The Podcast Answerman talks about us

On January 7, 2010, we had the good fortune of having our “What’s a Podcast???” page showcased on professional podcaster Cliff Ravenscraft’s popular Podcast Answerman show.  Cliff is a professional podcaster and hosts over 20 separate podcasts under his Generally Speaking Production Network at GSPN.tv — and even has a place in the pages of Wikipedia.com.  He was instrumental in helping us “get our show on the road” with his expert consulting service and top-notch equipment sales. During episode 142, Cliff devoted 13 minutes in the first part of his hour-long production highlighting our “What’s a Podcast???” page as a great example of how we, as a podcast community, can do a better job educating our listeners on this emerging new medium.

Click on the player below to listen in to this clip of the Podcast Answerman.

Click here to view our “What’s a Podcast???” page in a separate window to follow along as you listen to the player above.

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I did not know what a podcast was until I heard this very informational explanation. Now I am ready to listen. I didn’t mind the sound effects, infact it kept me interested……

Comment by Patricia Allen

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