that played on episode 167 of Spinal Column Radio.

My understanding of the history surrounding the Seattle College of Chiropractic is by no means complete — it is a “work in progress.” Below is a compilation of the information that I have gathered thus far in a timeline format.  I invite comments and assistance in helping me connect the dots on this “forgotten chiropractic college.”

Seattle College of Chiropractic

(aka Seattle School of Chiropractic)


  • possible year that SCC started (source)


  • year that school most likely began (source)
  • advertised as an 18-month course, costing $400 (source)
  • located in Peoples Bank Building on Second and Pine (NE corner) (source 1), (source 2)
    • founded by its president C.A. Traub, DC, PhC (source)
    • Room 429, expanding to 429-430-431. (source)
    • at this location at least through first half of 1921. (source)
    • motto was “Straight Chiropractic Only” (source)
    • building was replaced with a parking garage in the 1960’s (source)


  • year that the school moved to the Economy Building on First and Pike (SW corner). (source1), (source 2) (source 3)
  • faculty of 7 and student enrollment of about 30. (source)
  • by end of year, student enrollment was up to 69.(source)
  • Mack and Dorothy Searby considered attending SCC but, because of Traub, became disenchanted and declined. (source)


  • May – C.A. Traub, DC, PhC was appointed to General Manager and O.N. Campbell, DC, PhC elected to president (source)
  • October – C.H. Gruenwald, DC was advertised as director. (source)
  • November – C.A. Traub severed connection with SCC. (source)
  • ran a free daily clinic from 10am – 11am (source)
  • under new management and organization, school took on new life. (source)
  • year that Margaret J. Schmidt D.C. graduates SCC. (source)
  • year (November 15, 1922) that Charles Guy Hodson graduates (source)
    • signers of his diploma: N. Campbell, DC, PhC; Belle D. Grunewald, DC, PhC; Christian A. Traub, DC, PhC; C.H. Grunewald, DC, PhC; N.A. Jepson, BSc, DC; George F. Ossinger, DC, PhC.
  • December – C.H. Gruenwald, DC was advertised as manager. (source)
    • Economy Building location is in rooms 6 to 18. (source)


  • reports that school was reported as inoperative (source)
  • news story in West Seattle Herald (09/07/1923) that SCC president, O.N.Campbell, DC, purchased a home in West Seattle. (source)


  • year that Herman C. Vesper graduated SCC. (source)
  • C.H. Grunewald, DC reported as president (source 1) (source 2)
  • Belle Grunewald, DC verified college’s secretary/treasurer (source)


  • Press Release in West Seattle Herald (05/19/1921) stated that Dr. Thorwalde Lunde (a former SCC faculty member of one year) was opening an office in the Campbell building. (source)


  • year that Johan Sagdahl began study at SCC. (source)
  • course reported to cost $750 plus books (source)
  • location reported at Sixth and Pine. (source)


  • Sagdahl graduated SCC. (source)


  • R. Swinburne Clymer, head of the oldest Rosicrucian fraternity in America, in addition to holding an MD and DO degree, was also known as a chiropractic naturopath. He was quite controversial in the eyes of the medical establishment. He taught and practiced at the SCC while also attending to make up the balance of his needed credits [I’m assuming for his chiropractic/naturopathy/sanipractic degrees – don’t know if he actually graduated at SCC].  He stated in his book that SCC also taught naturopathy and sanipractic. (source 1) (source 2) (source 3)


  • year John Bastyr graduated SCC — who would later go on to become famous naturopath and namesake of Bastyr University. (source)
  • location reported at Lowman Building at First and Cherry (source 1) (source 2)

Seattle College of Chiropractic began operation at a time when the number of chiropractic colleges in the nation was ramping to a peak. It was a popular time to become a chiropractor.  World War I had ended and the Palmer School saw its greatest increase in enrollment in 1921 (nearly 2,300). WOC went on the air in 1922 and the NCM debacle would shake the profession and target BJ in 1924.  The school stayed in operation into the first part of the Great Depression before shutting its doors in 1931.

Gallery of Graduates:

Seattle College of Chiropractic - class composite 1925

Chiropractic College on the Move:

Seattle College of Chiropractic, in search of

Read the article

Listen to the report on SCR 167


Since our sharing our findings on the Seattle School, additional information has been trickling in…
when appropriate, I have updated the timeline above.

9/10/13:  It seems our ChiroPicker hit the jackpot with information to add to our mix.  Some make me scratch my head. 🙂

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