Restoration of Normal Cylces
July 19, 2013, 7:01 pm
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We’re “ReBlogging” select articles from SpinalColumnBlog.com — the platform that gave inspiration for what you now know as Spinal Column Radio.

One of the things I appreciate about Social Media (and that would include podcasts such as ours) is that it allows us to virtually step off our “island” and relate and inspire (and be inspired by) our colleagues — colleagues that are right there in the trenches with us.  

Such was the case with when fellow chiropracTOR Steve Tullius posted a critical and timely message on Facebook reminding us WHAT IT IS WE DO as chiropractors.  Thank you Steve for granting me permission to share your post in this way.  And make sure you tune into SCR 166, because I’ll be talking about it too!



Son on Shoulders 3[originally published in KCN, April 2013]

While I’ll be the first to agree that the advent of Web 2.0 and its ensuing social media revolution is chock full of pitfalls and traps, it does have some definite advantages.  One in particular is its ability to create strong communities of people united by a common interest that could never have come together otherwise, let alone meet.  Such is the case with social networking platforms, such as Facebook, and the principally-grounded chiropractor.  We chiropractors tend to be isolated islands, busy taking care of the people that seek us out as we proclaim an outlook on health that counters the vast sea that surrounds us.  It’s easy to get beat down at times.  And this is precisely how avenues such as Facebook can become a virtual life raft for practitioners like myself.  This outlet has enabled me to connect with hundreds of…

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